HITMAN 2 Full Gameplay Walkthrough / No Commentary 【1080p HD / XBOX ONE X ENHANCED】

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Agent J
My favorite music is around 1:42:16
Alisson Celestino
Excelente, parabéns pela técnica.
Black Phillip
I know some people think this is short but the levels are meant to replayed over and over again
Bruce U
1:22:00 noice
Corn Bread
Fix difficulty too easy too boring
Cyber Yamasaki
@ 2.27.57 you still are just not mine
David Kellner
During the initial mission, there is no time to read the hints
De_ BritishMan
See ya on hunting \
Ebi Galant
why do u keep killing innocent people?! it's not how professional hitman players do.
Bad gameplay, jarring jump-cuts, and now missing audio. Why did you even upload this?
Gabriel Leal
You are really bad at playing hitman
Video is great (thumbs up), but this game is so bad. They realy phoned in the plot...its a shame cause this franchise and books had potential. The AI is just laughable.
Hichem Chibani
how many mission hitman 2 have ?
Hilarious Geek
sound qualuty is unacceptable i can heat the voice recording reverberating in the studio
Jaiden Williams
Last mission on this video had me laughing when you dump the body through the window to hide it, lol
Jellybean Dreamz
Blood money was the best hitman. This one looks super lame
Kasper Jordan
i guess low budget? mouths and people weren't moving during cut scenes. the cut scenes just... something ain't right
Kristian Bala
3:32:15 is that the old elite guy from X-Files?
Luis Rienda
No es necesario matar a todas las personas
15:03 I Feel Warm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Manuel Sousa
I hate the locations on this game the locations in the first one were way better
Mark Someone
14:56 I thought that we are watching porn for a moment
Matt Henderson
So far I think the game is phenomenal, but I'm not sure I like having to grind through the mission stories in Paris, or else waiting until Mumbai to get silver ballers
Mizuki Kigae
This this game all DLC outed ? I'm waiting for all DLC set
Momo Sireeni
WTF is that random music? Just why?
Niki BG
Time to kill some time :-)
4 hours for a 60+ game, nope :v , I'll stick to open world :v
Oscar O K Ofori-Brown
thanks for this loving this playthrough
bathroom break or something at 1:22:30?
Petr Romanov
Can’t wait till tomorrow
Rajdeep Saha
Gamers little playground u don't know how to play.. A stealth game
SK Mehraj
Please keep.on posting such extraordinary gameplays.\nI am loving it.
Sam Fisher
Thoughts anyone?
Shah Rukh Vhora
You know you are bad at Hitman right? you should have trimmed most your gameplay, bad gameplay annoys so much.
Shaquan Tucker
3:49:14 hell of way to go
Shiloh Graves
Aight but that very first level is so aesthetically pleasing I could weep and also maybe I absolutely did
Lmao this game is literally a 60 dollar glorified expansion for Hitman 1, then you got people out here buying the 100 dollar version that comes with remastered levels from Hitman 1, are gamers really this gullible?\n\nBlood Money is still king.
Southern White Boy
I bought the gold edition last night and also bought hitman game of the year edition again.. had it before and got rid of it, bought it back... great games
Steady Unormal8
Why’d it start playing music in the middle of it
Hitman 2 looks like a Hitman 1 DLC pack. No improvements No new features or better graphics then the 1st. Also why don't their lips move in the cut scenes?
Suikerbier _
Looks horrible to me. Have you tried playing this game on PS4 Pro?
I had to put video at x2 speed, and skipped like 10 minutes at a time and still couldnt concentrate. Really boring
Thirr D
Hitman face not good
Gamerslittle playground-i wish i can play this except u have to be on line or the system u play on has to be connected to the internet an i do not like govenment to know what i play an i only have xbox , xbox360, playstation 2, an i know they did not make it for any of them
XXX bhabie
Yo fat daddy😂😂😂💖
Welcome to hitman, the game where people talk super loud about convenient ways to kill them.
aug 47gang
so this is a full game or in episodes ?
gabriel garcia
You legit need to step your game up bro.
god gamer
Oh man you already finished the game
h.t h
Good game and perfect game play ,tnx 😍😍
heg pxl
What 47 wouldn't do for some glue.
joshua mullaney
lol, it's hitman 2, you really think we don't know how to use the closets ...
mate its like you have no clue what you're doing lol, like i understand its played how you want to play it, but some of the actions/move you take/make have me questioning your style of gameplay.. very sloppy imo
luka bogdanovic
only 4 missions ?! wtf
oren flotech
Why the game is so overpriced ??!!
pretender xxx
I want a NEW hitman game! For me thats a dlc.
you could have just left them knocked out and hid them, you only needed to kill the targets.
hitman 2 was a fucking great game fun expirince kinda similar to the first 1 but i didnt want them to change anything anyways bcz i liked the hitman 1 how it is so hitman 2 had better graphics and a bit change in the gameplay. the only problem with the game is the cutscenes they were more like pictures then actual cutscenes i hope in hitman season 3 there will be real cutscenes that the characters actually move just like season 1. overall the game is 9/10 for me.
vandal47 vandal47
Enjoyed the whole gameplay bro thanks for the entertainment 💛
Στέλιος Π.
Very very sloppy gameplay