20 Minutes of Inaudible Greatest Hits ASMR

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hey guys, this is a compilation video of some of my inaudible speaking video clips with lots of crinkles, crunching, tapping and other highly technical and scrumptious sounds to help you tingle, relax & sleep,, i hope you enjoy***Please like & subscribe if you enjoy my videos***- Patreon =

ASMR Binaural amazing best boss crinkle crunching folding new paper relaxation role play roleplay soft sounds spoken tappin... tearing whisper

Ady Bob
roses are red\nviolets are blue \nasmr is good\nand so are you
All Tingles ASMR
Your and Dimitri's voice is just made for ASMR.
Anime Reality
When i saw 'greatest hits' i was expecting some Rick Astley asmr 😂😂😂😂😂 I didnt get that but i know ur never gonna let me down, i was not dissapointed 😂😂😂😂😂 \n\n\nIf no one gets the song reff im gonna cry 😂😂😂
Anonymous Person
See your looking through the comments \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWhich 1 is better cat or dog
roses are red\n violets are blue\nT E C H N I C A L
OMG I just woke up and you upload well back to dream land for me
Bassed Long
Can anyone tell me what video 10:40 is from? I never saw that one and it looks really good. Thank you!
Bluebell 17
Roses are red, \nViolets are blue,\nIf you like this comment,\nDr. T will too
This is the only ASMR video that makes me have tingles the others just make me feel relaxed.
inaudible! yes my favorite! great job sir, my tingle flux sensors are going crazy
Cereal Guy
Cherry Pepsi
Oh I got a good joke\n\n\n\nread more
Your inaudible ASMR has always been the best! This is a video full of greatness!
Courtney Sprung
does any one no what he is saying or is he mumbling words it still give me tingles tho :)
Dave S.
Dude imagine a women dating this guy, she'd have 50 orgasms on her first date just standing next to this guy's voice
Death of the Wing
roses are red\ndroids are grey\ni watch your videos\nim gay
Dr Tingles\nDr Pingles \nDr pringles
Den sikre bombe _yt
You have the most SWAG, cool, darkest, Sunglasses in the wold !!😱
First!!!\n\n\n\n\n\nto say TECHNICAL
Am I the only one who loves everything but the spiny ball thing, it is so annoying to me
Dominik Kažimir
Droid 16 alpha
I would expect the greatest hits video to be over 7 hours long, because every hit dr.T makes is great
Dylan Cox
The professor is the only YouTuber that does inaudible whispering the right way. Everyone else either just slightly mumbles or speakes complete gibberish
Edyta Błaszkiewicz
is this a mixtape?
Can anyone show me the video with the Technical joke please?
Emily Francis
Imagine when he was a kid how much he would get teased for having the name tinglebottom
Emma A.
Me and my brother love ur asmr!!!
Frosty Murloc
Wow usually i watch asmr just for relaxation, i lost the tingle part a good while ago but right now i got the most hardcore ones ever. Thank you kindly!
Galaxy Toast
Why I can't hear any technical??
Gee Buttersnaps
I love memes.
I like when he just says random things that aren't even words
This is my favorite! Please continue making them ok? I fell asleep within 10 minutes!
I am Groot
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI saw ze doctor\nMade my day tho
Isabella LPS
🤖\u003c— thus is lil fren, he cannot hear Dr T’s tingles. 1 like = 1 listen
Itz Galaxyz
1:54 \n\nDr.T ASMR.exe has stopped working
Jeremy Han Solo burger
Holy crap doc, your channel has exploded congrats so much I have been subbed since about 15k this is amazing
Jim Halpert
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nDr. T helps you to bed\nAnd he's T E C H N I C A L too
Joeshp Stalin
remember when his channel was named Dr tingles
John McCracken
There needs to be a asmr awards show... Dr.T would win them all
This video is......\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nT E C H N I C A L
King Root Beer
Who else thinks that he should do an MRE video?
MaX BaSs
dr. tingles pls like my comment)
16:04 lol
Manuel Fernando Echeverri Sastre
like if Dr tingles is the best Dr ever👍👍👍
Martian Godess
Not sure if this comes off as rude or I’m watching too much criminal minds but you have the perfect voice to play a serial killer in a movie
2:19 I swear he says \
Mr Krabs sold Spongebobs soul for 62 cent
Can you do a Video where Agent Tinglesmith shows a new Agent all the cool Tinglestuff (Gadgets) ?
Who Liked The Video Before It Even Started? 🙌
OgFz SoTo
You sound like joker.
On The Spot Interviews
Could you do another G-man please?
Orange juice
Where's measurement part 2
Oy Boy
Dr. I have an idea for a new vid. The creation of a tinglebot. So it starts with a blank vid (bot doesn't have eyes yet) and no audio (no ears yet either) then an ear turns on and we listen to the other ear being installed and then them both tested then listen to the eyes being installed and watch them be tested and periodically have a part turn off (cause you've been out of practice building from scratch) as you are building and installing only the most advanced and technical of all tinglebot components. Think it would be a neat idea for a couple vids or a really long one. Tho the part failings would make a lot of editing work necessary.
Priyansh Gupta
TECHNICALLY🤖\n\n\n\nits audible 🤖
Pyro VA
He protecc\n\nAnd he attac\n\nBut most importantly...\n\nHe sell me my cracc
RedStars Gameplay Channel
Anyone know what video 1:35 is plz and thanks
Ok, I choose the scissors.
Sir Alonne
Yesssss! I absolutely love compilations! Thanks Dr. T 🙏🙏🙏👌👌👍
All Star by Smash Mouth but it's inaudible whispering
Steven Pulse
I have an idea for a video, start inaudible as the droids noise receptors have been damaged, but once you fix them you talk normal again
Teen Girl
That moment when you are going to sleep and you Get a notification from the ASMR king🔥😍
That Lionel Kid
Audio sensors picking up a transmission...\n...frequencies unstable. Clear translation cannot be formatted.\nPerhaps this isn't such a bad thing. Tingle receivers activated.
The Grammar Police
From 2:09 to 3:30....i feel like you're saying didly slip nasty poo....
The Line Artist
It sounds like he *really* needs to cough
The Lone Cookie
I thought by \
The official Russian Federation amino channel
My favorite part was when he said \
The real hentai soldier
You ever start falling asleep and see two of doctor t right before you cash?
TheGarrett 27
Scrumptious indeed.
Oil Shell 5:45-Dr. T ASMR
Timothy Crowther
Greatest hits... I thought that meant you playing some greatest hits music but inaudible. I thought to myself, hey this looks interesting...
I think this is the earliest I've ever been for your videos. Great, simple, quick relaxation.
First tingledroid here
Tony Johnston
You have to do another best of Unintelligible sounds! Part #2
Trần Minh Hiếu
it's 4am and dr.T uploaded a new video... maybe just a little more tingles...
Tyler Hylton
Could u make a video doing just inaudible sounds, new ones tho. Technical and clicks and whispers
Hotel?\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*YO MAMA!*
ValioBG Lulev
Im back!! Do you remember me?
The struggles of ASMR\n-earbuds popping off everytime you try to get comfortable\n-earphones popping off when you lay sideways\n-waking up at like 12:00 am\n-waking up with your earbuds strangling you !\n-friends/parents walk in, ask you wtf you've done all night !
Werner Werman
Thanks for the video inaudible whispers are my favorite ☺️
The popping and cracking sound he makes when he says P.....UUUUUGGH so god damn T E C H N I C A L!
11:02 when u high af but trying act normal
Zachariah Burns
Tingles?\nTingle machine broke.\n*Understandable have a nice day.*
2:44 these sounds are kinda familiar :D
a person
you would not believe tingles\nif ten million *t e c h n i c a l s*
God save the tingles
asser mcfuck
does anyone happen to know what vid 6:00 is from?
bric k
Can I has my tingles \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*B O N E L E S S*
courtnry salamone
Technical compilation its just a necessity at this point lol
dannyoh 1215
Am I the only one who closes my eyes and pretends he's actually here whispering so the tingles feel better?😂
endrri dujaka
0:50 parkinsons gets T E C H N I C A L
you are my dad, you're my dad boogie woogie woogie
It's a bird!\nIt's a plane!\nNo, its\n\n\nT E C H N I C A L \n\n\n\n( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
liked it before I even watched it lol
mega gamr
0:51 i that he was going to pull out a condom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
the auddity
i vote for a compilation entirely comprised of every time dr. t says \
x Swatty
3:19 \n- what I heard:\n\
Кот в очках
I like his voice