HITMAN 2 All Cutscenes (XBOX ONE X ENHANCED) Game Movie 1080p 60FPS

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A 2 hour and 18 minute campaign for $60? Thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated.
Wait, so that makes Diana being the only 47 targets that survived TWO assassinations attempt, 47 really have a soft spot for her!
36:37 What Daddyo5 said about Philip DeFranco xD
Andre Kurnia Putra
A military man doesnt know that a guy dressed as pink flamingo suit is following him.
Ardheshwar Singh
Graphics are worser than hitman 2016 in some aspects I can tell
Ariziq Pro
Never early like this
Estos acentos \
Bob Jones
SPOILER ALERT\n\n\ni knew it was subject 6 he was literary the only friend that 47 had and they mentioned him back in previous games. plus he's possibly the only one who can know 47 better than anyone as subject 6 claims
Chau Hien
Agent 47 is back
Cheyenne Colin
They change outfits like sims!😂
Chubby McButtcheeks
no lipsync... JFC thats terrible and lazy!
Cian Ashby
You've snapped so many necks in this playthrough i'mma call you SCP-173
I like it in my janus
Davey Hurricane
The constant guy is straight ASMR through out the whole thing.
Ezio Auditore
Early Lunch For GLP hh
Okay the game is good but damn your gameplay still needs work :D
Ignatius Rahardi
21:51 XD
István Rostás
Just a question. Why the fuck had to change the story??? It's clear now, it's a reboot. That's the fact. Lucas is not a clone. But why dont you can tell it clearly?? Say that it's a partly reboot or something!! And what about the five father? It has been non-canon storyline.
You weren't very stealthy, like, at all 😂
Jacolite The Pumpkin
Seeing 47 play the drums really made my day
Jake Hunter
I guess they ran out of money to animate the cutscenes and tell a decent story smh.
Jerry Su
Where’s game sound at 1:39:00
Joann Alberastine
i laugh when i heard that 47 need to wear the flamingo.
Jonnie Fingaz
You know, It would be so much better if whoever was playing tried even a little to not kill non targets and get caught doing it.
Kade Baker
whats up with the cutscenes from this they are crap
Looks like somebody doesn’t know how to get a Silent Assassin rating.
Klaus Wittmann
what is your outro song?
Laura Bruce
Kudos to the team at IO for putting together such a great story, despite the loss of Square Enix. I hope this game has made them enough money for WB that we get animated cutscenes next game but these were still very effective.
Matthew Harris
I have to admit I'm a little disappointed in the game play you don't use much variety with some of the executions.
Michael Medina
Wow 47 killed Diane’s parents
Mohammad Bilal
I could sware the game was known for its amazing cutscenes. That’s sad...
Mr. Djamel
i can't buy it with the episodic system.
Mr. WeAreTheWorld aka Sir Samuel of Louisiana
@ 1:50:00-1:60:00, this is nothing more than a wink at the Bohemian Grove. Listen to the conversations and everything else. The mask as not to give away identity, the greeter saying that you can't buy your way into the club. You have to earn it. The destruction of civilization but the Ark society comes out unscathed and more wealthy. The burning epigy of a Phoenix while at the actual Bohemian Grove, it's the called The Cremation of Care. Open your eyes people. They are distracting you while yet TELLING you what they are doing/have done/about to do.
Muhammad Fatih Hakim
47 why you left use
Naruto uzumaki
Good game play all gaming k
Nedum Onouha
David Bateson = Legend
Nguyen Hung
1:24:21 LOL
Niki BG
Aaah the movie :-)
Cool. Thanks for the upload.
Prasanna Dhanawade
Idk about other cities but this game has the most accurate simulation of Mumbai
Pringles Bey
Cutscenes are not moving :/
Sebastian Joseph
2:00:06 Indiana Jones reference?
1:22:50 Nice Aiming
I always trying to avoid killing non-target but seeing you did that makes me go \
Agent 47 is the one who assassinated her parents now that a twist ending. Wander what will happen to the third game?
The cutscenes are a MASSIVE downgrade compared to HITMAN 2016.
I just want to know the end, is lucas grey a clone ?
Toy Bonnie
I think the audio cut out somewhere after the 1:30:00 mark.
Vito A.
2:00:00 lol..ALL DO RESPECT SIR......LOL
Gotta give credit to the voice actor of the Constant, always gives the eerie feeling of power from the guy
Zieon Duckett
Nathan Drake Vs Blake Nathaniel
The game make you *feel* like Hitman
big facts.
Very lack luster graphics and animation
pretty sure they forgot to animate the mouths
I think cutscenes and story telling took a big hit the first time in Hitman's history. Timelines dont really match, 47 changing sides like flipping a coin, countless retcons (which by itself reduces the impact of story anyways, it has no continous presence anymore). Sigh, i think they'll need to spend more budget on story next time. Season 1 was great despite few hickups in level design in mid season.
dare devil
A very good gameplay and well played
So, without Square Enix, the cutscenes seemed to be degraded....I am not disappointed with those as it might be their choice to do so....In fact, the depth of the story is far more improved compared to 2016...
Thanks Thanks Thanks you are the beeeeeeeeeeest.
josh_ _the_ghost777
Not bad the game is great and also when does the game come out?
kalelplayz hey
Good video
1:33:31 Loving the Thigh Gap \u003c3
It's almost like the cutscenes were never finished and all they had were the storyboards.
pewdiepie suckatgames
The only problem with this gameplay is the player keep killing innocent people..
Lousy player. Dude just tossed the chick down the river in front of the mechanic and alerted everyone.
roger who
Wonder if the legacy pack is a remaster of the first season or just a down graded version
thedetectorist 108
I love that \
If there's any saving grace in this game is that GLP saved me another $60 😅
Σ օ ʍ ɾ ɑ ժ ҽ Собака
Man IOI are really good at hinting the storyline of Hitman. In the final test. Security would mention Janus and the Soviet Union. This is one of many foreshadowing hints