Every Marvel/DC Movie from Worst to Best (IMDb Scores)

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Every Superhero Movie from Worst to Best (IMDB Scores) Worst to Best Rated Superhero Movies IMDB Scores best movie of all time venom movie review venom r...

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Ahmed Rahim
Captain America and Catwoman will always be the worst coming. Book movie ever.
Alexander Stone
Rotten Tomatoes aint that inaccurate ! Ant-Man and Doctor Strange over Spider-Man 2 and Superman with Christopher Reeves ???? And then Disney doesn't pay the critics..
AmazingArcanine 88
I really liked Venom and Suicide Squad.
Anton A.
Spider-Man 2 at 7.3. is one of the biggest \
*_Perfectly balanced, as all things should be._*
Brandon Layer
I think these scores are more accurate than the ones on Rotten Tomatoes
CS:GO combat surf
How is iron man 3 better than wolverine
Caleb Hardy
Where are Steel, Spawn, Hellboy, Hancock, etc?
Camille Box
Every dark knight film is in the top 5
Cesar Ortiz
Finaly you put venom higher than Spider-Man 3
Chân Triệu Vân
Because the best is BATMAN
D. Geodrax Arehal 20 Golden BirdMaster
They are better ranked than Rotten Tomatoes in my Opinion
Nothing beats the first Iron Man movie IMO
DWayne 2000
I would have agreed if the dark world isn't rated higher than The first avenger
David Birkenmayer
This ranking is pretty good.
Deepuzz k
Guardian of the galaxy👌 good work
IMDb\u003eRotten Tomatoes
El Armas
Dark Knight was the best
Emilia Blaschke
So basicly tge dark nights the perfect trilogy
Epic Marschmallow
It says something about Nolan all three of his movies rank in the top 5\n\nThe Dark Knight is a true masterpiece
Eric Cartman
for me are dark Knight / rises and begins 10/10 the best Superhero movies
Expand Dong
The Dark Knight = best DC film\n\nAvengers Infinity war = best Marvel film
Extendo _boi
The dark night trilogy hands down one of the best films in history at 1 billion dollars. Though I like infinity war better at 2 billion dollars. Still dark night has a special place in my heart.
Female Doggy
We need more black comic movies. That way we’re not stuck with black panther. It was a good movie but nowhere near the level of hype it gets
Non-mentioned movies (if anyone is interested):\n1. The Losers (DC) - 6.4\n2. Swamp Thing (DC) - 5.7\n3. The Spirit (DC) - 4.8\n4. Generation X (Marvel) - 4.7\n5. The Return of Swamp Thing (DC) - 4.3\n6. Man-Thing (Marvel) - 4\n7. Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel) - 3.7\n8. Steel (DC) - 2.8
Grade E quality
Now this is a more fair score for black panther. Ovarrated af
Grotesque Epitaph
TDK best movie ever made
My personal favourite movie was Logan. It was a beautiful masterpiece, Hugh Jackman had played the character of wolverine for almost 20 years and killing him off was like a punch in the heart\n\nImo it is better than the Dark knight and way better than infinity war. Infinity war was good but Logan was actually realistic and sad because we will never see Logan again whereas everyone who vanished in Infinity war are definitely coming back.
Ice Boxxer
1- Dark Knight\n2-Logan\n3-Infinty War
Ichigo Kurosaki
To all of you who didn't agree with the critics' scores from my last video, these are the scores given by YOU!\nDo you agree more now or nah?\nAlso... RIP Black Panther fans :D
In brightest day, in blackest night
This rating is 50 times better than rotten tomatoes rating.
I’m UI
RIP Shazam profile picture
My opinion:\n3. Avengers: Infinity War\n2. The Dark Knight\n1. Venom\n\n**FITE ME**
Jack Leó
My list\n1. The dark knight \n2. Logan \n3. Spiderman 2\n4. Avengers 3\n5. Iron man
Jahin Alam
Imbd ratings much better than rotten tomatoes
Jake Jacoby
*I definitely agree with Infinity War at #2 and The Dark Knight at #1*
Top 4 including all of the Dark Knight trilogy. Awesome lol
Jayden Binkley
Infinity war deserves 10/10 \nDark Knight deserves 10/10\nBlack panther deserves 10/10
Jon Saltberry
IMDB \u003e Rotten tomatoes
1. Dark Knight\n2. Dark Knight Rises\n3. The Avengers\n4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1\n5. Logan\n6. Cap: Winter Soldier\n7. Deadpool\n8. The Amazing Spider-Man\n9. Ironman\n10. X-Men: First Class\n\n0. Spawn, because we all know that movie was a masterpiece, 10/10\n\nBefore people freak out I did really enjoy Ragnarok, but it is funny; it isn't a good movie. I also think that Black Panther is the most overrated movie of all time, personally I found it boring and predictable. As for Infinity War, that is one of my least favourite Marvel movies; It was the most predictable movie ever, it was dull, it was all over the place and lacked the wow factor that movies like the The Avengers had. The only parts of Infinity War I enjoyed were the deaths (especially Loki's) and a couple Cap and Thor scenes.
Kamil Krawiec
Lol There is no perfect list form worst to best because everyone has different opinions, but 1thing is sure bad movies are still bad movies.
Yeah this list is waayyy more accurate than the critics rankings!!
Kitso Rasephei
The dark knights ..reeeaaallly. So you think Batman made a better movie than infinity war. I would like to have what you are smoking
Kuhaku Hikikamori
IMDb rating is more accurate than rotten tomatoes in my opinion.
Ichigo change the movie cause some of you are complaining
Luis Valdivieso
If only they did man of steel 2 and not BVS or JL
MFF Gameplay
Dam a 1978 superman movie 7.3/10 I get that Christopher reeve did a great job but let’s take it too far lol.
Mark Law
Logan is better than Infinity war.
Minhaz Plabon
For Me\n1.Dark Knight\n2.Logan\n3.V for Vendetta\n4.Infinity War\n5.Winter Soldier \n6.Days Of Future Past\n7.Spider Man 2\n8.Batman Begins\n9.Avengers\n10.The Dark Knight Rises \n..\nHonourable \n1.Guardians of the Galaxy (it was tough but batman is batman💜)\n2.Watchmen\n3.Iron man
Ndinku N'Jadaka
Lol Ichigo Kurosaki reminds me of China taking John Boyega off the TFA poster😂 Dude's got some issues.
Oscar Montero
For me is:\nDc:\n1:dark knight\n2:watchmen\n3:v of vengance\n4:the dark knight rise\n5:batman the beging\n6:league of justice\n7:Wonder woman\nMarvel:\n1:infinity war\n2:venom\n3:spiderman homecoming\n4:iron man(1)\n5:winter soldier\n6:lo han
Perl Pictures
Again, why no Batman: The Movie?
PieInYourFace #StreaX
This list is much more agreeable than RT. IMDb did a nice job with the ratings, buffing the rating of venom and nerfing the rating of Black Panther
Pinhead Larry
The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie of all time. You wanna know why?\n\n\n\n\n*BECAUSE ITS BATMAAAAAAN*
Pro 92
I agree most of them \nBut i disagree some of them
Pro Ozi Player
İ knew it,the dark knight is the highest
Raúl Ramos
Top 10 IMO \n1- Batman: The Dark Knight\n2- Avengers: Infinity War\n3- Spider-Man 2\n4- Captain America: The Winter Soldier\n5- Wonder Woman\n6- X-Men: Days of future past\n7- Avengers\n8- Batman \n9- Logan\n10- Iron Man
Robert Willis
Other than infinity war ragnarok deserves to be highest Mcu film
Sad Keanu
Black Panther and Wonder Woman's Rotten Tomatoe Score is BS
Sherwin John
The top 15 I agree with being the top 15 but order not completely sure about the only others I wasn't sure about was Cap First Avenger and Spiderman 2 being a bit underrated. Black Panther being number 1 in Rotten Tomatoes is insanity.
No denying that imdb is more reliable for rankings than rotten tomatoes, but i just look forward to when you do this for metacritic, little do people know that the 2 highest rated films on metacritic are black panther and superman 2 loool
Simon Thelen
My top ten best \n1: The dark knigth \n2: Logan\n3: Winter Soldier \n4: Infinty war \n5: Watchmen \n6: The dark knigth rises \n7: Avengers \n8: Batman begins \n9: X-men first class \n10: Guardians of the galaxy \n\nThe worst:\n1: Catwoman \n2: F4antastic four \n3: The amazing Spiderman 2\n4: X-men Origins wolverine \n5: Suicide squad \n6: Fantastic Four rise of the silver surfer \n7: Venom\n8: Justice League \n9: X-men Apocalypse \n10: Thor the dark world
We forgetting that Steel exists O K
Skips Loquendero
Guardians of the Galaxy \u003c3
Bullcrap, Infinity War isn't anywhere near the best Marvel movie ever, let alone #2 for superhero movie.\nSuperman II deserves higher, so do Captain America: The First Avenger, Superman, Spider-Man 1 and 2 (Sam Raimi), Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and probably a few others.\nInfinity War doesn't nearly deserve #2, in my opinion. That should be lower, along with Thor: The Dark World, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2, and probably a few others.\nBut that's just my opinion.\n\nAlso, let me explain about IW. I think the hype lets everyone get in the way of the actual movie.\n\
In my opinion:\n1 - Logan\n2 - Batman Begins\n3 - Wonder Woman\n4 - The Dark Knight\n5 - Spider-Man 2\n6 - X-Men: First Class\n7 - Deadpool\n8 - Iron Man\n9 - Man of Steel\n10 - The Dark Knight Rises
Spider — Man
Which is better\nTDK\nCaptain America: The Winter Soldier \nTWS IMO
Spidey Guy
Aye,I Don't Know What Else To Comment
Sudhansh Tripathi
I totally agree with this list, just that Logan should be a bit higher....\n\n\n\n\nPs- Just my thought
Suzanne Dupras
In what world is Ant Man and the Wasp better than Spider-Man 2!?
Taco 77
Venom\nLoved by fans\nHated by critics
The Dark Knight Forever
I don't think that Infinity War should be #2 but as long as TDK is #1 I'm happy
Tijke van der Lee
I think rotten tomatoes is better
Ok now do audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes
Vlogs Y Juegos
For me is:\n\nFrom DC\n\nThe Dark Knight (9,4/10)\nWatchmen (8,9/10)\nWonder Woman (8,3/10)\n\nFrom Marvel\n\nAvengers: IW (9/10)\nDoctor Strange (8,7/10)\nBlack Panther (8,5/10)
Weebus Christ The Hentai God
My favorite superhero movies:\n5. Deadpool 1 and 2\n4. The Dark Knight\n3. Captain America: Civil War\n2. Logan\n1. Infinity War
At least IMDB gave Venom the score that it deserve , Its just my opinion , let me know what you guys think , who gave Venom the right score, was it IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes
Some of the IMDB scores are way different from Rotten Tomatoes, especially with Venom.
Black panther is meaningless because even though it is the most advanced civilisation,they choose their leader based on a fight ....dumb movie
Yoel 9633
Pro tip 2x speed
I can't believe The Dark Knight is higher than Infinity War :')
hitesh joshi
Avengers 4 will break all records
Guardian of the galaxy and infinity war .....nice video
I think im the only guy in the world that actually liked spider man 3
Why this video have less views that the rotten tomatoes one?\nPeople really just want to watch the world burn
Black Panther should’ve been Higher.....\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSays everyone ever 🙂
naruto uzumaki
Imdb is much better than rotten tomatoes
the Man Of steel
Fuck rotten tomatoes
the knight
Tdk would have been even higher if the damn godfather fans wasn't so dumb, they rated it down so it wouldn't get higher score and then the tdk fans did the same and then shawshank redemption got place no.1
tyrone has an opinion deal with it
9:35 finally! The score it deserves!\nWay better than RT!
What I learned: Trust IMDB scores more than Rotten Tomatos