Dance Moms-Dance Digest, "Silence"(Season 2 Flashback)

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3 sisters Fun
I love clohe, maddie,kenzi,kendal, jojo,paige,and brynn😊😊😊love dance moms
Alivia Gibson
Chloe is my favorite 1 like if u agree
Honestly no offense just saying but Kendal was a little bratty
Allison Rogers
I love how a dance called \
I always thought Chloe was better than Maddie tbh
Alyssa Henry
Awwwww Abby was so proud
Amanda Klink Møller
Amisha Odari
Kendall: cause you wanted her to beat me \nMe:she already beated you on dance
Angel The Brownskin
Angelica Schuyler
Animal Lover
4:21 the way Kendall got up when she heard that Chloe was the winner
Ariana G
Chloe was the most considerate towards others feelings that's why she,and Nia are my favorite
Awesome Toy lovers [The World of Toys]
She deserved it more then maddie
Blue girl Blue girl
I think Abby is so mean man JEZZZ CAINT ABBY EVER CALM DOWN
Brielle Klaver
Clearly Nia is more mature than Kendall...Nia never cries if she can't get a part
Broadway Baby Aldc 567
3 people saying there first......
Cameron Estes
Did anyone see Maddie's face at the end? She was almost in tears.😝But I am really proud of Chloe.❇❇❇❇❇🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈✨🎇🎇🎆🎊🎊🎊🎊🎀🎖🎖🎖🎖🏅🏅🥇🥇🎗🤸\u200d♂️🤸\u200d♀️
Carlie Edits
What does dance digest mean
Cecilia Wriston
I love how Maddie was so happy for Chloe when she won!!
Chelsea Blogs
Why is Kendall so upset when she didn't get the solo. Solos are only 3 minutes long
Cicy_da _dog
Whatever last digit there is on the likes chooses who you are\n\n0-🤓Mackenzie and 😆Mellisa\n1-☺️Chloe\n2-😊Paige\n3-😀Maddie\n4-😙Nia\n5-😝Brooke\n6-🤣Kelly\n7-😚Cristy\n8-😄Holly \n9-🙂Kendell an Jill
Cool Cruise
Can you please pin mine \n\nThank you\n\nHave you seen stranger things\n\nDo you like stranger things \n\nI like stranger things\n\nI do not like bananas \n\nDo you like bananas \n\nI like dance moms \n\nDo you like dance moms\n\nI like Jill\n\nMy nanas name is Jill\n\nOk my nanas name is not Jill \n\nIf you read all the way down here please give it a like/thumbs up\n\n\n😀😄😊😌😚😅🙂😍😜😘🙃🤗😛😗☺️😇😂😆😃😉😋😙😙👍👍👍 \n\nI have a question why is this emoji invented 🤑🤑🤑 like people could have put that money in there buts.
Dahlia Vasquez
Kendall’s such a baby
Diana Vidana
Hi first ish
Dilli Dhimal
Omg Kendall is a baby she freakin needs to learn that she can’t have everything in the world urghhhhh and when u \nLook at nia and chole their so nice and kind nia never cries when doesn’t get something I really don’t like kendell 😡😡😡😡
Ella Kizer
Kendall. Just. Said. That. Chloe. Didn't deserve it
Erin_ loves _pandas
Kendal needs to learn that she can't have everything in life cuz she clearly can't get that solo\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSorry no hate\nEdit: SO MANY LIKES!!!! TYSM FOR SUPPORT ILY!
Melissa probably regrets choosing Chloe now 😂😂
Gloria Greatness
First like and comment 💕 💕 💗
Gwyneth Fahrbach
Kendall is a baby and brat. She makes me so mad😡😡😡😡😡😡
Harry Potter 4 life
Why is everyone so hard on nia
Hayley Stories
To be honest the way Chloe was saying that she wants to win this solo act as a 'tribute' to Kendall and Nia because they didn't get the solo that's why Chloe is one of my favorites ❤️❤️
Hebah Elrach Rachid
At the end you could see maddie was about to start crying
Hello, world
Howard's. I in Popple
Chloe has always been my fav
Chloe is just the sweetest💕💕 she's always thinking about others' feelings and not just her own
Iris Twaalfhoven
Melissa: i think nia got to get this solo \nNia thinks: yes i get this solo \nAbby: who do you think wins \nMelissa: chloe\nAnd kendall cries.....
It's Ornella
How did Cathy know that Chloe was doing a solo?????
I’m Me Mary
God Kendall is always crying!
Jana Vlogs
This are all my favorite girls\n\n1.maddie\\n3.kenzie\n4.brooke\n5.kendal\n6.paige\n\n\nThat’s all
Jessica Drennan
To anyone who say my old comment thank you for clearing it up respectfully I really appreciate it
Jizell W
Kendel is my least favorite
Julie G
Kendall is such a baby
KB Cuteness
Well done Chloe!!
Katie Cat
Love your videos! Please like this comment
Kimberly Wiggins
This makes me so mad bc Kendal needs to learn she does no get everything in life🙄that’s y she is my least favorite/more hated dancer on the team
Kira d
why can’t Maddie ever be happy for Chloe? It bugs me ughh.
Leah Nicole
Watching Chloe dance gives me chills, she’s such a beautiful dancer to watch.
Lilz! Calderwood
1:42 8 year old maddie casually sipping coffee
Mikayla Chitu
She should of said you can't pick your own kid bc then Melissa wouldn't of had to break the tie and Kendall wouldn't have found a reason to cry
Ahhh I love dance digest
Minecraft Expert123
Omg chole beat maddie good job chole
Neetu gupta
It was Chloe's best solo ever
Nitura Paladhanushan
Maddie has the face \nChloe has the grace \nPaige is a beauty \nKenzie is a cutie \nBrooke has the song\nNia is strong \nKendall has the sass\nAbby is an as*
Noemi Fierros
Nia, who gets a nationsals solo taken away : is fine \nKendal : cries
Omg you can see in maddies face that she wasnt even happy for chloe and Melissa omfg as soon as christi got happy for chloe she just had to say “by a fifth haha” like🙄
Panda Bear61
I don’t necessarily think that Kendal is the problem, I think it’s her mom.
excuse me the host of the competition said abby lee dance CENTER
Perfectly Weird
I think Chloe an amazing person. She won for Kendall and Nia because they didn’t have that opportunity. She didn’t shove it in their faces.
Pezzacorn123 Yolo
Why didn't Kelly get to vote on the best dancer?
Psally Laay
At the end u can just see that maddie was about to cry😂😂😂
I just love when Chloe beats Maddie!!! 😀
Raine Marble
I dont get why Abby made Holly Jill and Christi judges they were obviously going to pick their kids 🤔 She might as well have just asked Melissa
Rakti Iyer
Jill needs to understand that kendall will never beat maddie.
Random Vids
Am I the only one who sees Chloe's HUGE muscles
Ricarda Hernandez
Kendall is a brat. If she already knew who was going to get it why did she cry??
Nia,Chloe,Paige, and Kaliani don't have any bratty moment's
Sapphire Sweets
Kendall is a brat and spoiled because she feels like she is better then everyone else how stupid Kendall!!!
Scarlett .*.
0:32 Chloe them abs tho
,Kendal is so spoiled, WHY IS SHE INCLUDED IN THIS
Senni Nurmi
4:07 she said abby lee dance center😂
Shadow Chang
Her Rip cage is so *Visible*
Shoam Fanning
Kendal is my least favorite girl
Sofia Garcia
Did anyone notice that before Chloe was chosen she had no earrings on and after she was chosen she had earring on?wth😂🤨
Sophia Schneckenburger
Did anyone notice Chloe had a tear on her cheek at the end😢❤️
Susan Garcia
This was my favorite dance competition of all time! Thank you so much, for bringing back this fabulous memory. Loved it. I subscribed. ❤😸❤
Sw33t S4lty
My faves are chloe and asia
Tammy mango
Thumbnail on fleek
Tara Wingen
I felt SOO bad for Nia and Kendall! Mostly Kendall because she really never gets things like solos or something like that but still i fell bad for both
That Chick Doll
Maddie’s face in the thumbnail 😆🤣😂
The Courtney Show
I feel like Maddie was sad she didn't win, but she was still *very* happy for Chloe. ❤
The Dreamer!
Chloe was crying with happiness☺️awwww❤️❤️
Twilight forever
Ariana G \nThis is my order\nChloe\nPaige\nNia\nKendall\nBryan\nMaddie\nMackenzie\n\n\nEdit: I know there are more dance moms \nAlso like if you agree the minis are like no offence but silly compared there\nTo young if you ask me
Veronica McCall
OMG I hate Kendall sooooooooooo much¡!!!!!!!!!!!
Victoria Kotsopoulos
Nia is so strong emotionally She never cries I ❤️ her
Just imagine, if it was against Kenzie, Chloe and Maddie, Melissa would’ve picked Maddie over Mackenzie!
Wake Now
I dont really like kendell because she cries if she does not get the lead role or if she does not get to be the one who gets to do their own solo like she always crys and makes abby feel bad for making her cry . I think she is just trying to get her way.
Wei Zhu
This is Ethan. 👶🏻 he is zero years old.\n\t\t\t 👕 🎒\n\t\t\t 👖\nClick the 👍🏻 button to make him grow older. How old will he get?
Zeynab Kaba
Kendall's straight up bratty
ballet rocks
Kendall should of been happy for Chloe I'm happy for Chloe
dancemoms love
0:52 was so sad Chloe was crying cause Jill kept being Jill
emma b
Ugggg Jill and Kendall are so...🙄. Kendall needs to suck it up because dance is hard and you don’t always get a solo.
eva_ cookk
i love architects
is nobody gonna point out the fact chloe had happy tears when she got her reward i like awwwwww
marissa angelo
💕 💕 💗 I love dance digest
mia pichardo
I love how nia doesnt even react the whole time and doesnt cry x
This is totally random but..\n\nFavourite dancer: Chloe\nLeast favourite dancer: Kendall \nFavourite mom: Holly \nLeast favourite mom: Anyone who isn't the original team
ryry patton
I love how nia never cries if she doesn't get something