Dance Moms-Dance Digest, "Silence"(Season 2 Flashback)

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Omg the way Justice looked at Chloe at 2:17
Kendall is such a crybaby
Abbey Corkum
Once Chloe steps one foot on that dance floor✨she shines. Luv Chloe Lukasiak forever & ever!!! #Silence 💙💜💖
Allison Kurzeja
My pick was \n1. Chloe\n2. Nia\n3. Kendall
I always thought Chloe was better than Maddie tbh
Animal Lover
4:21 the way Kendall got up when she heard that Chloe was the winner
Annabel Rahu
OMG everybody watch 4:55 at maddie's face she literally did the fake proudness that she was happy for chloe but actually she wasn't
Ansley Popple
Chloe has always been my fav
Ariana G
Chloe was the most considerate towards others feelings that's why she,and Nia are my favorite
Ashley Laguna
Anyone always thinks I wish I would have wrote that 😒
Ashlynn Tee
Abby is trelled because clowe won because maddie is Abby’s favourite
Bella Hurtado
Jill just shut up and kenndll
Brielle Klaver
Clearly Nia is more mature than Kendall...Nia never cries if she can't get a part
It's so cute how Kendall and Paige stand up to clap because they are so happy 😁
Chehak Nijjar
Maddie’s face in the thumbnail and at 1:40 is mood 😂
Christina's World
Does Chloe have a lazy eye ? Can someone confirm this
Cookies and Cream Just for fun
I Like how Nia doesn’t care if she doesn’t get anything
Crystal and Dooze
When Kendall doesn’t get a solo she kinda cries every time
DIY Queen
Maddie has the face\nChloe has the grace\nPaige is a beauty \nKenzie is a cutie\nBrooke has the song\nNia is strong\nKendall has the sass \nAbby is an as*
Dan Schaffer
Abby didn’t look very happy when Chloe won
Danni Key
I love your videos 💗🖤❤️💛💚💙💜
Dilli Dhimal
Omg Kendall is a baby she freakin needs to learn that she can’t have everything in the world urghhhhh and when u \nLook at nia and chole their so nice and kind nia never cries when doesn’t get something I really don’t like kendell 😡😡😡😡
Duh._.itsmaegan L
Kendall is the brattiest person on the show
Elisabeth Jaramillo
KendallsMom wants everything for kendall
Elizabeth Potts
I stopped the video are 3:25 and Chloe looks amazing
Emma Dykstra Home
0:22, Did you even need to ask Jill? Like of course she would pick Kendall...
Erin_ loves _pandas
Kendal needs to learn that she can't have everything in life cuz she clearly can't get that solo\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSorry no hate\nEdit: SO MANY LIKES!!!! TYSM FOR SUPPORT ILY!
Kendall needs to understand that some people don’t get *everything* they want,life is not always going to be fair.
Gabriel arenas
I love chloe and nia alot there the best and they are so nice 😁😁😁😁🙂🙂
Gabrielle Elisse
It would be weird if justice got the crown
Melissa probably regrets choosing Chloe now 😂😂
Gwyneth Fahrbach
Kendall is a baby and brat. She makes me so mad😡😡😡😡😡😡
Gymnastics And me
Did u see justice face when Chloe did the turn 😂😂😂
Hayley Stories
To be honest the way Chloe was saying that she wants to win this solo act as a 'tribute' to Kendall and Nia because they didn't get the solo that's why Chloe is one of my favorites ❤️❤️
Hit or Miss?
Why is Kendall complaining that she didn’t get picked , Chloe is a better dancer in my opinion
Chloe is just the sweetest💕💕 she's always thinking about others' feelings and not just her own
Iris Twaalfhoven
Melissa: i think nia got to get this solo \nNia thinks: yes i get this solo \nAbby: who do you think wins \nMelissa: chloe\nAnd kendall cries.....
Chloe deserves to win more! She's such a beautiful dancer! She definitely deserves this win! \u003c3
Kendall is such a BRAT!!!!
Jana Vlogs
This are all my favorite girls\n\n1.maddie\\n3.kenzie\n4.brooke\n5.kendal\n6.paige\n\n\nThat’s all
Jessica Drennan
To anyone who say my old comment thank you for clearing it up respectfully I really appreciate it
Jessica George
Jill's hair gets worse by the day🤮
K&G lifestyle
For some reason i wanted to see Justice’s solo😂 the stuff he’s wearing looks intresting into whta his dance is about😂😂
Karla Medina
Go chloe go
Kawaii Squishies
4:03 maddie getting comfortable thinking she’s gonna be first 😂
Kimberly Wiggins
This makes me so mad bc Kendal needs to learn she does no get everything in life🙄that’s y she is my least favorite/more hated dancer on the team
Leah Nicole
Watching Chloe dance gives me chills, she’s such a beautiful dancer to watch.
Lexi Trabs
Chloe is so sweet and considerate, especially when she said “I want to do my best so I can make Kendall and Nia proud” 👍
Anyone else feel a little bad for Justice, because he looked so sad at the beginning?\nNo, just me. Ok.
Lisa hasan
this was poop
*Justices eyebrows have left the server*
I really proud to share the same first name as *Chloe*
Madison's World
Kendall needs to realise that there are going to be people in the world that will be better than her.
Maheen Shaikh
Mirren Burns x
my fav dance mom-Christi\nmy fav dancer-chloe nia\nmy least fav dancer-sarah\nmy least fav mom-christy
Nat Attack
Kendall is a baby no offence towards her but she cry’s about anything
Nitura Paladhanushan
Maddie has the face \nChloe has the grace \nPaige is a beauty \nKenzie is a cutie \nBrooke has the song\nNia is strong \nKendall has the sass\nAbby is an as*
Noemi Fierros
Nia, who gets a nationsals solo taken away : is fine \nKendal : cries
Oh it’s just amber Kawaii
This is Chloe\n👱🏻\u200d♀️\n👗\n👢\nShe is sad\nLike to get her happy
Panda Bear61
I don’t necessarily think that Kendal is the problem, I think it’s her mom.
Pig Double pig
At the end you could see maddie was about to start crying
I just love when Chloe beats Maddie!!! 😀
Random Vids
Am I the only one who sees Chloe's HUGE muscles
did anyone else hear Melissa say \
Ruth A
Sarah Mobarak
Melissa probably regrets picking Chloe♥️😂🤣
Scammer Squad!
I looked at the thumbnail and thought *oh shit*
Sehar Mujtaba
Seeing Chloe dance made me so calm
Shay Pye
Chloe is my favourite because she is nice and pretty
Sierra Lewis
nia is one oof my fav dancer on dancemom
Sl Sistersxx
Chloe is so sweet and sensitive I just love her cute personality and hats why sh my favourite
Sophie East123
Why didn't Kelly get to vote on the best dancer?
Srinitha Vasu
Melissa: “Nia”\nNia thinks: *YAY*\nMelissa: “Chloe”\n*Nia thinks*: good for her\nChloe: *tries not to be mean to Kendall and Nia*\n\nAnd KENDALL CRIES
Sully TV
Did any one hear Melissa say by a fifth
Supergirl Fan26
I don’t think i would ever see Kendal doing this solo
Taco Television with Kaitlyn
Is it bad I know the songs that they dance to?😁😆
The Courtney Show
I feel like Maddie was sad she didn't win, but she was still *very* happy for Chloe. ❤
The Life of Lilli
Something very heart warming is to see how proud Chloe’s mom was
TheyKnowShayla Tv
At least nias not a crybaby 😂☺️❤️
Tiffany Uy
How come Maddie could get Starbucks coffee or what but my mom is like no you won’t grow tall I get her point tho
Toy Crazy Time
Twilight forever
Ariana G \nThis is my order\nChloe\nPaige\nNia\nKendall\nBryan\nMaddie\nMackenzie\n\n\nEdit: I know there are more dance moms \nAlso like if you agree the minis are like no offence but silly compared there\nTo young if you ask me
Twins Twin
Maddie’s my least favorite only because she always thinks she is going to get special parts and win
Vianey Toledo
Just notice that Melissa \
Wake Now
I dont really like kendell because she cries if she does not get the lead role or if she does not get to be the one who gets to do their own solo like she always crys and makes abby feel bad for making her cry . I think she is just trying to get her way.
Wei Zhu
This is Ethan. 👶🏻 he is zero years old.\n\t\t\t 👕 🎒\n\t\t\t 👖\nClick the 👍🏻 button to make him grow older. How old will he get?
Weronika Woznica
OMG finally Chloe wins
Nia is so strong emotionally She never cries I ❤️ her
ayeeits sydnee
That was kinda dumb, they knew the moms would pick their kids 🙄
corey umamoto
Omg Kendall is such a crybaby. You shouldn’t cry because you don’t get a solo. I don’t really like Kendall.\n\nLike if you agree👍
i love architects
is nobody gonna point out the fact chloe had happy tears when she got her reward i like awwwwww
iiJolinii T
When Kendall got the role when Maddie was away , Chloe understands and didn't cry her eyeballs out. Kendall on the other hand is doing the completely opposite.
it's me sophieb
to me i feel like justice likes chloe like like like
kermit likes tea
Maddie’s face in the thumbnail had me dying 😂😂
mini me and toys
Chloe danced amazing, she was beautiful. Did anyone notice at 4:55 Maddie had tears in her eyes?
ryry patton
I love how nia never cries if she doesn't get something
sofia zheng
My favorite dancer is Chloe because she's always so sweet and considerate about other people's feelings and she's always happy for Maddie when she wins but Maddie is never happy for Chloe \nBut my favorite dancer is Chloe because she's such a beautiful dancer and so sweet 💕\n\nSorry for long paragraph 😅
vanessa gomez
My most favorite is chloe and Paige but mostly chloe because she cares about her friends feellings and everytime she belives she can do something and she does it
🔥 iiHeyMimi 🔥
2:14 When Chloe was practicing her turns backstage, Look at Justice's Face! He was obviously uncomfortable.