Unboxing The Game Master LOL Big Surprise | Project Zorgo Mystery Surprise

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Hi Guys, We Unbox this Custom Game Master LOL Big Surprise. It has many Clues, and Evidence about the YouTubers! The Game Master Mask does something very mysterious after a phonecall from the GM!The LOL Big Surprise is like the LOL Bigger Surprise! but smaller, we Customed this one! Did you Like it? Please Like and Share!My 2nd channel:

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*Wolf__ Gurl*
Aela Wilthew
Aisha Wilson
honey your videos are awesome!!!!!!
Alany place
RIP toys like honey. Hello game master
Amanda Bowman
I love you and mum and Mata BTW 3 rd
Analie Pimentel
Omly 67 comments rlly
BriBri Fun House
Oh my Honey! I can’t believe you became the GAME MASTER! Wow!!! Great 👍 video and skit! 💖 BriBri
Brianna Oyoque
What is this
Carmelle T
Omg this has to stop😲😲
Christabel Felicia
ninja kids found o and you found z
Cindy Dennison
That was you I know
Donovan Pullam
Eira Grevstad
BFF super
Emma tv Donut doughnut
Fai Sharaf
How old are you \n👀 good
Feeza Hj Moksin
My name is Zara and
Ginou F
Noooooooooo. Donot
God Speed/Lin Khant
I sub
Hannah Grayson
I god that lol
Imperfectfoxgirl YouTube
Ur da best youtuber
Italian Vlog
You should come visit me in ITALYYYYYY and do a video together!!!
Jairus Maposa
i. love. you. game. master. 😇😇
Jamie S
Ask Rebecca zamolo for help!
Janet Myers
Karen Richards
yuor aglei
Katrin Kids Show
wow! super LOL Bigger Surprise Limited Edition
Kaydence Young
I have Drag Racer 2
Kevin Arterberry
Honey you are the best youtuber in entire world
Laura Clow
Why ?
Lexie Sheranigan
My little sister has drag racer❤💖💜
Linda Espink
Cool video
Linda Hargrove
There was a knock
Lorraine Mc Nulty
I love your videos😇😇
Maddie's Land
Ah you creepy if you wear game master mask
Maricela Cartagena
Honey I am following you on Instagram
Mary Cheeky
Mckayla Salender
please give me a shout honey
Md. Kamruzzaman Swapon
😱😱😱😱😱 You became ...
Melissa Holz
You can call the lol doll the games doll
Mia-Lynn Youness
Project zorgo
Micette P. Dieujuste
Waaaaaa Honey you the BEST
I have a great day and I will be a good time to get the same as the one I have a great
Ninja Girl
I’m a game master ha ha ha ha
Paris Stefani
Take the mask of
Rachel Hildreth
pz is waching you
Rawan Qutob
You are a faker
Samantha Finnerty
Sandhya Nagaraj
That's not a game master it's a hacker
Sarantis Marinos
I ma 7 you are little 5
Savannah and Paige Toys and fun
Hi honey
Seema UC
Sindy AG Dolls
Skyla08 Nightcorefairy
Do you have any swapsy lol dolls honey because I am also a YouTube and a lol collecter
Susana Lantigua
This is so scaray omg I mean scary and so kreapay I mean kreapy
Tiana Mulyady
He is hacking YOU RUN HONEY
Unicorn Sisters Forvever
Its you as the game master
Zaeda King
One time i saw Project Zorgo in youtube and he comment in one of someone video
daniel Berou
Zorogo defuse 8:30
emberlee cornett
Well I was going to Miami my dance class I saw when I went to like Circle K I Saul like the game master mask and a car the game master of mass in a car
ironic wray
jessica mccord
the master Falls you everywhere and the hacker and you know that and Bellatrix worker was watching and remember that
lol surprise ola
804th like
qiuhua liu
The GameMast is ril
squishy vsslime
U kno the game master hackin ppl n u playin games w the gamemaster lol surprise
tv gaming girl
but I now Jake is being catch