Top 5 Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailers of All Time #3

The Best Top 5 Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailers of All Time #3. Leave a comments which one of these you like. Enjoy and have a nice day :)List of Cinematic Trailers:.

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Atria Wulf
wait there was a last of us part 2? WAIT
Bkool Cosmo
16:26 Thought she was going to start spitting some Coolio
Blue Shell
See, here's my peeve with the Final Fantasy one:\n\nWho the heck are the guys fighting against the heroes? The nameless mooks who get pushed around to make the heroes look good? Why are they defending the big bad? Why are they even fighting in the location they're in, anyways?\n\nI mean heck, who'd even sign up to be a mook in that army, knowing they were going to get floored even if they won?
Connor Johnson
Where's the HITMAN trailer?
This music in the last of us should be released as an official song.
Daniel Bifröst
Wow the last one was crap :D
DarkPaul1ux Gaming
man i wish blizzard could release starcraft 3 or EVEN better starcraft 2 new campaign but with new race + as epic trailer as heart of the swarm or legacy of the void :/
Demin Chi
10:28 Wilhelm scream
Diares Noctis
Fallout 4???
The Witcher 3 trailer still gives me chills years after fist seeing it. They best not screw the TV series up.
Don't Subscribe
where is onimusha 3
Eh, Do I need this?
Lmao windows error sound in Assassin's creed trailer xD
Fox Rei
The Answers Intro to XIV never ceases to give me chills.The HW and Stormblood ones are awesome in their own right but the music and the epic battle scene here are just amazing. Though SE does have a way of making the trailers for their games hype AF
Geison Leandro
Getaway OfMyLoan
The degree is arbitrary, the definition is blurred. If i'm to choose between one evil or an other, i'd rather not choose at all. OMG.
wha..wha..what are you doing? Killing monsters. 4:38
Jack Cochrane
What if Bethesda spent as much time on their games as they did on their cinematic trailers? What quality would we get out of that?
Jackson yolobs
where is KH2 secret ending :o
Jully Music
OMG ! Eu amo esses trailers, mas gostei mais do The Las Of Us II...
Justice Bringer
No gears or halo I’m hurt asf
Klaus Stauffenberg
Witcher again but no Halo? Wtf man
Kyrian Yao
4:33 He sure made it quick
Lelio A.D.
Re: FF XIV, I haven't felt that emotional about a conflict since Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's Sephiroth reveal—as a teenager.\nSquare Enix has a special way of making us feel.
Lil Jacko
Mats Hermans
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Megumi Hayashida
Wow, since when the good guys lose...I'm not familiar with Final Fantasy series but 17:00 is this really how the cinematic ends?!? They didn't manage to seal that dragon and the thing literally wipes them out wtf... Can you beat that thing later in the game or...?
Michael Cross
I think the last game was final fantasy? If so god that storyline must be dumb that trailer looks like it was plotted out by an adhd 13 year old with a thing for explosions
Michael Schoeman
Square Enix and Blizzard still make the best trailers and cut scenes
Ill never forget sitting with my friends at the end of FF14 1.0, watching the moon while listening to that haunting music play in the background while we waited for the moon to fall. Being greeted with that cinematic when the servers finally closed was amazing.. and something ill never forget. I may have my gripes with Square Enix but god damn do they know how to go out with a bang.
The wit her 3 trailer ain't even that good, it's a decent games but people be giving it waaaay too much praise imo
Nicole Maj
I love how Geralt's Witcher buddies make fun of him for that killing monsters line at some point.
Nikolaos Skordilis
6:00 These are some very, _very_ long fingers. I really thought it was a man at first. On the other hand the fingers are very disproportionate to the rest of her hand, so maybe not a man either.
Nina Claes
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Final Fantasy 14's trailer will probably be my favorite for a very long time.\nIt's just so well put together. Especially considering the devs transitioned FFXIV 1.0 into FFXIV 2.0 with this cinematic. Also nice to see a trailer where the heroes don't win, the problem defeats them. Yet, that's the BEGINNING of the game. Well, technically 5 years after but nobody is counting.
Pascal Koch
god, those witcher cinematics..
Pedro Gonçalves
There's no 20:27 min
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – End of an Era has such a generic Japanese anime pukefest trailer... with cringy song as well!!
Peter Beardsley
The time links are incorrect in the description.
Planty McPlanterson
Who else sang the Tobuscus Parody for the first trailer?... no one? Just me?\nOh, ok 👌
Rami Ghazal
Blizzard always are the superiors when it comes to Cinematic Trailers !!
Sabo Bilal
The Witcher 3 : Killing monsters... My best
Everything's cool but the Final Fantasy one is a cinematic of an in-game cutscene, not a trailer.
Shiro Suzuki Saiya Orikami
What's the thumbnail come from?
Some Guy
1:35 to 1:38 chills
Split Dimension
Primal Bahamut. Almost resealed him, but he broke free and wiped out the world. Best cinematic ever made.
The man Of tomorrow
the only thing I have to say is.... The Assassin's Creed Revelations trailer should have been in the first video
I find it disturbing that the destiny extended trailer for dragon age 2 hasn't made it onto any of these lists. That cinematic was magnificent. It embodied what it is I love about rpg's, feeling like a complete fucking bad ass. Yeah the game was disappointing but the hype from that cinematic was real as hell. Plus Kate Mulgrew narrating? What more could you want? But if the game being disappointing is a deal breaker, than what about the This is war superbowl trailer for origins?
TheWorldOf Marj
i am disapointed that the Fallout 4 war never ends cinematics wasnt in these !
Tom Ferr
10:30 Is that the Wilhelm scream i hear?
Tymoteusz Gancarz
Vogel Kathrin
5:37. I screamed because I realized it was the last of us..... AAAAWWW I'M SO HYPED😍😍😍😍
Winger Master
2:55 on russian better
You've done 3 of these \
Wretched Egg
Honestly why did it take this long to include FF and Starcraft? If we're talking about greatest trailers of all time and not just greatest modern game trailers they should have been top 5 or at least top 10.\n\n\nGood choice of XIV ARR though. Since a lot of people skipped the online FFs they don't know how great the cinematic trailers for XI and XIV ARR were.\n\n\nMind you I get it's hard to pick, most of the top5 belongs in there. Still though SE and Blizzard pretty much set the gold standard for cinematic trailers long before most of these other companies were started.\n\n\nMight be worth making a top 5 classic video game cinematic trailers for game trailers that were absolutely amazing for their time but are dated now.\n\n\n*edit* hold up you have two different videos which I thought were part 1...\nAlright well Witcher 3, SWtOR, AC, and a Warcraft trailer all definitely belong in top5 (arguable about which one), just needed an FF one in top 5, and SC somewhere in the top 10.
16:09 OMG this epic music! *goosebumps intensify*
Ymirithe Nova
time are wrong. 20.27 is not final fantasy. final fansaty is 1 sequence earlier. this is true for all sequence of this video. amateurish mistake.
Have a nice day you too GAMEOST :)
aldiqi yo
Where does the last one comes from?
darkblaze kshitij
thats awesome want more like this keep it up
Birth by sleep isn't on any of these but I am thankful for the assassins creed cinematics
nawawi I
FFXIV is super epic, never saw it before and I don't know how I missed it for this long time!\nYou should have added WoW trailers to the list though, they were absolute awesomeness, considering the year they were released.
That The Last Of Us 2 trailer felt like the guy put it in the list because it's The Last Of Us 2. I understand this video is not titled \
While I somewhat agree, I feel that the Last of Us 2 cinematic was out of place in this video,.... you have four action packed epic videos,.... then you have a sad video of a girl playing a guitar. Just not really a good match up since you have more than just the one video for \
rozhin haidar
OMG amazing , and first song ??
thanthep sung
i like FF XIv
Özkan Sarun
10:29 that Wilhelm Scream tho xD
จันทิมา คงวัน
ok witcher 3 combat is nothing like that.