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Who Shot Santa? Santa surprises our family and we play some fun Christmas games. We play wreath toss, reindeer racing, shoot the ornaments and eat cookies and milk. Then someone accidentally shot Santa in the face! Who did it?Join our family by following our vlogs Monday thru Saturday. We also do special videos some Sundays! Our family consists of Jamie (Mom), Steve (Dad), Stephen (10), Taylor (8), Payton (6), Jordyn (4), and Parker (1) Previous Vlog -

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Do not steal their videos it's mean it's my favourite YouTube channel
Ally S
Why are you liying
Alyssa Staniec
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is my favorite song and my favorite reindeer!🌹🍁🍁
Analeah Garcia
Steven shot Santa
Angely Avelar
My is ruduf the raindir.😀121 thumbs up
Ashlee Ritschard
Did you see that the porsin that postied it was \nhane tisa
Ashley Jaquez
Don't let haters get ur way in ur childhood
Ava P
Bahjo Mohamed
Stop coping shot of the yearger
Brett Hockenjos
steven you shot Santa :(
Cadrienne David
Christmas girl raining snowflakes
Why did santa die!?
Connor Boyd
Stop copying shot of the Yeagers videos
Corrine Burnett
You should see who baldy and hello neighbor is
Cupcakez For life
Stop copying shot of the Yeager don’t think your gonna get away with it
Dawn Green
Wowi sitting in his office
Dayana Dominguez
I meant to say ho my gosh ok but stool I’m so sad ok😭😪 Santa died by a People
Demetria Washington
Ooooooo ooooooooooooo
Dixie Shaw
Dixie rods I love your video your video is the best
Donna Godwin
Fatou Ceesay
I think you guys should go out at nights and find Santa and you should have a monster can come catch you and have Flash lights my name is Alina
Gabriel Morrell
Steven why wood you do that?!?!
Genna O'Rourke
Hi santa
Gina Craw
i love rudof
Giovanni Gookool
Gladis Rosales
Andrew Rosales and the other one ☝️ have to go get a job she says no she 💋💋💋💋💋💋👙👙👙👙👙👙
Heather Conrad
Who is Hane Tisa? \n😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
Indika Dunusinghe
it was payton
Ivy Shayne Laursen
You should sing a song
Jaime Cooper
Jake Paul Ggfv
Yeah that’s not Santa that your bad I am a fan loan I love your family
Jazmin and family Is a cute family
Jennifer Alicia
Jesus Perez
I can have
Jiselle Martinez
My favorite deer is Ren know the red-nosed reindeers
Juancarlos Salazar Reyes
What o yeha poop loser its not really santa its dad
Judy Murphy
The boy
Julie Jacobs
Rudolph the red nose reindeer
Kerri Cannon
I love this video so much.I love shot of the Yeagers
Kevin Laban
This is the best video
KeyFamLit #1fangirl
Not being rude but, you just took their video?
Kimberly Ventura
Rudolph the red nosed raindeer is my favorite song and favorite raindeer
Kimmy Bratton
Leah Guadalupe
I love you guys how you doing the challenges and the games and I love how you guys are awesome son to Santa and Santa loves cookies and I don't know is Santa milk cookies or the cookies in the milk I don't know I think he dumps the cookies and the milk
Leah Peña
Lil. Nuke
My favorite is you guys!!
Lisa Mcgowan
That is not santa
Lord Crazy
Allô violent vais les gosses
Lyla Port
Santa is not real
Marika King
My favorite reindeer is roudof the red nose reindeer
Mark Clements
I hate hane Tisa
Melanie Gomez
Wait. Wait. Wait. Thats. Not. Their. Video's. Like. If. You. Aggree
Miguel Pamias
Dancer the ,deer
Mike Sg
hi im michael
Miriam, Cristina and Anahí Perez
I love it so much!!!!😍😊😊😍😍
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Natasha Winston
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Nike Blount
Rudolph the red nose reindeer reindeer had a very shiny nose in us
Nirialy Leiva
That is not santa that is your dad
Nunzio Parente
Who is Hane Tian read who this is posted by
Peter Siedlecki
Poppy And Friends
Prashna Karki
Roshunda Jefferson
Noooooooo noooooooo ooVoo ooVoo ooVoo boo-boos good
Royder Cortez
Shooting Santa's bad I don't like that
Salty Gamer
That might just be there cosin but I love shot of the Yeagers
I'm 15 and I like stephen he is cute even though he is like either 12 13 or 14 and I'm 15 I still like him! #♥️Him if u agree.
Seth Lebow
that is shot of the yeagers
Shane Carpenter
Don’t listen to the haters and keep doing fun stuff 💕❤️😊😊
Shannon Gallagher
My favorite reindeer is the girl reindeer
Shyanne Pickett
also fake
Sienna Turner
Hahaha you shot 💉 him
Sofia Syed
That looks so fun but I don't celebrate Christmas I know it's sad 😦😖😮😥😥😮😖😦
Sophia Lagos
Steph King
heter don't roin\nthe fun
Stephanie Williams
What Santa is shot i love Santa
Stuart Donaldson
My favotuite rendier is round off the red nose rendier
Sukh Dhillon
My favorite is Rudolph the red nose reindeer
Thomas Martin
Rudolph is my favorite because he is cute and he has a red nose and it is cute
Nooooo😍ooooooooooooooooooo like if found the😍
Veronica S
My favorite reindeer It’s Rudolph the red nose reindeer
Ya Jo
Stephen shot him he is guilty
jemima valcin
Hane Tisa stop taking shot of the yeagers videos
jonard mararac
The two older sister and brother is so cute when they wear their costume of raindeers
kayeleigh ann brown
Jane tissue quit taken shot of the Yeager videos every video when they get hurt you name it Jane tis a that is not right quit hacking them I don't appreciate that they probably don't either JUST QUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!
lorna moore
Erika will have you
hi you im a kid you shed play a game callld dont be kiss by the evil someba
sarah Blackwell
I. Love. You. Giys
sis vs sis and vs bro
we love you guys soooo much😍
sugar bells Animations
I know whose Santa 🎅 dad :0
surachai phui mong
Your dad is dressed up as Santa don't fall for the prank they might be praying for you guys maybe you can see who it is by pulling his master if you do you do that why don't you do Nas