MEGA MAN 11 (Honest Game Trailers)

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From the depths of Capcom's neglected franchises, comes a new look on a game that everyone was waiting for... this is Mega Man 11!SUBSCRIBE ►►Follow the Smosh Games [email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@bigbossboze

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5h3r10ck h01m35
GTA freaking San Andreas honest trailer
Adrian Ortega
Do an honest trailer for Stardew Valley
Adrian Rodrigo Palafox Nogales
Neptunia series needs a honest trailer too
Alex Renaud
Can you please please please do Dragon Quest VIII or Dragon Quest XI?
Alveldir S.
Say I ride this camel to buy caramel
Andres Tamayo
Do Hyperdimension Neptunia and Hatsune Miku honest trailers
Anthony Gerardo Torres Gonzalez
Please Say this: My Name is Velvet Crowe and I'm the Lord of Calamity!
Bhutantinople Awa
It's quick man on Megaman 2...
Blaze Phoenix
please do one on clash royale!!!!!!!
Do a trailer for Luigi's Mansion for Halloween!
Do Zelda : Majora's Mask!!!
Christian Lopez
Dragon Quest 11!!! Think of all the DBZ jokes u could make.
Crash's Underwear
Say, \
Damien Rath
Please, do an honest trailer on something that isnt a capcom or nitiendo game please.
Daniel Suh
Do an honest trailer of Super Smash Ultimate
Diego Bendo
Say: \
Dineshan Ganesamoorthy
Honest Trailer on Hollow Knight?
You really lost the oportunity to call blast man bakugo man
Dog Day
Also, how about Alien: Isolation? Has that been done already?
Dominic Kucklinski
Do a trailer for Neptunia D: take my soul for it but do it!
Dr Dizzy Saivate
Dr Wily is the true good guy
I beat this game on superhero mode no problem, gamers today are spoon fed victories. Get good kids
Easter Fools
Please say:\n\
And not a single joke about Mighty No. 9. I guess that's a given, since it already is one.
Is it just me or doesn't see look so much like quick silver
Geomyeoja 5.5
Now do Megaman Zero/ZX and Battle Network/Starforce
Grim Reaper
This franchise needs an overhaul. That retro style does not work in this age.
Remember forever that this came from the voice of Torch Man himself. \n\nAnd Rush. \n\nGood boy.
Gustavo Borealis
Wait, WHAT?! Jon voices Torch Man?! AWESOME!!!
Hehe Haha
*Noice*\nI remember the days going through the boss door😂
Do House MD
Ichigo A Panchal
say bankai
Jacob Fly Heppner
Say i will not die nor will my dream
Jafar and Dafar
Rainbow Six Siege(Honest game trailer)
Jake Johnson
Please Do an Honest Trailer for Bully
Joe Guymond
C'mon mate! Honest Trailers for: San Andreas, Bully, Yakuza and apparently Minesweeper?
Please say \
Leo Jakšić
You already covered this franchise, please do Hyperdimension Neptunia already!
Do Xenoblade Chronicles!
I would love to see an Honest Trailer for Hyperdimention Neptunia. Any part of the franchise, really. Except Neptunia PP. It's basically a visual novel, and really doesn't fit the Honest Trailer style.
Luna Dumbledore
Wait, so our Epic Voice Guy did the voice of Torch Man?\nNeat.
Matt N
Can we ask you to say things in Torch Man's voice now?
I did not know Torchman was voiced by Honest Trailer guy, wow congrats
Megaplantsmaster 21
If you don’t do spore then I’ll literally make more empty threats
Miguel Gonzales
Say \
Natsu Dragneel
Please do a honest trailer on tales of symphonia
Nestharon Blackfeather
A Call of Cthulhu next???
Holy shit! I had no idea Jon Bailey himself voiced Torch Man! That was hilarious!
Straight from Torch Man himself. TORCH JUTSU FOREVER!!!!
Patrick Best
Please do Crusader Kings 2
Paul Baker
The Yuri On Ice Man got me dying!\nI thought I was the only one who gave him that nickname.
I think it's good promotion that Devil May Cry 5 has the Mega Buster
Dear god did you have to call him Red Rocket?!?
Radioactive River
Please make a Honest Game Trailer for Hyperdimension Neptunia
Random Guy
Please do Honest Trailer about Valkyria Chronciles series or Yakuza series
Randy Marsh
You guys are way overdue for a Majora's Mask trailer!
Ryan Gilbert
I just KNEW that Epic Voice Guy would reference himself as Blast Man 😂
Ryan's Channel
Rush was voiced by him too, you know. Lol
Samson Macdicken
Do super Mario party and please say “I peed on my dog when I was three”
Saransh Attri
do an honest trailer for prototype...
Good trailer but you dont seem very good at megaman lol
Do this in your voice: Get over here and let's be friends
Soggy Pickle
Say \
Stiltzkin Vanserine
Please make an Honest Game Trailer for Pokemon Shuffle!
I love how you couldn't put your finger on Torch Man's voice. Epic.
Tenno Shenaniganizer
Please say: \
The Water Warrior
Just do an honest game trailer for The World Ends With you already! The final remix is coming out next week
TheKingdomHearts Fanboy92
Honest trailer Yakuza Series, please :)
Volting Master
Please say: Did you Know that I was the guy that voiced torchman in Megaman 11? Your mind has been blown!
honest trailer about minesweeper WE KNOW YOUR ALREADY WORKING ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can we please get a Hyperdimension Neptunia series honest trailer nepu?
Zachary Erickson
Say \
Legacy of Kain... You know you want to.
Zeta Sigrid
Do Honest Trailer of Hyperdimension Neptunia series or GTA San Andreas
wait\n\n\n\n\n\n\nwhat modern polish?
Real question. When is Wiley going to make the ultimate unbeatable level boss: spike man.
Please do an honest trailer for Conker's Bad Fur Day.
goku ssg
Give us neptunia
I hate your stage you Torch bastard. Awesome performance by the way!
jayson ware
Blast man = Bakugo
Yakuza and Neptunia
Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery !! Pls xD \nHarry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery :) \u003c3
nick mccollum
Weak sauce. I've beat this game on my first play through on normal with out using the gears one time. You don't need the gears until superhero mode.
rocky balboa
Please do an honest trailer about Spec Ops The Line
samuel kibunda
the minesweeper guy
Please, do an honest trailer about minesweeper.
xan carter
You should kick my childhood right in the nuts!\n\nDo all Artix Entertainment's games!
• Nny
Brother... Spare some Hollow Knight Trailer?
創造的なK REAL [yes it is]
You should’ve done it in your torch man voice.
3:39 \