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most of you guys seem like you don't understand the concept of avgn
Adam Coffland
238 people LOVE Milon's Secret Castle!
This was THE most irritating and difficult game my sisters and I played as kids.
An Average Human Being
Milon's Secret Castlevania
Andrius Bandzinas
Angeline Thibert
It is called Milon's \
AxiL GiesE
9:12 the way he peers up from the magazine cracks me up XD
This video makes me hunger for your reaction to Metroid.
Why bubbles? I don't know, why's the hero a keebler elf in a nightcap and smurf overalls?
Blake Winter
Í do want to point out it is called a 'Secret' castle, not an 'in plain sight' castle.
Brendan Eicher
i can't believe this got a release on Virtual Console!
Milon for Smash 4 **Kappa** **trollface**
CJ Rocky
I LIKE DIS GAME ITS magicals :)
Heh, the game actually looks fun compared to many of the other games you review.
Danghetti MadeiraDMI
How much did cost the rental in your area? Here in Brasil, São Paulo, I rent SNES games for about 15 reais, and the complete console cost at that time about 300 reais, so the rental was about 5% the cost of the console. I dont remember how much cost the cartrigde, I think I never bought one. Cheers
Danny Darco
i remember my mom playing this game in like 1995 i was like 5 and i had to have her play for me good times
David Cameron
Sooooooooooooo.........\nWhere did you learn to fly?
Domo Mess
Thats the disneyland castle on the box, i'm pretty sure....
Actually, this game *was* intended for little girls. Hudson's official statement to the game was that it was supposed to be a game specifically marked for the female fans of their brand of games, which explains all the cutesy stuff happening. Also, the Left + Start combination is in every single Hudson game for the Famicom/NES, so everyone in Japan who plays Hudson games knows that code. I can understand the confusion for western gamers, though.
Elon Musk's Secret Castle
Flavien Morel
Aww, too bad for hudson soft... they made so many great games for the pc engine
Foolish Miom105
wow I went to my Nintendo 3DS and I found this game in the virtual consule
Giordan Diodato
2:54\nnot in the original Zelda
Game boxes for the NES sure were explosive back then.
Milon's Secret Castle did have potential to be a good game. I'll admit it has good music and graphics.
It's funny to me how Milon's Secret Castle gets criticized for having secret, cryptic and extremely illogical things you need to find to progress while the original Metroid does the same thing.
Horror Stories
I wonder if someone at Nintendo is an AVGN fan, Milon's Secret Castle and Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest are both on the DS market. Wtf? I can understand Simon's Quest but mother fuckin' Milon's Secret Castle? For the love of all the real games not on the market.....
I cant belive that they put this on the 3ds e-shop!
so I am guessing metroid also wasted your weekend?
I am someone you don't know
Can someone tell me the name of the game at 0:16?
Ian F.
I saw this game on Nintendo Eshop before. Who's gonna buy this game for $5?
Jack Proudbottom
Over 750,000 copies sold in Japan?!?!?
Jake Painter
Uh oh, I see the thumbnail has Nintendo Power in it... This should be ragey.
James Honeycutt
I discovered AVGN when I was in the air force working night shifts (we had youtube access). Everything on Cinnemaasacre is great, AVGN, J&M Mondays, reviews...thank you for it all James! Mike too of course.
Jessi TheGhost
1:50- But Nerd, Onix can be killed by bubbles.
I think they went a little overboard with the \
Jimmy William
Milon's Secret Castle is on the Nintendo E-shop for $5.\n\n\n\nI have lost faith in humanity.
Jin Jusuke
I saw that game in Tokyo Encounter. Their goal was to reach the second level.
JoJoCrafty Piggy
that not nice bubble bobble is a great game and what a nice cute bubble dragon
Kai Evans
He's definitely the \
This game got a sequel actually, Japan only, and it's actually really good. It's not cryptic as hell like this, it's a linear platformer. It's really enjoyable and cute.
Kazi Iqbal
james u should play the sequel its a linear platformer and its much better
I love how everybody defends metroid on NES yet it's basically just this game in space with very slight differences beyond visuals and health-meters.
Laura B
I think this game should be renamed Clark's Cryptic Clusterf*ck.
Lena Bröderbauer
This is on Nintendo eShop.....WTF?
Ah, memories. This was the first AVGN I ever saw, my friend showed me it on his phone in the middle of the school field back in the innocent days of year 8.
Mark Heaton
Episode 64 why didn't you do Nintendo 64
Master Xehanort
So this was the NES version of Dank Souls am I right
Matthew Cruwys
This game honestly doesn't look that bad
Mermaid Boy
Mr 617
I would live in this world. Milons Secret Castle just looks so... idk... There's something about it that catches my nostalgic interests. Same with Bug Bunny's Crazy Castle. And Astyanax. Castlevania and Zelda. And The Goonies 1 and 2, although those dont have castles. But i think I really love the whole brick castle layouts on nes games. It's mesmerizing. Like I wanna know what's behind those walls. Gotta be some cryptic shit.
This was the first AVGN episode I saw as it released. From this point on I was a fan for life! XD
Neon Underground
when I was ten years old I rented this God damn game from the local video store. I got stuck at that part you mentioned and after an hour of fπ÷king around I gave up and returned it. We had to argue with the clerk to exchange it, and I never forgot this game. it's crazy that you mention the exact same scenario at the beginning of your video
....and SOMEHOW...this game ends up on the 3DS virtual console
There was actually a sequel to Milon's Secret Castle, but it was only released in Japan.
Paragon Josh
Fuckin' bubbles!
Patrick Darling
Game actually looks sick
My brother told me to imagine the AVGN playing flappy bird.
That's what's wrong with Sonic 4, you have no momentum when stopping in the air.
rewatching these videos makes me so happy
Rainbow Doodler209
3:52 Can't stop replaying! X'D
Robert Meme
Funny how Metroid is perfectly acceptable but not this game? I dont like metroid much but I love this game, I find the fun atmosphere of Milons Secret Castle to be much more entertaining than Metroid
I love how most of the clips in the intro here aren't from any AVGN videos.
To be fair to Milon's Secret Castle, Metroid also had a lot of blocks you had to break with no prompt or aesthetic difference between them and regular blocks. In some places you could see enemes disappearing into lava, telling you to go down there, but there wasn't such indication in Ridley's Lair, if I recall correctly. The difference is that Metroid was fun.
Is it a bad thing I have rewatched all AVGN episodes 6 times now?
Skorp Saiyan
One of the few AVGN games that I actually love and enjoy. :)
Slashscreen Entertainment
Looks like someone needs a snickers...
It's episode 64. DO NINTENDO 64!!! I mean that would have been a GREAT IDEA!
Strapped Sunshine
Bubbles are cool :) Look at Bubble Bobble, that shit was amazing!
This pile of dicks was actually ported to the 3DS freaking eshop.
Team Milo
That Fucking Fish
In all seriousness this game isnt that bad, not perfect mind you, not even close, but its ok. I mean he complains that its too cryptic with the breakable blocks, hidden doors, but metroid was also like that if not worse with its secrets, plus the games called Milon's SECRET castle for a reason
The Hat wearing Servant
That game resembles the original Metroid really well. Both have no hints whatsoever. Cannot believe that while this game got left in a dumpster, a game like it with a famous character gets labeled as one of the greatest games of all time. LOGIC?
AVGN's review is different from the other reviews except that his reviews are addicting to watch
Tillman Watkins
Imagine being a kid. 5 dollar allowance and one allotted trip to the video store on the other side of town. Game costs $2 of your five bucks to rent, and is due back by 6pm the next day. Then you get this. Makes me tear up all over again. Haha.
milons SECRET castle
I love how whenever there's a game where you have to blindly shoot something he makes a Zelda reference but it was the same thing with the first Zelda. It never game you hints to bomb the lower part of Death Mountain to go to Ganon. It never told you what bushes you have to use the candle, and it never told you to use the flute on the lake with no purpose. Ironic don'tcha think?
It's a shame that the makers of the game had to make everything so cryptic. The actual game play looks decent. If there had been more in game clues or instructions, this could have been a good game. 
Milon's Secret Castle seems like it was far too ambitious for the NES. It needed more animations, better graphics, better controls, more versatility... If something like that was made today as an indy game, it'd probably be pretty good. But dear god does the NES version suck!
it´s kind of funny, that it says on the box of the game, that it was sold 3/4 Million times in Japan.
Wilbur Jenkins
You get one life, no continues and you don't even start with full life, You just got TROLLED lmao
The ending...would have been funny if AVGN blew a bubble, which made a door leading to Hell appear, and he chucked the game in it.
It's amazing how many AVGN reviews are of games I almost rented as a kid. Glad lady luck spared me the torment of dealing with these piles of shit.
It makes you wonder with that \
edward bibriesca
I didn't think Hudson made shitty games :( there the ones that made most of the mario party games.... Aha I miss the days when I saw that Hudson bee on the intro of mario party games
LOL I totally did what he said in the beginning of this vid. Rented it and got stuck....oh childhood loool
what is the name of the game in 8:29?
f cutillas
Wow, this videogame is so complicated, who on earth can beat this kind of nightmares???
I found it kinda funny seeing this on the Nintendo eshop
jeremy forrest
I actually think Milon's Secret Castle is a solid game. I beat it without the help of Nintendo Power or online resources and had fun. He makes it out to be way more difficult than it is. I believe if he read the manual the continue code is i there.
This is kinda how I feel about Zelda 1. But I enjoy the gameplay more.
Arino-kacho beat this, you have no excuse.
Actually, this game is one of my favorites. And Milon Secret Castle 2.
penguin master 17
May you please reveiw Both Super and Virtual Hydlide?
It's quite amazing looking back at what games back then could get away with ...\n\nReleasing a product that \
This game is on the 3ds virtual console..ahaha. Every time i see it there, i think of this video and wonder, what were they thinking? Of all the nes games to port?
People say this game is \
i can't believe they put this game on the 3ds eshop...