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Breccoli Brown
Great video!
Connie Cheng
This is not a criminal mind
Ed Dancer
This is better that TV because of no commercials and thanks for posting\nEd
Fashion Beauty
Its nice but it was scary at first but its not scary at all in the privies part
Guadalupe Cerutti
What happends with the audio at the last part?
Heidi Hood
This isn't the origial criminal minds and the title should be the shows full name so people know without watchibg
Johanna Rivera
Thank you for the 😎 tv shows.
Jonathan Vasquez
Swat abought my show mob boses invv ed nted somstufg on inventionhelp
Wtf season is this? I don't recognize anyone
I liked this particular Criminal Minds show
Kookies Cup Of Tae
My favorite show
Lisa Hoggard
Love it! Miss the older shows with the older characters. The acting and storylines are awesome. Great writing for sure.
This is always a good show to watch when you are bored :)
Midnight Daemon
Thank you for uploading this. I'm glad i can avoid commercials now.
Molly D Canada
I've noticed this as well, evening other shows. Couldn't decide if it was deliberate on the part of the producers or a glitch. Other show was Homicide, Life on the Street.
Mujo Krndic
Watch every episode
Paul Harris
Steve Salmon
Great for free!
Steven Vasquez
tory lanes vevo
Sunshine Productions
Hahahha horse with roller skates!!!!
This is look like the murder in The Conjuring 2
Termaine Chizikani
Terrible story line\nConfused reactions\nLoss of sound\nIt doesn't really work\nNo team chemistry \nLovely to see a familiar face-Gracia
Tierra Mccaskill
Criminal mind: Suspect Behavior\nIt's a spin off of the original criminal minds..
I wish they make a program where people train animals to kill or animals kill.
angela123 altintas
You can see the pure hatred in that picture, hatred for an entire race. People fail to acknowledge that racism is twofold.
bibi bibi
how to create a 'zombie fall guy'-who are created by 1st placing these vunerable selected persons in an induced consistent Stockholm syndrome, where a consistent disruption to the schedule of routine daily life, than they destalize sense of self worth, than they sever the primary emotional bond-the suicide bombers are triggered via clinical hypnosis and drugs, as they are initially selected through their low impulse control, which flags aggression, all these procedure steps have been used in projects like MLK ULTRA, to train and trigger assets, where victims are selected for their warrior genes with mild kinetic abnormalities-MAL 2R Gene
What season is this? Is this the spin off?
sandra mora
Very good. Too short
why are all women in this show such perfect victims? just once i wanted to see one of these killers pick a woman with like years of diverse martial arts training or somethin...haha but i guess it would make for a short episode
tom jackson
Judge Judy in Black face…..with a ludicrous parody of Court procedure. In 3 words…..more Hollywood Schlock ! ! !
vonette Horton
A very good show to watch