Answering 97 questions in 11 minutes | Q A #51

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I answer...a lot of questions. Really fast. (⌐■_■)⦿ Adam Neely T-shirts! ⦿Peace,Adam

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A person
When you remember that worksheet you forgot to do for math class due in 11 minutes.
Aesthetic Edgieboi
Smh I already made despacito 2
Aimee Nolte Music
Thanks for the shout out, my dude!
Anders Waller
Is mambo no. 5 the best song ever?
Anderson 63 Scooper
Yaaaay! Q&A is back! I haven't heard \
Andres Aybar jr.
3:25 “A B C D B G A” is the lick. 😂😂
Andrew Austin
6:19 to 6:43 - I slowed the video play mode down to 0.25...
Andy Chamberlain Music
you could have fit the last three questions in that long pause where you envisioned hell
Asher D
2:54 The first four chords on Bemsha Swing by Thelonious Monk are I, VI7#11, bVI7#11, bII7
Azi Crawford
I can never ask a question - my instagram is misbehaving
Baritone Saxophone
3:29 notes to the LICC in A Major
You say F#, but Db is your favorite key? I don't understand....
What do yo think of Buckethead?
Callum Moodley
Melon and Adam collab? ???????? Is this real life ?
Camden D
Ya like jizz Neely?
Carlos Gallegos
Adam, I'm studying astrophysics but I've always wanted to play music too. \nIs it reasonable to study music at the same time? \nPeople always tell me I'll lose my mind because of stress, but could studying music actually help me relax like when I'm playing?
Cattro Unity
lol @1:07 is dovydasmusic
Warning! Contains spoilers. \n\n0:18 Is anyone there?\n0:20 What is music mean?\n0:26 What's your favourite Stevie Wonder song?\n0:36 F-sharp VS G-flat: Who wins?\n0:41 Are you there?\n0:43 What is your favorite song atm?\n0:48 no\n0:50 Fwar fwar fwarrrrrrr\n0:52 No\n0:54 What's the thing that has blown your mind the most in music?\n1:01 How do you find time to practice with such a hectic/unpredictable schedule?\n1:05 Why are double harmonic minor and major a 4th apart?\n1:12 What type of thing can a chords player do to comp over a modal tune like impressions?\n1:19 What are some excersises you'd recommend for improving dexterity and timing??\n1:25 I don't really have a question. Just wanna say your content's really f'in good.\n1:29 Bass?\n1:31 What is cool?\n1:34 What's your writing process like? How do you build on ideas more specifically?\n1:49 Where did you get that v neck in your latest video. I think I have the same one\n1:53 What's your favorite fast food restaurant?\n1:54 How old are you\n1:56 Favorite Overtone?\n1:58 What's your favorite key\n2:00 What's the best jazz-fusion group ever?\n2:13 What kind of pickup is the one on your P-Bass?\n2:16 Is this some new type of jazz meme?\n2:19 What's your all time favorite licc?\n2:23 Do you know if the vocals and the synths have to be in the same key?\n2:26 Would you bring back Sundazer?\n2:31 If a Baroque musician with perfect pitch came back to life would our music sound sharp?\n2:37 How are you, Adam? Are you happy?\n2:40 What chord are you thinking about right now\n2:44 Do you have any long term goals for your channel?\n2:47 What do you think of Mr Bungle?\n2:49 Thoughts on Terry Riley?\n2:51 How cool is the melody 1 5 b5 b2?\n2:55 What are the standard notes of an altered dominant chord?\n3:09 I'm making a song where 5 triplets is one bar. How do I notate it?\n3:18 Bring back the original Adam Neely bass lesson theme song?\n3:23 A B C D B G A\n3:27 Can music be objectively good?\n3:40 Is screaming an acceptable form of artistic expression?\n3:52 Is djazz a legitimate genre?\n3:55 Can you do an extreme jazz reharmonization of never gonna give you up plz\n4:05 Are you looking for Irish trad musicians to play with in October?\n4:19 How important is sight reading for a pro musician?\n4:22 Do you like fishsticks?\n4:27 Which is your favourite meme??\n4:31 What do you think of David Maxim Micic's music?\n4:34 When did you know that you wanted to be a musician as your career and not just for fun\n4:50 What is the best music lecture channel other than yours of course to check out on youtube?\n5:08 Does Adam Neely is gay?\n5:15 Why jazz be jazz when yass yes\n5:20 Do you like green?\n5:22 Never make youtube videos again or never play the licc\n5:27 How do you deal with the growing influence you are having on musicians?\n5:38 Is modal interchange applicable to all the modes or just Ionian and Aeolian?\n6:01 How are you this bored to tell me to ask you a question\n6:10 What is the cat's name?\n6:12 Favorite standard(s)?\n6:15 If you couldn't be a musician or have a music related job, what would you do?\n6:43 Why despacito is the best song ever?\n6:48 How to learn music\n6:51 Who's the other members of SUNGAZER\n7:02 What is the best bassline ever?\n7:09 Are you good at jazz\n7:18 Why?\n7:19 J A Z Z ?\n7:21 Do I have to learn theory to make music?\n7:31 What is love?\n7:35 What's your favourite mode for compositional use?\n7:55 Does 1,4,5 make you punch air?\n8:09 How's your day doing?\n8:13 Going to NY in October... Any music venues you'd recommend?\n8:17 How do you feel about SUPER LOCRIAN?\n8:20 If you could rename any musical instrument what would it be\n8:26 What about boiling bass strings\n8:31 Ya like jazz\n8:34 How do you structure your work schedule when working from home?\n8:37 Why are you so obsessed with the lick\n8:41 Do you love all bass instruments\n8:43 Thoughts on \
*Collab with Cal Chuchesta please!* (i'm begging you)
Chris B
i would rename the bass to \
Colton Yeldell
If you don't mind me saying so, I think your sense of humor has been coming out more in your videos! Maybe you're getting more comfortable with editing? I'm not sure, but keep it up!
I was in the Bahamas wearing \
Daniel D
I am trying to get better at toy bass. Any advice?
Daniel Saeger
Danilo Buenante
Toy bass, that's cool hahaha
6:46 But despacito 2 is already out
David Bruce Composer
Woohoo Thanks for the shout-out! Must say I love this quick-fire format. Would try it myself but I need more instagram followers first 😀
Not only did I think this was filmed in a stripped down 'Friends' apartment but I loved the room echo, it was almost a ASMR video featuring 'tingles' and that, great video through as always Adam.
4:03 relatable
Disney Jazzcore
The Firebird? By? Igor Stravinsky?
Enter London
you really do look like an Athanasius though
Eoin Hayes
See you in Cork in October!
6:15 why are we here?... just to suffer?
Final Score
I saw one of your old videos 2 days ago about practising withouth a bass by playing your right forearm. Can we make this a meme?
3:25 the licc
Foster's Lab
That was almost as glorious as your angsty highschool student hairstyle.\n\nVery happy to exist in the same reality as you! Cheers
Gaurav Mishra
Didn't answer my question.. I have been asking for months....Did music evolved parallel if yes how come there is 7tone or 12 semitone system????
Gavin Warner
I’m do glad I’m not alone in loving Tucci Gang
George Soden
Hey Adam, why have some metal and core bands started swapping bass guitar for 808s? Is it just because it’s cheaper to not pay a bass guitarist?
Hayden of Everything
Who wins F flat or E sharp?\nNone because neither exists.
House of Shiva
A question for the mighty next Q&A: Is classical music the best music of all? And can I be the best musician of whatever genre by just using \
I know you're being tongue in cheek, but if you reckon it's F# rather than Gb, then your favourite key Db has the scale Db Eb F F# Ab Bb C. Four flats, one sharp, two different Fs and no G. Strange key signature...
Instinct Bros Gaming
I would audition for a college with a neoclassical rendition of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
That long pause after 61 made me really uncomfortable. I like it. Also, you should do a video about your feelings on people telling musicians and artists to have a \
Jeff Hazen - icenic_wolf
This video is even more amazing at 1.25x speed.
Jeremiah Acosta
This is debatably your best video. Thank you
Joe Boult
Where can I get some info of those UK shows?
Johannes Wiberg
Disappointed. I thought you were going to answer questions for 5 hours straight.
Jonathan Hilliard
Sungazer hype
Justin Jake Tabasa
Hey Adam are you gay?!
should've answered 432 questions
Ken Stewart
Hey Adam - thanks for the tip re: Stevie and \
You know Leonard Bernstein was one of the great composers and conductors of the 20th century, but sometimes he would be gay and according to a biography I read of him, when he was holding back the gay part, he did some of his best work.
Lucas Walters
MK Rex
6:19 Rare footage of Adam Neely staring at the void.
Manuel Bonet
3:24 *T H E L I C C*
Marvin Kohnert
But despacito 2 has been released
1:27 Swears and Beepd but it doesn't censor
Mister Apple
This kind of reminds me of John Green's question Tuesdays.
Mixophrygian• free beats and music
*L I C C*
Five guys is the greatest fast food restaurant in history
Music Sucks
Wow a game grumps reference in an Adam Neely video. Did not expect that
Question for your next Q+A\n\nDid you ever tried to play Tuba or Sousaphone, do you like Buyo ( the music piece) from the Lucky chops?\n:)
N. Sommerfeld
Hey Adam, I might just be blind but where could i send you a Submission for the nextEpisode of \
Imagine forgetting Samuel Andreyev for reccomended channels smh. Adam Neely really does is gay
nice format for a video. quick and efficient. thanks!
Nostra Fn Damus
Anyone who likes Mr Bungle gets a pass in my book
Peter Bull
Philip Shumway
You’re lookin kinda cute my guy. The hair and maybe you’ve dropped some weight? Maybe just me but you’re lookin gr8
01:55 You honestly don't look 29.
Péter Kádár
Adthony Neelthano
I don't hate this video by any means, but the fact you answered 97 questions rather than a whole 100 makes me a little anxious. I don't know, I just don't like odd numbers lol
Reinhardt D.p
All your hours spent editing is very much worth it 😁🎵🎶
Ritvik Karra
DOUBLE MELON HYPE except adam isn't a melon anymore you have betrayed us
Six Months Sleep
It's great that you're finally coming to Ireland, I'm in a music technology course here...I'll be seeing you in October (not a threat!)\n\nQuestion for next Q&A: have you ever traveled to a place that inspired you musically?
Squeaky Ice-Cream
ABCDBGA... I just spent like a minute trying to work this out vocally (i'm not a singer and i have no perfect pitch and it's not something i normally do). I feel like I've been rick rolled.
The weirdly friendly Mushroom
What about answering 11 questions in 97 minutes?
Ulas Demirtas
for your next Q&A: \nWhat's your opinion about the movie Whiplash?
Ultra Snail
Are you playing in the cork jazz festival, I’ll come see you!
1:06 *a wild david has appeared*
A B C D G B A is the lick, Adam.\n\nEdit: pretty close to the lick, atleast
Excellent as always.
chaak castellanos
3:58 but you played the lick for 5 hours
doakleys ear medicine
Where you going in cork?
Signals Music Studio is a GREAT channel, production value is high, and the content is fab
kevs musicandstuff
The answer to question 61 is 'be a full time dreamer'
pedro proenÇa
Man, that last question was a cliffhanger, got me all excited
I have a question: do you think jazz musicians should study classical music and if \
I would like to see a music theory video about Stevie Wonder's Overjoyed.
Maybe a dumb question: where can we find the Sungazer tour dates? I don't see anything on, twitter, or bandcamp? Thanks
wow great laughing thank you adam
רועי סיני
Hello Adam,\n\nas you said in this video your favorite overtone is the 7th.\nThis reminded me an idea about a kind of a bass guitar I thought about some years ago.\n\nAs you may already know, the 7th overtone is the first overtone that is not well approximated in the standard system of 12-tone equal division of the octave (12edo).\nBut if added to chords (the real 7th harmonic, not the \