10 BEST GAME TRAILERS 2018 (September)

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TOP 10 BEST GAME TRAILERS 2018: League of Legends "Rise", Project Awakening, Square Enix, Death Stranding, Anthem, Devil My Cry 5, Dead By Daylight, The Witcher TalesSay "Hello!" to my friend on YouTube: Dead By Daylight

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I wanna try out the Anthem game! the sounds are amazing
5tyIish _
Technically League of Legends - Rise isn't a trailer
Adrian Bungau
OMG, Devil May Cry 5!!!!
Aimless Nine
Why is destiny 3 called anthem?
Rule of thumb: if there's no actual game footage in the trailer, really good chance it sucks
Asaju Enitan
You just made my day with the RISE video you played first
6:38 , Me : Kiss ! KISS ! KISS! Project Awakening = Monster Hunter World - Cool Weapons
I've lost track of how many times I've seen a trailer that looked like an amazing new game only to find out it's just another League of Legends trailer.
Why is there a Square cinematic that's not for a game in a video that's literally called \
Bagas Wn
Telle 😱
BeniYeni !
Dude did you guys like the vid. Im looking for love button😂 I really found it nice
Boe Dillard
I keep on seeing these intricate demos of what Unreal 4 is supposedly capable of rendering and then we keep getting games that don't seem any more impressive graphically than Crysis. Now don't get me wrong Crysis was a game changer (so to speak) but that game came out a decade ago. When do we get that bump to the next level?
Bojan Bengez
i cant get thease 10 box with 100 soul stones why?
Calvin Rockwellは夏が好き
You put League at the biggining? \n\nhmm... *Wise choice.*
0:00 League Of Ladyboys: A Sequel for ladyboys who always cry in DOTA.\n3:26 Square Enix: We have useless games, let's do only game trailers.\n7:54 Project Medieval Monster Hunter World.\n9:33 Silent Hill 79: Sci-Fi Obsessed.\n10:43 Mass Effect 4: Destiny\n13:03 Monkey King: Please Turn Back Hero!\n14:13 Assasin's Creed: Naruto vs. Sasuke\n16:49 Darksiders 3 May Cry 5\n19:35 Elder Scrolls: Witcherstone Legends.\n19:59 Dead By Same Old Cliche
Chris Fuentes
Project Awakening is going to end up being another Deep Down. It'll never see the light of day.
Dark Sama
3:26 Square Enix - Visual Work Character Prototype is not a game if i'm correct
Dark shinigami
Is that prototype one ever gonna be realesed
Devastating Joke
My new nightmare is freakish Asian crawling mannequins.
The last one is a joke right ?
Fox LeFox
Sadly, the Visual Works Trailer is something that will end up on Square Enix' huge pile of never-gonna-happen.
0:00 League of Legends \
Oh thank you for the new trailer for \
Heberson Vasconcelos
No dia que lol for assim... eu jogo
Rise no es un trailer ._.
IMJK bri
Hipe for devil may cry 5😍
Rise is not a trailer ffs, it's a music video/cinematic.
Joe C
Wow they really oversell LoL. How sad.
Joshua Cradic
the first one is one of my personal favorite league music video, although its not really a game trailer. Its just advertising 2018 worlds.
Joshua Phillips
Riot please make anime and stop holding out on your talents.
Katarina jurado de morte
I love league of legends
Roses are red,\nviolets are blue,\nI came for the thumbnail and so did you.
6:33 ok I dont know who they are but I already ship it
Lissi !
I hate how League of Legends have amazing trailers, music videos and yet the game is just :b
When you're re imagining of a classic like Devil may cry involves turning the protagonist into some southern backwater hick, its time to put the title in its grave and leave it there.
Luke Jones
The second game had lesbians doe? If so .. STOP
M.A.Z.I 1.3.8.
...WOW amazing...
Marija Alisa
The Monkey King isn't even a game, that's a chinese movie
Mark Mullins
Awesome league of legends trailer. Still don't intend to play it.
Mars Macchi
When Software Houses spend more in trailers than in game quality ...
Mateo Lastra Etura
Why is Freddy Mercury the bad guy in DmC5?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
In the fortnite 2 game trailer why does ninja have 4 asses?
Mr. Limona
Wow on number 10 is chinese league of legends
Night Stick
League of Legends man, they make such damn good cinematics.
Noly CS
i'm not a LoL fan but i have to admit their animations make you tingle, Jesus Christ
Honestly that character prototype was lit, kind of gave a ghost in the shell vibe but pretty different look and setting, I 'd be interested to see them actually make a game I was blown away at the pan out to it being some bio dome in space I was like what the heeelll. Project awakening kinda doesn't show anything outside of that 1 fight between the beast so really theres 0 to go on. Never played devil may cry but it looks pretty awesome. Anthem well its made by EA so I'm on a boat of \
OUT Sider DNM #2
And the control of yours is\nWell good
Owrange Moosic
league's video is a music video not a game trailer lmao.
Projects To Mansions
5:48 lightnings return 2
Rahardi Tri Ardiyanto
Hold up hold up.....\nWhhhaaaaattttt..... SKT? Faker? No wayyyy....
Rick Sieben
What the hell was that Monkey King thing? The footage you showed was from a movie, not a game.
Rizky Ramadhanni
Is \
Sean C
Your game trailers aren't all game trailers......don't despair though, using words the way they're supposed to be used and telling the truth is completely worthless these days. Hell you can even be President.
Sid R
I have to say, when a game trailer looks absolutely nothing like the actual gameplay, it is NOT a good game trailer.
The Square Enix one isn’t a game
Some Random Guy
@5:36 she was like \
Stalker Von Neuman
Death Stranding will be getting a PC release? Never heard about it.
Sunny Harry
Where is \
the only good thing LoL has going for them is their trailers. #topnotch
Taurus Wiggins
A time when heroes become legends.
That 2nd trailer looked waay too real
The Zlo
dmc winner
Tony Tran
Lul League of Legends RISE isn't even a Trailer, it is a music video for their world competition of 2018.
Victor Gonzalez Rivera
I like this, but I hope your next game will be something different, this one looks like transistor so much
At this rate, Death Stranding may become a PS5 Launch title XD
Wesley Wisdom
God I was so hoping the second trailer was a teaser for another Parasite Eve game.
Wouter de vries
League Worlds video isn't a trailer. And it represents last year's worlds as well xD
XD Gaming
i remember there used to be a game of fantastic 4, adventure game, i think they should make a game like that of avengers, and not just the original ones but all the avengers, including wanda vision, black panther, and the gotg so u know, it will be a fun game
YouWrasse IsMine
how about some actual gameplay? Worthless
Yu Tub
yep don't fck with the Korean dude who have spent over 20k hours playing League of Legends
ZebraBee Huang
sekiro looks nice
Zx Tek
league still exist 😒.
alex ananiadis
What is the second game after the league of legends?
catherine j
omllll visual works character prototype is gonna be SO BOMB
david tumanishvili
i was rooting for ice lady in 2nd trailer :(
16:24 yasuo's voice so damn good \u003c3
That LoL trailer is out of this world, so good
I still think SSG don't deserve it and SKT just threw it.
jorge mario
qual o nome dessa musica q btocol no finalsinho do vidio
lDooMl ™
I dont play league of legends anymore since they F** up the game this past years but MAY GOSH clap on the animation for promoting the world cup 2018
mosareza Mazidi
Death Stranding PC ?! RLY ?:|
Really?\nSekiro, and DMC will release at the same month? Thats sad, who will buy DMC instead of Sekiro? :D
rafael pozo
God give us anthem already😭😭❤️❤️
ricardas rusilas
Second one looks like its happening in Blame world
i like death stranding
That monkey king is a movie is it not.
I love dante's bike now, where can i get 1?
leauge of legends wont be cool ever agian they did to much damage with the tribunal nonsense so many years ago they are almost guranteed to have nothing but failures for any new ips at riot games.\n\neast coast ping the bans for things like gg ez this is just being shameless now. ya they did fix alot but the core issues are unchanged. remebmer that piece of shit riot lyte aka jeffery lynn. that piece of shit was fired because he was sleeping with interns thinking he was the hotest shit between the ban bot he made and leading the player behavior team.\n\nthats why he \
Đức Anh Đỗ
Project Awaken is what should be Dragon's Dogma 2 to be
Роман Тигин
Где такую музыку класную берете как в первом трейлере
У меня прям флешбеки из Арены в WoW.. приям видно чем вдохновлялись.
никак никакидзе
битва, битва и ещё битва.... скучно, когда ж вы перестанете нас приучать к убийству