THE MAGIC FLUTE Mozart - Garsington Opera

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A handsome prince falls in love with an abducted princess. Armed with musical instruments, he and his singing sidekick mount a rescue mission that tests their commitment to truth, love and humanity itself.This colourful and quirky new production of Mozart’s final opera is directed and designed by Netia Jones. The performance stars Louise Alder, winner of the Dame Joan Sutherland Audience Prize at the 2017 BBC Cardiff Singer of the World, in the role of Pamina.Streamed on OperaVision on 14 September 2018 at

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Δεν υπάρχει πια το video οι γάμοι του Φ ίγκαρο από την ίδια όπερα ! Τι κρίμα !
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A wonderful musical production. But it is hard to understand the story if you can't understand the language. The music itself makes it a delightful experience.
Alan Mundy
Great to see this interesting production. Ach ich fuhl always moves me intensely. Well sung here. I urge anyway who is touched by it though to view Gundula Janowitz singing it in 1964 here on YouTube.
that was just.. amazing! thank you for this:)
Art Danks
It's such a shame that the beautiful art of opera is being lost, and actually destroyed, by these so called \
Casta Diva
The Queen of the Night look like a Scary Nun? Do you think?
Christopher Nicol
To think this entire production was probably put on with a budget much less than Covent Garden spends on its wigs! Glorious music-making throughout. Bright, brisk tempi; vocally glossy, too. Schikanader would surely approve the inventive quirkiness of the production. Thank you, Garsington!
Christopher Sola
I'm afraid I gave up on this production when I saw that the role of Papageno had be given to 'Sir Les Patterson'.....
Daniel Hartmann
Why are there so much priests, Nunu etc. Around the Queen of the night? I have Seen that several times now. Is she so sorrowful, that the church has to comfort her or is the church so evil.
Desmond P T
Move over Glyndebourne, here comes Garsington! Wow, the Queen is very gd!
Don Giovanni
Es fehlen Untertitel in der Originalsprache Deutsch.
Eszter Mária Vargha
That was really a \
Evan M
Y’all are taking this way too seriously lmao, it’s a good production, the vocals are amazing and the way that they modernized the opera while still letting the original feeling shine through is not only amazing, but also makes it easier for more people to be able to watch it and follow it. It’s ART, people are allowed to have their own renditions and interpretations of ART, take a Xanax and relax, if you’re THAT pressed that something doesn’t fit into your box of how things should be, literally take a nap sis.
Gabriele Presby
Starting with the orchestra’s interpretation of the overture...well, I’ve heard better. Way too fast and shrill.
Gaby Keller
It seems to me the story happens in a mad-house garden (in the house partly) and played by sadistic, paranoid beings, allegedly humans, or patients who suffer in bipolarity. It is a wonder that they sing pleasantly and the orchestra plays tolerably well. Poor guys and chicks! Poor Dr. Mozart! Poor Ingmar Bergman! As a father, I bet my children won't see this performance. Now I am going to look for my strongest tranquilizer. One pill needs or two?
Hutch Topalian
Fantastic performance by all, wonderful production.
Ingmar Pfeiffer
Richtig, richtig gut!!!\nWhat a wonderful music, what a great team! Congratulation!!!
Ioannis Prekas
Who really had the idea to present Papageno like a mentally deranged bum, dressed in a dirty suit & a tie (sic) and skinning a rabbit on stage? Does Tamino suffer from a \
J Pal
Even thouh mozart mingled with masonry, he was a cradle to grave Catholic.
José Baeta
This staging, with Queen of the Night's clerical \
Julian Jimenez
Una representación magnífica
Klaudia Maria Lewicka
At exactly what point opera started to turn into such horrible thing? Since when ridiculous wigs and costumes are more important than singing and proper techinque? What happened? If the purpose of it is making opera more accessible, accentuating the artistry and creating the impression of opera being up to date, it doesn't work, sorry
Kurt Sambs
Wonderful. WONDERFUL. Eine wunderbare Inszenierung. This is a so intelligent and provokant Production. And original - with this Piece a Great achievement. Thankyou to Opera Vision. Bravo to the Garsington Opera. And the Rolling Skates! Wunderbar.
Mike Dailey
We hope all the naysayers will agree that this attempt at translating the time & place of The Magic Flute makes considerably more sense than Kenneth Branagh's translating it into the trenches of World War I.  What a travesty that film was, in our opinion!  And how pleased this production left us.
Momoko Sato
this is ok but I prefer classical style of this opera. still challenging is very worthy in art (but very difficult). \none thing's for sure, i don't like monitors on the stage.
Pan X
The modern versions are terrible in my opinion. I like rather classic versions
Paul Bunyan
There's a lot of looking into the pit.
Rafaela da Silva Melo
Wonderful. A pity because I wasn't there.
Ricardo Alfonso Jesus Fernandez Chavez
Good performance, horrible stage.
Rustin Rogers
Jonathan McGovern is adorable!
Solly Ismail
enjoyed this production!
Spencer Winell
This staging is brilliant but the same cannot be said for the singing.
Susanne H
Really I don´t like the modern version of that wonderful opera. But what I like so much is, that one can understand each sung word, even if you don´t know the lyrics. Much better than lots of german oder austrian singers. My compliment to the artists.
The Nerdzing
Tyran Prinsloo
Vladimir Khom
Thank you, Garsington!
Silly, but cute. Cute, but silly. Papageno, is that your hare, or is it a wig?
alain heraudeau
Bon chanteur mais mise en scene rien a voir avec le vrais Livret
The staging of this is excellent, provocative, and cutting edge! I just stumbled on it in the middle of the night and can't wait to watch it in its entirety. Only regret is not seeing the 5 holed G to D whistles commonly used in most stagings. A friend of a friend of mine makes those for opera companies everywhere. But who cares! Its a great production!
I haven't heard one note yet, but I'm already stunned by the scenography.
Buzz Lightyear meme: Masonic symbols! Masonic symbols everywhere!
Why is it that when children are a part of an opera, the costumers give them the most dorky costumes? The high - water pants with white socks are just so nerdy! And this is one of the better examples!
Music is as divine as ever, but this is more of a scary tale than a fairytale.
Encore une mise en scène et des décor délirants... J'en ai ... comment dire : RAS LA CASQUETTE !!! bon ne nous énervons pas , je ne dois pas être à la bonne époque !
So the Brotherhood is just a misogyny club?
Absolutely brilliant singing - I cannot think of a better Queen of the Night - utter purity and perfect pitch in \
Павел Романов
A terrible interpretation. All the negative characters with symbols of the Catholic Church, the Queen of the night with a rosarium and it is accompanied by someone in the garb of a cardinal. And positive heroes masons. Despite the beautiful voices, it is a terrible blasphemy and an insult to the Holy Church