Dotaology: History of Techies

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Squee, Spleen, and Spoon comprise the Goblin Techies. They come with a hidden ability to double the game length Follow me on Twitter:

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Finally someone actually realizes that 'techies' is PLURAL and it's not a 'he', it's a 'they'
i don’t think you mentioned that the proximity mines cannot be stacked on the same spot. That was a pretty huge nerf.
Adam Herčík
Make Necrophos!
Adrian Muhammad
Aggressive Kira
Golden JoJo references, very niceu Dennis-chan!\nI love Techies.\nI used to play Techies as a kid back in DotA1, nostalgia hits close to home, my mates would hate me for using Techies.
Aljohn Gabion
You forgot Engineer's Spider Mines from HON.
Allan Dsouza
Mom: What are you doing? \n\n\n\nMe: I'm watching a video on the origins of cancer
Anep Rahman
u forgot about engineer in Heroes of Newerth that have spider mines (though the skill reworked already)
Anmol baloni
I hate him when others play it but love it when i play it
As I Pray
Heart please
Can you do the history of your cat pls ? it’s so adorable
Banana Phone
Bloodseeker please PLEASEEEEEEEE
How didn't you mention Engineer from HoN??? He plants mines. Only, they spring up and rush towards the target when they are triggered... Making for some hilarious kills where one enemy drags them into a group of their allies.
Basil Silleza
Stopped watching porn when i got the notif
Bitmap Frogs
You make great videos, but it breaks my heart that you ignore the original Defense of the Ancients maps for Warcraft: Reign of Chaos. Allstar's was a later release. Many heroes started there, not in allstars and thus ignoring it makes your videos incomplete.\nSome good people made it available on modern dota 2 - simply go into arcade and search for Dota Classic. I believe the version they ported to modern dota is 3.76.
Bloody Joker
the hero that i ban every game
Old Stasis Trap was OP, back then not only stunned you for that 13 seconds, but Techies had time to place another Trap and if well timed, good player could cause 26 second stun!\nBest way to make your enemies hate you, Stun them for 26 second and kill them with low damage Auto attacks.
What's all this then?
Ever consider becoming techies main?
Cosmic Mage
RIP Spoon. It's a shame he was in the workshop when it exploded
Cosmic Potato
who's next hero you gonna work on? you glorious human being you
I have 59.8% win rate with that hero... love that hero so much... it has so many late game potential, like preventing enemy heroes getting the tier 3 towers and letting your unfarmed Mid to safely Farm his Items... dunno why people hate this annoying hero.. [and of course the voice lines] Ez
Darkzz Lord
Ah yes i remember the days where you just couldn't win against this guy,mainly because the chances of someone having a brain to actually get detection or helping you clear mines if you bought it yourself were as low as the chances of achieving world peace.The only way you would win is if even your overmaxed carry luckily passed the mines and beat their team
Dennis The Tall
What's the longest Techies game you've had to endure? :)
Dimitar Venov
Everytime someone asks me how to get into Dota, I tell them to pick techies and play to have fun. All of those players still play the game to this day. You are welcomed GabeN :D
Don Vendetta
Nothing like watching Techies video with Hearthstone Boomsday Project ad :')
The true masterminds behind 9/11
I main techies because it's the closest thing I can get to a new Bomberman game. Lol
Freshly Memed
Is that a Jojo reference!? Nani!?
Gabriel Barsch
some heroes may never see the light of the competitive scene\ni hope
well not many people know about the hidden meaning of Spoon, and It will stay like that since you didnt talk about it
Georgia Ball
German Shepherd
I love your videos because not only you show us how the hero evolved over the years, but how other mobas did their own versions of the concept of the hero. It's interesting to see how the same basic concept changed direction with another developer
The Swine Cannon looks a TON like Captain Goodvibes. Look up \
Giovanno Airlangga
3:31 patch with 13 secs stun stasis trap? That's more balanced tham dota nowadays
Glenbert Alimpulos
Troll warlord pls
Glenn Vicente
Chaos knight next please or mirana or vengeful spirit
I Have Egg
I was waiting for this one...because I am a serious Techies main
I'm In Love With Jennie Kim
I have 49.8% winrate with that hero... love that hero so much... it has so many late game potential, like preventing enemy heroes getting the tier 3 towers and letting your unfarmed Mid to safely Farm his Items... dunno why people hate this annoying hero.. [and of course the voice lines]
I'm making a movie
Dee Bradley Baker also voiced the Gravemind and all the flood forms in Halo 2 and 3.
Longest game I've played as a techies is about 200 minutes.. And it was the last time I've played techies.. Naah..sometimes I play in pub if my teamate pick all carry heroes..just to piss both side..and get reported for that... *TrueStory*
ItG Ma
You forgot that there was a point in time where you could stack proximity mines.
They should rework techies entirely. Its not even fun to play anymore and still its annoying to play against.
Jeremie De Guzman
No comment on suicide doing damage to towers???
Jersan Encarguez
Dennis, you talked about Teemo's mine, but failed to mention HoN's Engineer's Spider Mines. I was kinda had an expectation since you often Dota - HoN counterparts. \nEh, I guess Engi never deserves a mention 'cuz he wasn't that much of a tilter in contrast of techies and teemo
Johan Svensson
I want to dislike this because of techies, but I can’t it’s to good of a video
Jonah Sabiniano
The hero that whether you played good or bad, you can possibly get 9 reports.
Jonathan Omerez
speaking of dotawtf, isn't there an episode of techies using the movable mines? i do remember laughing the sh*t out of it.. it was indeed so epic in its release..
Josar Gor
remember kids 1 report=100mmr. that means 9 reports=5000mmr. this is how miracle and abed got to 10k mmr in 3 months. play techies in rank
Jose Macasero
Awwww. Remember the combo euls, mine, trap bomb, mine?
Joshua Arcamo
The history of a brain cancer cell*
Jun Lim
I know its a bit of a strect since most of his skills are different than techies but 1.\n\nBut the Engineer fro Heroes of Newerth(HoN) able to put mines too, called spider mines, i believe? These mines can chase down enemies when they're nearby the last time I played
Kaiser Lee
They have to glue you back together! Yeah! in hell!! 😂😂😂
Kyle Liu
Thanks for including me in the video (I'm YurdleTheTurtle)! I'm slightly sad you misspelled the turtle part, as it's a reference to a Dr. Seuss book (Yertle The Turtle). Happy to help out, it's pretty crazy how my suggestion from my high school days stuck around and became part of DotA history!
L'angolo della Distopia
... his attack was increased to 9-11.....ah ah ah....\nah ah ah\nah ah ah\nah ah ah \n*BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*
Im reporting u
Levi Samom
Teemo is more like ta though with all his spells
Michael angelo billones
Jojo reference 3:53 😍😍
Moe San
I would write some smartass comment but I have nothing today. So move alongggg.....
Mohammad Nej
By far my most picked hero ^_^ I still miss pre patch 7 days when i could get the first blood rven before enemy carry takes 1 creep. But this techies is still so Good if you know what you are doing.
no \
Oh boy, a techies main!\nI'll commend him after this game since we won!\n\nSaid no one ever.
Nicholas Ivan
255wins and still counting. Techies player unite!
How do you chose which hero to make a history of anyway??
I love your videos and by watching this video makes me to play techies more😁😁😁
Patrik Varhoľák
Someone's excited for Jojo part 5
So basically a whole race of League Of legends character was based on a techies name suggestion \
There's a troll face in the remote mines.
Red Rune
1:46 I love you, Dennis
I love how I get reported every time I play techies on ranked.
Sammi Aal'wynn
There was also an instance where land mines could only be triggered by land units. Rendering heroes like twd, od, and visage immune to land mines
Still proudly a techies first picker.\n\nIt is not enough to watch the world burn.
This video single handedly made me a techies main. Here I come pubs!
That killer queen almost gave me a sheer heartattack O.O
Syamsul Idlan
No one gonna talk about the pokémon game bgm...?\nOkay...
Your channel is going to get real popular in a year or two
ThE MeMe DeMoN
When i planted 300 prox. mines in my base,and moved them to the enemy base (25 talent),everyone reported me.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*Worth it.*
I just subbed, give me hearts!
Vaibhav Shewale
Techies is hard for me till I reach level 14 then it's a end game
Xero- Swati
When suicide was thing tech was my main. Fun starts when you get haste rune. That dmg was enough to kill mid heroes.
Zahir Bakri
thanks coz hear my suggest for my pal techies..always good content..\nthis hero the most reported in history of dota.. whenever feeder or cancer.. lol
aku studios
He ended the game with 27🤣🤣🤣 6:56
another acal
You forgot to mention the patch that you can place proximity mines it one place at early games which make your enemy think its only one mine.hahahha kaboom
cp tubio
Like this video men..😊😊\nI always play techies..\n Do skywrath next..
cuck berthq
Just found this channel via recommendations and binged all of Dotaology. Gotta say you do a really good job of concisely putting an entire character's background into a ten-minute video and have it be entertaining!
denver del rosario
How dare you to compare a God to a mere insect .
fransiskus asisi
herpismyname suherpman
Can i req the history of kunkka?
And let me add a fun fact, although he is a little bit of a joke hero, techies was also one of the most banned heroes in TI5
Would be awesome to know some history behind Nature's Prophet :)
paps sickle
You're not playing Techies properly if you don't get at least 9 reports after match.
oh, watching dis vid makes me realized how simple and balanced dota before. Those responses were like reggae man on high.
void wanderer
squee, spleen, and that one that died in the workshop sometimes we can still hear his voice.
i see techies i -like- jump suicide
This hero died for me in 2015. I have more than 3 years without playing the hero i loved the must back in Dota AllStars.