Mega Man 2 World Record Speedrun in 26 Minutes

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Watch cyghfer speedrun through Mega Man 2 in the Any% category. Make sure to follow cyghfer on his Twitch channel:

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and I take a 26 minute to select a stage...
Anale Beads
MegaMan 2 had a world record? Cause to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking at this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of ones view and by trying to make it objective, and by considering each and everyone's valid opinion, I honestly believe I completely forgot what I was going to say
Audi Freq
Fake! He swaps out with his robot twin at 1:40
Autism Family
Still think this is the best NES game...come at me bro.
Ayla Siwa
Lol wth did I just watch? Glitchfest? 😂
Ben Cantu
These glitches are like a teenage boys acne problem in high school.
Rockman 2 was fairly easy when I played it back in 88, the first Rockman though was very hard for me. Probably took me almost 4 hours to finish it.\nGreat run!
Billy Disaster
Dude seriously congratulations!!! You deserve all that hype at the end! 👏👏👏
Cameron Kohnen
I know that IGN gets a lot of flack sometimes, but you gotta admit that it's cool that they are featuring these speed run record videos.
Cecil Smith
I stopped watching when I realized glitches were being used. That's no world record.
Chris Taggart
Levels with those disappearing blocks are just cruel. Cruel I tell you
He lost time on every single split except the last 2 and nailed record, beating his previous one. Wow
''Haven't been this painfully bad since I came back to speed running.'' *beats world record*\n\nO well.
Clint Blake
Concord Jelly Jam
Do it again without all the cheats and exploits.
167 wily fan's did not like this.
New WR by Coolkid / Sweden
Dan Gunn
coolkid already beat this
Darth Vedder
My friends and I got together and formed a community. We made up our own rules as to what constitutes the tallest person in the world. I stood on a ladder and was 20 feet tall. Based on the rules that our community made for ourselves, I'm the tallest person in the world.
Dennis Böhmke
Diego Alfredo
Now buy megaman 11!
Dood Ranch
Dr Phibes
I'd like to see it done without exploits or glitches
Hey guys, i got a wr after a long night of drinking and fun times! I feel it can be a good fit here. Who do i message or email to submit my video?
Duke Togo
Cyghfer disappears for a long time... Then comes back taking records.
Eduardo Leal da silva
Man you is....wouwww congratolations!!!!
That item 1 usage at at the beginning of Air Man's stage is bananas.
Evan Walker
Colin would be proud.
Francisco Elias
te pasaste 37 segundos pero sigue siendo 26 minutos XD\nTE LA RIFASTE XD
Games and Sports
Year of the Mega Man 2 \u003e\u003e 30 years age!
He revealed the trick to getting world records... you just have to be holding your pee.
The people complaining about zips since you think it takes no skill. Do the Crash Man stage zip since it’s so easy.
Hoshu Films
A real megaman speed runner would use an actual nes controller.
Jason Shannon
Isn't it technically a Rockman and not Mega man?
Jay t
My best game of all time
Jesse Ayala
This is not right
John Henderson
just in case your wondering is less than 60 seconds in the top 20 speed runs mm2 Any% this is insane!
Johnny Z'Salt
Its Crash Man
Jolly Kone
Nice Job. Played this game a lot back in 1989. It is one of my favorite games of all time. Never thought I would see kids not even alive yet at the time playing this game like a Nintendo Game Master almost 30 years later.
Joseph CroenianGamer
okey, i get that people dont like any% speedruns, but why people think he is using turbo, he is CLEARLY not doing it... i think that people beliving his gaming is so casual that they dont even belive in the need to ACTUALLY watch his hands talk much more about why any% and speedrunners are so amazing.
Joshua Spector
why so many comments about turbo controller. you can very clearly see that he is just mashing really hard. and at a few points he even talks about it.
damn, it took me 5 non consecutive hours to complete this game
Majin Mexican
This is *P A I N F U L L Y B A D*
Mason M
Michael Johnson
Does it really count if you use turbo?
I don't get why ppl complain about the zips, they definitely don't make the game easier. Also if they wanna see no zips they should watch a glitches run.
As a fellow Megaman fan, this was extremely entertaining to watch.
Nobody Thinks You're Funny're not playing the entire game through. using the game glitches just seems like cheating to me.
Guy from Sweden beat this in May by fractions of a second.
The w4 stage had me sitting on the edge of my seat, so insanely well played
Papa Robotnik
IGN, make sure the next “World Record” you upload has no hacks or glitches. This is unacceptable.
Pedro Kantor
I gotta know how he beat the Wily machine so quickly.
Penny The amazing world of gumball
I think this is pretty cool
Are you going to do a tutorial on how to speedrun life to being an incel next?
cyghfer: \
Rebs Rebolledo
clashman blinked and went to robot heaven
Retro Plus
Damn, i love megaman 2. Best NES game in my opinion.
Richard Rivera
234 people don't know what a speed run is apparently.
Ryan Dowling
Spped ru n without glitching?
Sandy Faucett
teach me the glitch you used on woodman's stage
Setser Man
Señor Chewii
Soooooo now what?
He gets *SO* freakin quiet after 25:43 lmao
Tarkyn Page
Made me bust a F O R T N U T
TechNik Internet
как делать прокрутку экрана на уровнях хитмэн и клэшмэн?
Terence Valentino
too bad this wasn't done by that cowboy dude who plays Ninja Gaiden
Texas Rangers
That's cool Buddy Holly got the world record.
The Nostalgia Factor
I don't watch his streams so I have to ask. What do the colored bars next to the letters mean in his Twitch window?
Tiff Mirkwood
Takes me 26 minutes just to finish Heatman, hah XD
Tony Campbell
\u003ecomplains about speedrunner using zips\n\u003eProbably couldn't beat this game in three hours with a Game Genie
I only consider it an actual dpeed run if it don't include glitches ect
Wheatley, o tijolo
Megaman 2 is the second worst mm classic game
William L.
MM2 is my favorite NES game. It was always my go to to play no matter how many times I beat it. Just enjoyed getting lost in it.
World Exploder
Twin Galaxies confirm!
Xavier Legoy
OMG. Still love those song
I will just say that it takes just as much skill if not more to execute the \
Zero Cool
This took me almost a year in 89'
Now do a Tiger Electronics Handheld LCD Speedrun
Mega Man 2 World Record GLITCHED Speedrun in 26 Minutes\nThis should b considered a GLITCHED speedrun. not legit.
alvaro alas
dr wily is abit too easy in this game
andrzej wysocki
*headbangs to the music the whole time*
chesse mchesse
This requires the Speed
This is the equivalent to difficult mode in the American version.
I'm glad coolkid took the WR from him. I never liked cyghfer attitude and Mega Man 2 deserved a better WR holder.
Despite the number of speed runs that I have watched I could never condone using glitches. It's not what the game creators intended the only speed runs that I like are the ones that don't use glitches.\n\nDon't get me wrong there is something to be said about trying to shave off as much time by using the games internal glitches and mechanics there's a place for that but as a person who grew up playing these games you got to go through it man you can't just glitch your way through the level you got to fight your way through it that's what made those games great\n\nI mean if you're going to use glitches and try to shave off as much time as you can for completing a game you might as well use Game Genie and start app dr. Wily's Castle with all the items there you'll be done in under 10 minutes......\n\nAll the same though congratulations. In your particular category you are the best congratulations on a spectacular speed run. \n\nIf you ever want to go against me I'll be in the non glitch League
Why is he playing the Japanese ver... oh, because he wants to uses glitches and exploits. \
jason carney
Using a turbo is cheating
luis covarrubias
A ver si te puedo superar 🕘🏃
man bat
To the people who complain about glitches in speedruns: Why don't you at least try to do them yourself to get the idea of how hard to pull them off. I'd rather play the game normally if i'm not speedrunning cause it's easier.
I have a dream...\nA dream where men can live together in a world where they are not judged by the color of their skin, but by how quickly they can complete games made in 1988!
mythbuster man
Very impressive timing and focus
random 1116
Wait wtf
sephiroth x
WR in July 2018 is 26:36 now :[ Beat by one second. Poor cyghfer
Hahah thas fake though. Samus nver had blue armor.
xd memekid
Is it really the fastest time?? Probably is i just wanna comment.
The constant negativity throughout this video is grating.\nBut it was a nice run for sure
Amazing! Please accept my knees. \u003c(_ _)\u003e