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ASCA League
the only thing good about this game is it's kick ass music.
The television turned off.\n And now...\n The television.
Man, imagine how OP the Cheetahmen would be in Super Smash Brothers. \nActually, they should do a Super Smash kind of game where the characters are characters from shitty games. A Cheetahman VS A Truck from Big Rigs. Imagine that kind of shit.
All Reviews
1:25 completely sums up the Nerd . Hilarious.
Andrew Surface
If you can jump over husane, you can do anything. (I don't know how to spell his name)
Belis Breckenridge
i never thought i would say this, but I prefer the Cheetah Girls.
Ben J
Ya son of a motherless goat
Bombastic Bill
Why are your health bar symbols little Wisconsins?
Bowser Jr
The story isn't good, and the game sucks, but one question\n\n\n\
Brick Window
The Cheetahmen ran off...\nAnd now...\nThe Cheetahmen.
Carl McGee
The Cheetamen jumping glitch is like the precursor to the Sonic Boom Knuckles glitch.
Christopher Lopez
Nobody realized the cartridge was spelt cheetamen
Collin Thomas
My day just gets better when that guitar starts
In a world where JRPGS have turned into generic anime dating sims, and every FPS you've recently played is the exact same FPS from ten years ago, and overpriced season passes and DLC flood the gaming market, the gaming industry needs heroes...But not just any heroes, they need....The CheetahMen.\n\nAnd now....The CheetahMen
Concordia Harmony
18:24 when Nerd brings up the music, did anyone else hear Sonic Spinball?
And I laughed way too hard at the apple dude. Damn. My stomach hurts. :D
The Tornado was Simon Velmont. He goes through the Cheetahmen and Paperboy.
Delphox plz
I love avgn
DeoxysAndMew 2
Doctor Pepsi
Dustin Nunn
The two things I hated so much about the NES: the glitches and bugs.
Eh See
The Shitty Game began.... \n...And Now...\nThe Shitty Game...
Evan M
I actually met one of the designers on the Action 52 games. Mario was his name. I lived in Miami and this studio was based in Miami. He literally did not want to talk about the game. Other than they were all amateur programmers and didn't know what the fuck they were doing. It was their one and only game. I met him at a crappy meetup game developers indie group in south FL.
Evil Guy
3:45 You could say that AVGN is a CHEETAR
It would have been amazing to see what a Cheetahmen cartoon would have been like. Given how little imagination was involved, I have a hard time thinking of how they'd fill two episodes. I just read the comic, and am convinced it was written by a high school sophomore.
Gabby Ramirez
1:54 Cheetamen?
George Rosebush
Interesting facts, the nes action 52 was programmed by three college students given a three month deadline, even though the creator raised $20 million from investors.
Cheetahmen 3-D, coming this summer.
Irken Invader
The action gamemaster was at home playing his video game. When suddenly... An arm reached out of the TV and pulled him inside... When he looked up he saw three gigantic yellow bodies. It was the Cheetamen.... He began to explain.... The Cheetamen told of the enemies here in the game world. Don't worry we will fight for you... The Cheetamen ran off.... ....and now.... The Cheetamen
I liked the anime better
Jack Wakelin
The weird thing is that if you look at the three bosses in Cheetahmen II, they appear in the opposite order to what you'd expect. You fight Doctor Morbis himself in Level 2, the Ape-Man in Level 4, and (if you use the glitch to skip past Level 4 and get to the final two levels) you fight Cygore (Morbis's henchman, the smiling man with the robot arm in the intro) as the final boss.
if you replace Cheetahmen with the words \
And now... the Cheetahmen.
It's spelled \
Imagine playing this on the power glove... \n\n\n\n\n\nyeesh
the tank game Norman is likely a reference to Norman Schwarzkopf Jr, who was the head of the collation forces during desert storm.
The game misspells Chettahmen at 1:54...
Kneel Before Zod
Cheetahmen kinda reminds me of a weird version of King from tekken.
Krolle Varas
20:02 when i found out VINE is discontuing
Maybe they skipped level 4 because of the negative connotation of that number in Japan? The word \
Lee Everett
Most likely you died by going to the ceiling because in a lot of old games going to the top takes you to the bottom (nes Mario, mega man) and probably under the map the game makes you get killed so when you go to the ceiling it takes you to the bottom killing you because of the boundary
cheetahmen is on ebay for $11,316 .______.
Lucas Garibaldi
I laughed so hard at his reaction when the dog died.
I wanna see someone make a remake of this game. \n\nExcept the game is actually good.
Mark Hendrix
At least they didn't do ACTION 52 on the VIRTUAL BOY...
Matej ???
Wait... that music... cat mario?
Miguel Rocha
Isn't this music the same as the music in Cat Mario?
Someone really ought to make a Cheetahmen reboot for the PS4.
Carl, do you know why the last 52th game is also bad?\n\nBecouse there\nIs too many\nCheetas!\n\nCheetas, Carl!
Did anyone notice that the game music sounds like the cornered theme from Phoenix Wright?
Damn, I don't have the heart to tell him that Cheetahmen 3 actually exists...
Cheetahmen: Hey kids! Today we'll learn how to count to 5! 1, 2, 3, 3, 5!
Night Beat
I like how the Cheetahmen 2's cover says \
Cheetahmen more like Cheat-ah-man
Its me or the AVGN Adventures has a very similar plot to cheetahmen
4:34 \n10:17\n*THIS* is what Gaben is compensating for.
Peace Walker
Really makes me think what these developers were thinking. Would watch a documentary about how these bad games got made.
Purple Monkey
He wasn't kidding. Right now Cheetahmen 2 is $1800 on eBay.
I'd love to see Action 52 on the LJN version of the virtual boy created by HappySoft
Remus León
I just realized that the Cat Mario games use the Cheetahmen music.\n\n..woah.
Roln Clovers
Digital Homicide's parents must have ran this company.
Roxy Hoyt
14:28 r.i.p. dog from action 52
Rusty Shackleford
Just imagine being one of the programmers that made this game and seeing this video.
Sam Diamond
The AVGN episode began...\nAnd now...\nThe AVGN episode.
Saylor Twift
How can people dislike angry video gamer nerd
Did anybody else notice that the cartridge to the Genesis version of A52 still has the NES controller on the cover?
You know the real bad part? Action 52 almost came to Super Nintendo!
At least the music is good if they're going to reuse it.
Where's my Kickstarter for Cheetamen 4?
Tangy Orange
Why couldn't the animals take the test????\n\nBecause there were a bunch of cheetahs\nBa dum tss
Tarlo The Boar
Cheetamen had potential. If it wasn't designed horribly and played poorly. It could have been a Rival to Ninja Turtles and Biker Mice from Mars.
The Shah
I'm sure the game's called Norman because it refers to General Norman Schwarzkopf jr. who led the coalition against Hussein in the 2nd Gulf War.
Sonic Boom's Knuckles would be proud of Cheetahmen air jumping powers.
I get it!\nIt's stuck at level 3 because the level counter only uses 2 bits.\n00 - 0\n01 - 1\n10 - 2\n11 - 3\n100 (Not available) - 4
Tom S
they misspelled the game on the label!
Tom Tanaka
Saddam Hussein... cracks me up every time!
@7:53 :They spelled it expirement, not experiment.\nWhat a bunch of cuntknobs.
Uriel de la Cruz
and the chetahmen apears on i wanna be the boshy like the hardest boss and it's secret.
Vanilla Beam
A half... and two and a half?............... you mean THREE?!
Action 52 for Genesis actually looks kinda fun, or at least for play with a friend and laugh it off
18:00 Cheetahman tiddies.
_NoNormalDog _
As much as I love pong, I agree: WHY ON SEGA GENESIS!?
adam zarbon
How about Action 52 on CDI?
I just noticed that the developers spell it \
cheetah men could've been decent if they got rid of all the glitches
It looks like they kinda patched the game in LVL 3 (2) and didn't bother to patch the levels that came before.
mason villeneuve
Lol. Programmers be like;\n\n\
nathan prins
the jump glitch, birth place of sonic boom wii u knuckles
3:30 that's not a glitch, that's their main power, cheating. That's why they're called cheetahmen.
Somewhere prototypes of the toys exist.
Ádám Pajor
And now…\n\n\n\n_…Monty Python's Flying Circus!_