Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi (PS1) Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 154

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You forgot to fade Luke away from existence by killing Anakin too.
A Cappella Trudbol
Great episode. The classic vibe with fresh visuals & storytelling.
Aaron Lind
7:13 oh hey thats terraria xD
Aleksi Peltola
Mitä vittua?
Alex Fraser
I still can't believe there exists an official full house fighting game
Alfie Davies
This got name-dropped in Solo
Amber_pops133 Lee
I can’t believe he’s almost 40 he looks 20
Baby Lamb Creations
BEST . . . *INTRO* . . . . *_EVER!!!!!!!_*
I used to be a jedi like you... Until somebody put jizz on my knee.
Brian Williams
Holy shit. I thought there was seriously a second edition. Until he mentioned the added characters.
Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation
Even Solo mentioned this fighting style!
Buck Futter
a jizz-whaler hunts sperm whales
Cameron Goode
Wait... if Anakin died... how does Luke exist to win?
Captain Jurgh
If the Lightsabers were less effective as this game's, Luke's right hand would've been fine... And get murdered.
Carlos Vidal
I’m here from the future. We actually get to see teräs käsi in the movies.
Get AVGN: Ready 4 Revenge on Amazon! \n
Dave Grønvall
I loed that game, play it alot. It was not bad, but not great.
Dennis G
Fuchs is not that bad. It means Fox in German ^^
I came here after watching \
Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem
STARWARS! masters of the combatic galaxy! \nJizz(swinging jazz of starwars)
Ooh another Star Wars episode? A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one!
Eleazer 77
who seen Solo?
EmeraldSapphire //[ES]//
7:13\nThat moment when you playing Terraria, hear this and jump out of your seat
Epic Game Music
I'm enjoying this non stop tsunami of AVGN episodes!
Exodia Wolfe
I can't lie, there was a time I wasn't of fan of AVGN but lately I've been appreciating his videos. He put a lot of work into them.
Be gone Thok
Felipe Almeida
[jizz music stops]
For the Record
Thok N' Hoar would make a great jizz duo.
Nerd: What do we do when we need to look up something in Star Wars?\nMe: Stars Wars Wiki?\nNerd: The Star Wars encyclopedia. *Grabs a physical book from his book shelf\n\nThat's so James Rolfe.
Teras Kasi was made to counter Lightsabers, according to Wookieepedia
Hank Hill
AVGN is the greatest.
Healer Philantrophe
Here from Solo.
Ian Boswell
Who's here from Solo a Star Wars story?
Ian Mason
Um.... apparently Teras Kasi is Canon in Star Wars again...
J Skyler
Holy shit, I actually enjoyed this game as a kid but I haven’t even thought of it since then.
Got me at the explosion rings and Darth Vader's No!!!!!!
So many new episodes!!! Merry Xmas Mike and James!
Jay Ash
Hoth?? Should be called Coldth!!
Jordan Viknar
4:19 *And that's how the Star Wars franchise was took down by Sonic Team/SEGA.*
Justin Jacobs
Game was mentioned in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’
Kaz Kobb
At least there aren't any loot boxes.
Knuckles Channel 3 & Knuckles
Jizz is Star Wars Canon!
I just gotta love the fact that out of all the possible names available they went for the most obscure one. Did they think translating a \
I remember this game..\nI never liked it.
La le Lu lei lo
I actually loved this game as a child.
Luiz Fernando do Nascimento
Luke James
I'm lovin' these consistent AVGN uploads. We all see how hard you're working and we all appreciate it, James!
Star Wars Battlefront 2 *(not EA)* is still the best Star Wars game !
Martin Heinsaar
Dude so much AVGN! Who cares if I never get any presents for Christmas? *THESE* are the only gifts I need! TYVM James we appreciate ya (=
Mister MidKnight.
Played the demo of Teras Kasi on the Interactive Sampler Disc Vol. 5. Good ideas, abysmal execution.
Monsieur Bleu Pen
Who thought of this video when Kira mentioned Teras Kasi in Solo?
Mr. Spiff
Fuching jizz-wailing Hoar
Norman M
I Love this Game ❤❤❤
teräs käsi is finnish for steel hand, teräs = steel, käsi = hand
Pikamon Productions
Ey! NOBODY, Insults Plo Koon! He was the best daddy to exist in the clone wars!\n(I’m serious!)
Great episode! The 'special edition' was a nice touch. Awesome to see you getting to make so much content lately :D
ProTayToe Gamer
I OWN THAT GAME LOL! everything you said was true too.\nBut the cheat codes were funny.
Project Redfoot
Bob Marley & The Wailers...\n\nEvar Orbus & The Galactic Jizz Wailers...\nIt's just a name. I can't believe that's in the Encyclopedia...
Watching Solo all I could think about was this episode when Qi'ra mentions that she was taught Teras Kasi.
Reaper The Rapper
Wasn't expecting Teras Kasi to be mentioned in Solo.\n\nAs soon as I heard the two words while I was in the theater, my mind immediately shifted to this AVGN episode.
Sagiri Izumi
I had this game. I used Luke because he said \
Sam Cham
Did anyone here teras kasi mentioned in Solo cause I sure did
Sean Patrick
Why is the Emperor using a telephone? lol
6:37 wouldn't neither of them win since he was playing as luke
Give this man a gold medal.
SkyBlue 1988
Shoutout to simpleflips
1:57 is the emperor from Robot Chicken haha
Spiderman gamer4
Anyone notice on of the pics of the emperor from the intro is from the robot chicken Star Wars special
SpyFreak AR-15
Came back after watching solo
Star Warrior Productions
I'd like to see AVGN cover 40k games. Like if u agree.
Stefen Eflop
Imekää mun Teräs Kättä vtun puppelit! Buahahah!1
The worst and bugs still remain: \
Funny, in the new star wars movies lightsabers are just as uneffective as you are describing here. They can hardly cut through anything anymore.
Taha Imran
James should have over 10 million subs! This is incredible!
Terry Carrillo
Anyone hear the name drop \
That One Mediocre Gamer
Darth Vader: Mr.Luke, I don't feel so good
The Holy Meme King
But luke would also be dead
The Lax
More nerd!!! This is like 3 year worth of AVGN in just 2017 alone. A year without monster madness is sad. But James did say it would mean more AVGN and he meant it.
The RoGus
Ollaan me aika jedejä kun teräs käsi heiluu ihan nakkikiskallakin! I'm dying to know who came up with the idea to use Finnish in the title?!
Thomas Garrett
In Solo, Qu'ra says she knows Teras Kasi. That part shocked me
Still waiting for Chewey Wookie Cookie Cooking
Wheatley, o tijolo
Blakinola on here?? Wtf thats weird and unexpected
You've been killing it lately. Thanks for all the awesome episodes :)
Wolfgang Lunar
They make a Reference to Teras Kasi in \
Yeezt Yert
Teräs käsi is finish and it means Steel arm
alvaro alas
tekken 3 is better
barry dingle
The emperor has a phone lol
Am I the only one in the world that noticed that Teras Kasi was mentioned and used in the latest SOLO movie?
ktvoid 27106
speaking of strange star wars games, try star wars chess
What's wrong with Thok? All the Piraka were badass, and he's among my favourites because of that. Don't ever badmouth Thok again.
pablo eskebab
I love how they reference this game's fighting style name in Solo
Terãs = steel, Käsi = hand\n\nIt's Finnish. =)
There’s a good fighting mini game in Star Wars episode 3 revenge of the Sith the video game an its two players too so not a complete loss
ϟϟ PanzerShafter ϟϟ
Masterbater of Teräs käsi