The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PS4) Walkthrough Part 1 - Introduction + First Missions

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Part 1 of of a walkthrough of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the Playstation 4. This video includes the opening as well as the first two main missions in the game called "With Great Power..." and "On the Trail of a Killer!". This game follows the story of Peter Parker after the murder of Uncle Ben. Peter Parker is out to find the man who killed him. This game is released alongside the film.The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough Playlist:Developer: Beenox StudiosRelease Date: 04/29/2014Genre: Action AdventurePlatforms: Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, Windows PC, 3DS, PS VitaPublisher - Activision

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AV Steve
Spoiler alert the first game is way better than.....whatever this is
Aina Warner
Jeg er glad at han ble bitt av den radioaktive edderkoppen for det var slik han ble til spider-man
Andy es lkawai
Uncle ben :(
Armando Morales
Artavis West
Bhavesh modhvadia
I have played the to the end
Bingelighting 30
1:58 the most saddest moment of the game/movie
Blair Kent
Is this offline gaming?
Cedric Smith
i remeber the regular spider man 2 on PS2. i would go to the comic store and just play video games like a boss. i got to level 90, but the i fell asleep. Those were good times....
Chad plays
Pancho's is wine his he just doesn't want to tell you hit the real name in the game his real name who killed her uncle van and the game his real name is Dennis
Chakaka Daba
Compare this to the Spider-Man PS4 gameplay that was shown recently
D!sturbed Lad
This game was a dissapointment
DJ Drawer 9000
At 1:22
Daniël Fuhres
lol, this game is so more like a cameo of Stan Lee, then just the amazing Spider-man 2 game. xD lol\n\nGreat playthrough though. ^^
Denis Ancre
love PACKATTACK et le 100%
Dr Tray
It’s just like batman
Edgar Paniagua
Ellenie Tabia
i wish i had ps4
Do they still sell this? If yes where can i buy it.
Estevan Garcia
its weird how were in 2016 and this game is still awesome
Evi Dimou
stan leeeeee!!!!!
Famous N
Why was the first amazing spider so much with graphics
Filipino Bautista
Epic than batman
Freshprince 2003
Damn all the good games in the uk are 16+ I'll only get to play this in 3 YEARS😫😭😭😭
Ghost of Spatar
Hesam Hossen
play marvel spiderman ps4 e3 gameplay
Ishmael Hamilton
Stan lee camoa
Ishwar sinh Solanki
Itz_Hero HD
Wear the syiobite
JE Valencia
i play this on ps vita
Jawa King
You have to pay for this
Jibran Mohammad
Wow thats cool
Joey Lovett
Exactly where was he shot
John S. Dickson
This game is sweet!\n
Jonah Garner
Any body in 2018
The only thing i like about this game is the style of the minimap. But ive seen better ones...
Jose rolando Urias
i am subscribing
Joshua Sampos
Do shops or the PlayStation store still sell this? ( someone plz tell me )
Jp Chavez
is this suppose to be like Batman
It's a really awsome game😃
Legend Of Kills 2
Human is easy hero is normal and super hero is hard right?
Lydie Kabongo
packattack you are awesome
Madji Aek
c,est un très beau jeu cest le meilleur jeu
Manuel Chavez
hey it is not garbage
Matthew Good
Yea ps4 version is exactly like ps3 except slightly better graphics
Mercedes A
i wish i was spiderman
Michael Mitchell
spiders are not bugs!
PUBG Hindi
Vaishali thakur
Paramjit Kaur
Is this game for ps3
Rafael Gomez
I am Going to sell my xbox360 for a ps4
Rayyan Zubair
Why didint u play the other Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Android
RxBl0Xing Rxger
Why peeps hating on TASM2? \n\nThe reason the lighting is bad is BECAUSE U ALL PUT IT ON FULL BRIGHTNESS!!\n\nLower your freakin' Brightnesses.
Sangeta Samdhure
this game is complete by me
Saqab Ali
Compare this to Spider-Man ps4😂
What did the menu mean by \
I am not trying to be races but are you write
Shekinah Destin
That was funny
what a garbage !
SmokE ElemenT
Oof the graphics.... Wat is this an early ps3 release
Sonildo Miguel
Parabéns Homem-Aranha
Spider manEMO
Tasm 1 is better
Spieler rot
Polis fak
me encanta
Talon Diwisch
What does this have to do with the movie?
Techno Ball
How how can i download this
The World News
Que mierdas de graficas
Herman Schultz.....was that supposed to be Shocker?! Really?! What a dissapointment. Shocker is one of the more classic villains in Spiderman games. Shame he got relegated to...well whatever he was supposed to be in this game.
Tyguy2k7 Studios
This Is My Second Favorite Spider-Man Game
I wonder if PS3 gets the same features just like PS4....
Violeta Hernandez
the amazing spiderman 2 es el juego de spiderman que e jugado
I want this game so badly I'm gonna save my money
Xyad Zrar
Xynthoan Guol
His exaggerated movements during interrogations are so awkward and cringe-worthy, but I love the web-swinging and combat. Spider-Man's model isn't that bad either, but oof, that Peter Parker hurts to look at..
22:21 That sentence doesnt even make sense...
Ziad Ashraf
this game is beautiful guys ??I want buy one
yoyoyoyoyoyoyooyo osome game
_Botanical_ _Shiki_
in this game its so weird cause u just see spidey walking around not webbing around the city 😂😂😂😂
asman jawaal
daniel rodrigues
this game is very aimilar to the early's spider man s ps1 games... kind of oldschool
ester scaglia
merencanto el vídeo yo también tengo la plei4y tengo el HomBe araña
helmy ismail
see below
jacob g
wow nice vid
krishu gamer x
Mast game hai yarr
lucifers gameroom
I have this comic book issue.. oh wow haha
nih bradley
i love this game since i was small
pintu ji
very nice vidieo
random vids 1809
3m subs yay
reverse game 279
I love this game
saksham singh
the faces were like ps2
sarita baez
I wish they made a lego spider man game.
shwan khan
Poop's to get the hang of it
soyaf Shekh
the new spiderman
got the game it is cool even the carnage boss at the end awesome
I play this at my dad's house at weekends! I'm stuck on the part when u go in oscrop
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