What is a Lower Interval Limit? | Q+A #52

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Also…..What is a good Audiation Exercise? What about Octave UP pedals on bass? Why is Ionian major and not Lydian? and more!Many thanks to Valentin Yacante, Jarf510, Houssein Nazeran Pour, RoseGuyCrazy, Waluigi chan, Jukka Pesonen, and Jordan Buck for their insightful questions!Peace,Adam

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For Q&A:\n\nI want to learn music from the ground up, but I don’t know where to start. I’ve been playing music by ear for about four years now, but I want to attribute understanding to what I’ve been playing. What essential beginner’s guide do you recommend? I love your videos, but I know there is a lot that goes over my head.
Adam, speaking of the \
Ananth D
How long a piece can you audiate? I often find that I can audiate 15-30 seconds in my head quite well, but not entire songs/pieces.
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that silent memes ... beautiful editing on this one !!!
Adam, how about the maximum \
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Adam, Question for your next Q&A:\n\nI learned just a couple years ago that I have Aphantasia, a condition where I cannot picture things in my mind's eye and in turn, audiate. I've been playing stringed instruments for 15 years, and have played electric and upright for 13 years, and around then I remember being able to visualize. Is there anything that I can do work on or potentially reclaim my ability to audiate? I've always been able to understand chords and how to play within them, because they've always been mathematical and bound by rules, but I've only recently been able to start to grasp how to solo and play melodically and I can't help but feel held back by my inability to hear things in my own head. \n\nThank you for everything that you do, your channel has been a huge inspiration for me to keep pushing forward with my bass playing and become a better musician.\n\nAustin
Your eyes suddenly look blue
Ayaan Raza
Question for the Next Q&A\n\n\nHow can an intermediate musician become a hyper technical musician (very odd time signatures, complicated rhythms, and being able to fast licks)? \n\nBTW, I love your videos and you were really influential in my decision to buy and start learning bass, thanks.
B7 Music Studio
Maybe a simpler explanation for Ionian/Aeolian: The tritone RESOLVES TO a major third. The only triads with those notes are I or vi.
Bob Gooday
Hey Adam, \nIf you listen to old recordings of blues and Appalachian singers (for example Robert Johnson or Dock Boggs), their voices sound a bit sort of 'flat'. Is this something to do with recording systems, their approach to tuning, or is it more of a musical 'accent'?
5:42 Can you play the rest of MacGyver plz
Question for future Q&A: Why is texture/timbre so closely linked with genre (at least in popular music)? Even subgenres have recognizable textures/timbres distinct from other subgenres in the same main genre.
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Adam, who are you playing with at Guinness Jazz festival in Cork Ireland? Thanks man
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Oh crap, someone just learned how to key in his video editor.
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If a chord sounds muddy, just get new pickups. Duh.
Conner Farrell
Do you have any advice for guitar players who are trying to transition from playing with a pick to with their fingers? Also any advice on learning to solo across the fretboard, rather than just in a box, Thanks!
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Black Sabbath would be good for audiation, as the guitar, bass & drums are often doing very different things.\nMusic in schools: Because the arts are literally the thing that makes us human... imagine the world without music... pretty horrific (unless you're a sociopath)
For your next Q&A: What's your opinion on New Complexity Music and Composers like Ferneyhough, Xenakis and Finnissy? Also, could you talk a bit about their composing techniques and how they get to write such complex music?
Dliess Mgg
For the next QnA:\n\nAs far as I understand it, the licc became a meme because someone noticed that many jazz musicians used it everywhere. Why did it become so widely used? Is it because of certain melodic/harmonic properties that it has?
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honestly adam is lookin like a thicc little hipster boy in this one
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That part about the Ionian and Aeolian modes, and their I chord's absence of tritone with other notes blew my mind!
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Question for your next QnA:\n\nHey Adam, I'm a multi-instrumentalist considering music school. How should I choose what instrument to pursue or how can I persue all of them?
10:00 yeah. Because \
Final Score
I found it really easy to audiate the guitar on that song you did with Gear Gods... mostly because it was doing the exact same as the bass. Video was excellent and informative as always.
Game Dev Made Easy
Hey Adam, What would you say are the fundamental differences between how bassist, guitarist and pianist approach scales, chords and key signatures when composing music?
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practices auditation for All Star\nget all the parts down pretty well\nstart to audiate the guitar parts in my head\n*nice*\nswitch to the bass so I can get that down better\na few days pass and I finally get it down really good\ngets stuck in my head*\n*wAIT*
Jonas Daverio
For a future Q&A :\nI'm a classical music student from Switzerland. I'm getting interested in other genre than just classical music, but I've actually got this feeling with jazz that it sometimes sounds good, sometimes not (purely subjectively), but I never quiet understand it. I've sometimes got the impression that jazz harmony is just random chords that magically sound good together, but I can't understand them with just what I know.\nWhat could I do, learn, etc., to understand it better?\nIt sometimes scares me a little, I've got like the feeling that jazz is to hard for me, that I couldn't get into it. I would like to see jazz (and other related genres) as natural as classical music is for me.\n\n(It's funny, from what I see, some classical musicians are convinced that classical music is the most advanced music in the world, but I'm sure they couldn't understand some music any better than me, and by that I mean, not at all).
Juho Pitkäranta
I have to say I’m not fully convinced by your marks on the ionian/aeolian thing. Yes, this is very subjective, but in my opinion F is a lot more dissonant than F# over a C major chord. Same thing with the A minor chord.
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Time to get educated.
I love how you do the opposite of clickbait and literally put the answer in the thumbnail
Going hand in hand with learning an instrument is reflecting about the own learning processes and trying to optimize it. In other words you learn how you learn more efficently
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The name of the Dembow rhythm comes from the name of the song \
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For a future Q&A:\n I know you've anwsered the question \
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Dembow is a song by shabba ranks, a dancehall song relevant to the history of reggae\n\nAlso, Mike Kerr of Royal Blood pitch shifts his second bass signal to achieve distorted guitar tone, allowing him and his mate to make rock with just two people
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9:09 In the middle east it's commonly known as the \
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In relation to the octave up on a bass to play lead like a guitar you should listen to royal blood, they’re a bass and drum duo and are big in the UK. The bassist uses a pick and two lines, one goes to a bass amp with an octave up and other pedals while the other goes to a guitar amp with an octave down pedal. The two octave shifts (up and down) blend together but he also plays some moments with one line or the other
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That new jazzy licc though
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Oh man, I missed the classic Adam Neely Schooling and information! Great video my friend!\n\nAlso that Lick composition tho
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oooo new licc harmonization.
Richard Atkinson
It depends a lot on the timbre of the low notes. Sine waves from a synthesizer likely sound “harmonic” at much lower registers than trombones.
Ruben Madar
Hey Adam, for the next Q+A,\n\nCould you explained the harmony behind \
Shan M
Re: the question about playing bass an octave up, this is exactly what the band Royal Blood does. They've got two members, a bassist/singer and a drummer, and the bassist uses an octaver plus some other complicated pedal/amp chains to get a distorted guitar-esque sound and it sounds fantastic. I've got a friend that's learned every bassline of theirs to perfection, pedal chain and all, and it's a ridiculously cool sound.
Signals Music Studio
I never realized the lack of tritone relationships in Major/Minor.... Very cool and thanks again!
So, I was trained as a musician on the Suzuki method from a very young age (for those who don't know it is a method of teaching young kids string instruments by starting them playing by ear and then introducing them to written music once they get the fundamentals down). It literally never occurred to me until I watched this video that audiation (sp?) isn't a thing that everyone does. I just innately remember all the parts of a song and when I think back to it or it's stuck in my head, it \
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Tark McCoy
Adam: What's your opinion on parents who push an instrument on a child to learn that the child has no interest in?
Here’s a question:\n\nIs audition more important in some instruments than others? I played Clarinet for years but was never told to visualize the note I was playing, but I briefly switched to French Horn and one of the things that was very important was auditing the note before playing it (this was from a guest instructor.) I didn’t play FH long enough to really find out, but does this hold any merit??
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I love what you said in the last minute.
Hairdam Neely looks cuter by the video :)
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What are the details on your appearance at the Cork Jazz Festival in October? The website and social media for the festival is painfully low on details and info.
You're so darned groovy.
If lower interval limits are dependent on overtones wouldn't less overtone rich instruments have lower limits? A clean sine subbass could just go down as far as you want.
I liked the part where your cat walked over the rite of spring.
the fact that adam knows a lot of reggaeton amazes me
Will Tannery
Is height, and by extension finger length, a limiting factor in my development as a bass player? \n\nI have a distinct memory of being eight or nine and saying “I want to play bass!” and then my sister told me I was too small. I’m seventeen now and I’ve been playing bass for about six months, but I can’t help but fear my short stature (5’2) is limiting my playing.
Of course I can remember the bassline to All Star!
William Romig
Hey Adam, a question for you, what is the difference between bebop, hard bop, post bop, and kids bop.
Wood Pigeon
@Adam Neely\nDembow is the dominican version of reggaeton.\nBoth are incredibly similar are mistakable for each other, but never tell a Puerto Rican or Dominican that.
appreciate you giving the answer to the question in the thumbnail
When the star wars theme melody was on screen, I wasn't lisening for a second, so I never heard you saying that I had to imagine the Star Wars theme. After 2 bars however, I got that it was the theme, and I was able to hear everything in my head, from the percussion, to the bass, to the melody and everything in between. (I'm 17 right now, so I was never exposed alot to the theme sadly) When you asked to recall what the bass, guitar and drums play in All Star, I could recall those quite well, despite not hearing it more than anyone else. I seem to remember the individual parts of a song rather quickly. Maybe all the time I spent composing and arranging has improved this ability?
Zach Rowe
Is there an upper interval limit?
Don't the lower interval limits also depend on the instrument? I'm pretty sure I've hear low brass or male choruses sing intervals that sound too muddy on a piano.
alex santini
question for the next Q&A\n\nwhy western music is based on third? there is an historical reason or biological reason ? \nI mean for chords construction\n\nhi mum, i'm on a youtube video
stop getting cuter, I do NOT want to develop a crush on you.
He looks so much younger now, the hair and the clearer skin. Love learning more about music theory Adam!
What's the HIGHEST note a human being can register? 🎵
Those chord examples on the piano sound really good.
Hey adam. You look very healthy in this video. It might just be the hairstyle, but it looks like you got new cameras and/or lights and lost some weight as well. :)\n\nAnyway, great video, as always.
Adam, the Star Wars theme is not in F major. It's in Bb major. Please.
Joke's on you, I remember every single aspect of All Star off by heart
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my music teacher hates your videos lol but I love them keep it up dude
I'm NOT the only one that can't STAND that rhythm...good to know.
-sadly- thankfully I already can audiate the subtleties of all stars bass
that is some highbrow liccing this time.
For audiation practice with writing - write out some small motifs, parts, and/or phrases away from the instrument. Just the basics, slurs aren't always necessary. Then grab your instrument, play what you've written. How close is it to what you have visualized? How far off is it? Try again, but not immediately, wait a few, maybe the later that day or the next. Try again. In time, I started getting closer and closer to writing my ideas only missing a note here and there by 1/2 steps usually. I now keep a notebook open at work in the kitchen all day. My new songs are now crusted in tomato juice and flour, brutal. It looks like blood at times. Metal.
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Do you have a podcast? You totally should if you don’t
With Adam, there is no delay!
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hey Adam, do you think a musicians instrument colour choice will effect their image, say i owned a yellow bass would people take me less serious than if i owned a black and white bass like yours ? Obviously in a perfect world we would only be judged on our skill but people do often judge a book on their cover. love your vids keep up the good work - vince
you'r P I L E
Hey Adam do you find that your choice of bass limits you in any way? Not that there's anything wrong with a p-bass but i'd think that a bass with more features (for example Billy Sheehan's Yamaha bass) would provide for a larger tone pallet.Keep up the great videos! B A S S
Question for next Q&A: Hi Adam, I’m a bass player and also a pedal nerd. I saw you talking about upper octaver pedals—POG and Pitch Fork—on bass and became curious to know what do you think about Royal Blood, young british rock duo. \n\nTheir sound basically consists of multiple split channels of bass guitar sound with upper octavers, fuzz pedals and tube amps—it sounds awesome. In some interview, they said they view their bass and “guitar-ish” bass sounds in the relationship between snares and tom-toms, same intruments in different dimensions. \n\nI think their sound is somewhat similar to a brass ensemble in unison because of the harmonic richness of fuzz sound. Love your videos, and I’ll be happy to hear what you think about it. Thanks.