🎊 BEST OF 2017 🎊 Glitches, Game Fails, Epic Funny Gaming Moments (part 1 of 2)

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TVGM's best epic and funny gaming moments of 2017! Thank you everyone for your clips! Stay tuned for part 2! ⛽️►► SUBMIT YOUR MOMENT: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✔️ Those Video Game Moments has permission to feature all players’ videos and images. For any business inquiries or other matters, please email [email protected]

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*Lady Voldemort*
22:27 That's how a real MLG trick shooter does it
ACE 1897
Rap God
AK Rivero
Nice video bru
Aatu Nousiainen
wow that rapping symmetra
Abhishek Thakur
31:22 you mean the elric bros?
Adam Darbison
Wow that rap, just live down the mic at 20:55 and that shot at 22:25!
what's the name of the neon girl's game?
Agustin Ortega
What game was that first clip
Ahlos Dahel
22:21 that shoot though!!! DAYM!!!
Angel Fernandez
God i dont want to play that F** Game when i only can play the f*** healer character. I hated it back in the day in WoW too. xD
Artjom Guzovic
i like how u roasted skyrim for no reason at the end lol
Big Meme
Here before 2019 lmao
Brad Knapp
Finally, a glitch video with no goddamn narrating.
Cat Lover
12:28 I nearly died of laughter!
I’m sorry but u have god tier editing props to you plz never quit YouTube and keep up the awesome vids, you earned yourself a new sub👍🏻
This was actually really funny
Cyclops Ting
9:20 - 9:51 Is there any way I could get that bit as a video? Because I love Skyrim and so do my friends, I really wanna show them that bit lolz or I can just link them all to this video haha
D1ss Sh417ow
Create Character\n\nmale\nfemale\nhardcore✔
Best hilarious 33 minutes I’ve seen! \n\n☃️🎁Happy Holidays everyone!🎁☃️
Darrick Moore
12:02 had me dead cause that exactly how I would act start to finish....lmao
Derian Martin
HAPPY 2018 (soon to come)
Desmond Jones
I was playing skyrim and was in the main city when I giant Dragon skeleton just dropped on me in the middle of town. Was there the rest of the play through
Dill Soup
It’s not a bug, it’s a feature
Diogo Silva
1:06 troslei
El capa Sin heroe
20:56 ni Eminem hace eso WoW
Elliot Dorris
22:27... What the hell
Elyon Duna
10:34 and that is how the matrix fail him
I love the rap part
First Name Last Name
Wonderful now my ears are bleeding from that rap.
FknShaggy G
Awesome video! Was it you that did the Rap??
7:46 was the funniest part 👌
Best comp I've seen in years. Still can't believe you're doing this by yourself.
Gilgamesh Hyral
I laughed the whole way through. This was awesome and good way to turn a bad day around. Thanks for the great clips!
Ho-mya A
I'm Me
Daaaaaaamn Mr. Rapper
Ichigo Kotetsu
This with the VR pistol shooting range lol :D sooooo goooooooooood i laughed well :P
Icy Shive
He's taking his boat for a walk! at 1:21
8:57 that's why I sometimes I play with no volume
James Keith Tampus
World's strongest man Guinness book of records 1:24
Jeroen W
Can't wait for part 2 of 2017!
Jingle YaBombz
To all of those: Game name : 23:17 comments. IT'S AGENTS OF MAYHEM.
Joachen III
7:34-7:42 I like how Nick Valentine is trying to get the ghoul without harming the player, lol.
Josh Garchow
The videos were pretty great, but most of the pictures at the end didn't even get me to smile.\n\nAlso are you guys still really arguing over what's best between the consoles? The XB1 and PS4 are basically the same thing with different interfaces, and the Switch is, well, Nintendo. Who fuckin cares? I thought that shit died with the XB360/PS3/Wii (U)
5:30 I've never laughed so hard in my life.
That freestyle at 21 minutes was incredible. Just saying
LaRubrica DiChris
15:57 Ultra Instinct music theme in the background°
Liam Wilson
22:08 XD
Lukas Stöckli
25:46 what is the name of this song
Marty Wittenberg
16:36 Skyrim in a nutshell LOL
Marvel Zombies The Conqueror
HOLY CRAP this guy is seriously lucky 16:09 - 16:14
Mike Q001
I wish I could Laugh like that old bastard. LOL.
Mu-sec Mil89
What game is that at 1:33?
I laughed all the way up till the hippo yelled....good stuff.
Naram-Sin of Akkad
I don't even listen to rap but GODDAMN that freestyle was fire
12:30 when you got executed but you forgot to delete your browsing history
Pandamonium xXEclipticPanda
9:40 had me in tears
Potato Nation
Skyrim glitches, no, Bethesda glitches in general are the best glitches
Quentin Dewasmes
Game at 1:50 please ?
As a Mercy main, dying over the Mercys fighting haha smh
Rahul S
Rene Lara Blamey
CONTRA: 28:36 Spread Gun???? \rI always thought that the S was for Shotgun...
Rey [XPXR]
This is by far cool compilation duwd! Not like others just mix some vids in random ways with shitty transitions and stuff. You're cool. Keep'em coming!
Richard Reavis
16:40 is Not Possible!!!
Ricky Van
THIS IS WHAT IM WAITING IN THIS 2017..\n\nfinally.. bits of fails and funs decorating this Christmas :D
Rob Armour
dat rap tho
sound effect name? 0:58-0:59
Ryder B2
13:36 only da Best
Sonic Play
LOL Dragonborn
Sterling Jones
is 4:30 from something
My heart stoped at 16:10
Those Video Game Moments
It’s that time of the year! We featured a lot of great gaming moments this year and here are some of the best ones we’ve featured! What was your favorite moment of 2017?\n\nPart 2 will be uploaded tomorrow. And then next week I’m planning on doing a livestream that’ll feature almost all of the moments that have been featured since 2015. So almost everyone’s moments will be featured :) I’m planning on starting the stream on Tuesday, Dec. 19 at 12PM EST. This may change, but if it does I’ll let you know on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VideoGameMoment
6:25 \nDoes this really happend? xd
Tristan Zurhorst
23:27 games name?
23:30 name of that game
Wreav M'dama
11:00 All that effort just to shoot himself...\n\n\n\n\n\nI APPROVE!
the one with the axe in his head got me, haha :D
Yarimir Bocharov
good netertaining. i was entertained. well done.
Ymrel John Policarpio
6:29 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zombie Kil3r21
Freaking hippo man
1:53 name of that game?
22:26 0o!!!!! holy jesus!!
You know it's gonna be a good video, when the first two clips already kill you. I can't wait for part 2!
daniel salas
14:50 faith in your homies 😂
enrique VIZCARRA
1:13 to be continued
What’s the game at 23:17
maxi laplace
22:55 song? Plis
reallivejay gaming
any girls here rages like that lol :3
Game at 23:17
so grateful i was apart of this video! this channel was the best of 2017- :)
zack eng
19:23 best
12:28 So that's how the headless horsemen was created.