Swipe Left to SEND THEM TO HELL! (Grimder)

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Salvation, or eternal damnation? Hope you've lived a good life!Grimder • I spend a ton of time on Twitter so if you want to interact with me, that's your best bet. Thanks again for the support. I really appreciate it :)

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1:32 lmao
Alex Stugell
Alex-M-37\nCause of death:\nStreat fhight\n\nBio.\n-Killed 1 person\n-kicked a dog\n-robd a old lady\nonly plays fortite\n\n---Matt is going to send him to hell\n\n-watches MattShea on youtube\n\nInstantly sends him to heaven
Thought that said grinder and I clicked to fast
Arizella Jones
*Pa-sta* what?
Articfox Gamez
But... Your supposed to clap at the end of movies
500th also love Ur vids
Everything went well tell you said NickelBack straight to Hell I mean what how tho
BeaBunny art ‘N stuff
I thought the first cause of death was sticking a knife in a toddler
Jandals are flip-flops
Captain Jew
Carter Briggs
Why do you hate vegans so much? All they want to do is help the environment and even if they brag about it they have the right to.
Cathal Molloy
Kid is the correct pronunciation
Chloe Lacerna
I'm a vegetarian (not full vegan)............Will....I.....go to......AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Non binary vegan gets sent to god and hes like nah thanks im good b
David Boucard
Sometimes I forget you're Canadian but then you say something weird like \
I can’t whistle
Derek Metz
If Matt was judging me. I would not die
10:23 O-O my name is Abu
Emo Wannabe
Amiawa Mooshi delu NANI!!!??? I think that's what they say..
Evan Devin
Me: *claps after watching this video just to trigger Matt*
EvannTheGameCat :D
This guy sounds a lot like jacksfilms
Valentina was a theif. She took literally everythong and she left the lids off of pens constantly.
Why should someone else care if I mix MnMs and Skittles cuz I sure as hell ain't giving you any
Fraudz Gamming
I’ve never heard pasta like that I’ve only heard “p-aagh-sta
Gabie Imvu
Actually Grinder is for gay/bisexual/trans people but a lot go there for peepee
My name is Olivia...
Gaming Master Anthony
I think the reasons the vegan one was wrong both times is that neither of them (in game) wanted a vegan in their realm
God of Weird
Wearing stilettos on an airplane can be dangerous as if there is a crash in water they may pop the inflatable slide to get out of the plane or the inflatable raft drowning or stranding others on the plane to drown
Gæ Boi
its pasta not paasta
Steve II M II Unknown \nCause Of Death:\nHerobrine\n\n-Has Alot Diamonds \n-Likes To Eat
ICameHere JustToComment
4:44 I think that was more the one where Flanders just explodes at everyone because they shoddily rebuilt his house.
Insert name Here
9:22 “doesn’t believe in the afterlife” \n\nMe:Well he will now cuz hes going there
Io Szeged
I haven't seen anyone else play this, it came up in my recommended, never seen a video by you before.\nI wonder if other people would be too worried about causing controversy/conflict with their viewers/channel if they played this...😕
My knees smell like bees
Janniah Bernard
sorry for all of the people that might be offended...BEING GAY IS A CHOICE...... and it all depends on what u see as a kid...there is no way to be born gay when you don't even know how genders work... a little boy or girl doesn't just decide to like the same gender out of the blue, they have to see it somewhere. I have nothing against LGBTQ communities but some ppl need to know that being apart of that is a choice and not a born thing
You say android explode no iPhone do
Jessie JR
Jmanking 2.0 A some
1:17 how white people react to brown people clapping in movies
Jovanna Rios
The first guy is a real person in history
Jandles are like thongs or as u americans call them: flip flops
Krystal Song
Lapis Blaze
2:27 **USSR Anthem**
Larsi05 Norsk gaming
Died in a burger eating competicion. Was realt healthy
Logan Matechuk
I haven’t watched you in so long and I regret it
Lps Cheetah
When it got to the Ruby person they looked exactly like me and I guess I'm going to hell
Mars Falaflame
Mason RobertsTV
My guess is it’s supposed to be a political thing\n\nThe trans person who did only good things gets sent to heaven and that’s the wrong choice. Cause radical Christians believe that lgbt people all go to hell\n\nBut the woman who did only bad things and was homophobic and stuff gets sent to hell and it’s the wrong choice for the same reason\n\nGuess you gotta view this game like you’re an old church lady who hates everything or something
Max Gh0stRider
Me eats skittles by color F N send him to hell
Morgan Cloutier
You’re looking for sins as well \nLike \nglutton- ate fast food and never gains weight \nPride- oversharing, attention seeker\nEtc. \nI think. I could be wrong. \nBut yeah no nickelback.
Mrcat 596
Good job man keep up the good work btw love your Channel
Mrdoge Man
Lucifer is Satan. Lucifer is a fallen angel. Saint Michael banished him from hell by kicking him off the cloud while lucifer was hanging onto it by his hands.
Murasa the JoJo Trash
Ninja Hacks
*Died by Bees?....*\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*BEE MOVIE 2*
Pedro Solis
I ate skittles by color until I realized that there all the same flavor but I eat fruit snacks by color worst flavors first best last
PuppyCat 512
I'm using a SAMSUNG
Quinn cyclopedia
Matt: Might wanna stay away from those Samsungs.\nMe: \u003cglances at top of phone\u003e\nMe:\nMe: Shit
Qwerty Gaming
Should my friend go to hell because he ate all of my red skittles.
Ray-Ray Rambles
Your voice reminds me of peanut butter gamer..
Put this on xbox
Sentry 356
Matt if the plane crashes the stilletos would puncture the detachable life rafts at the exits ot cause the wearer to trip when evacuating and block people from escaping.
Shantail. .is.
Pasta with no sauce
Slippery Coal
Just the point were you said *gotta look out for those samsungs* you lost quite a few viewers. Bye forever\n\n -all androiders.
Swaggy Kitty101
Sxltine crxcker
I hope you go to hell for the way you say pasta
THE Nostriker
But being gay is choice
That Poodle Cooper Videos
Laika was a good girl. She did not deserve her death.
The Gaming Tm
Ninja \n\nCause of death:LIGMA
The Noob / Minecraft Tester
The Super Sneaker
Thomas Valen
9:31 I FREAKED OUT WHEN I HEARD THAT SAMSUNG'S COULD EXPLODE!!! (btw watching on samsung.) \n\nThey can explode, right?
Trustworthy spongebob meme
3:30 go commit neck rope
Twigpalm -
Laika!! The Russian space dog! Her death was lied about and she was a very good and brave girl for going to space all on her own!! She is a good heavenly girl!!!
XMYblueguy Gamer
*says Paesta instead of pasta*
Your Local TI84
*sigh*\n\n*sigh*\n\n\n\n\n*U H H*
Everyone keep saying how you said pasta but nobody noticed how you get Maja as \
bad shot
At 11:01 that is what happened at the weekend after June 9th... RIP DIXIE
banana bread
Me on a dating app: umm I have a bf
birb is cool
Cause of death:\nDiabetes\n\nDie-of-betes
coolguy weegee
Cause of death. \n\nDrinking milk and eating pizza with cheese cake
freddy marionette
I don't think you are not allowed to think that gay was a choice. It's not even that bad.
hey I'm nadia •
Matt. You should see what happens when you go on Tinder.
jack 89
Why are you making fun of god jerk
lesa carpenter
The chinese are cannibals i knew it
m1n3 c7afty
'Very clean and tidy'\n'Littered'\nWut
lmao \
slender cream
“I tried to send a vegan to hell, it didn’t work” -MattShea 2018
Matt Shea Matt Shea\nYes reaper?\nSwiping right \nYes reaper!\nTelling lies\nNo reaper!\nOpen your app\nHahaha
tora tiger
you can give your pasta to papyrus
white ginger beer
I would have sent the litterer to hell tbh
ya boy lucario
Wait I'm watching this on a Samsung does that mean it'll explode