5 Reasons Sex Hurts (Vagina Edition)

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A majority of people with vaginas (i.e. cis women and trans men) experience painful intercourse at some point. Cristen highlights five common -- and treatable -- reasons why sex might bring more pain than pleasure. Reasons Sex Hurts (Penis Edition) happening soon...Share this on Facebook: Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.

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Wtf were her to talk about normal wemon not freaks.
Abby Hull
His penis is too big sometimes, I end up cramping and bleeding. Deep penetration feels good sometimes but other times it hurts really bad. Tips?? (I am fully comfortable with him and we've been together for a year and a half)
Aeloriel Rise
I heard some girls say that it's painful after periods. WHY?!
Alanna Shaw
Wow i'm actually one of the first to view this!
Alexandra Bull
I went to my doctor about pain inserting tampons. They sent me away with a ''keep trying''. Sometimes I feel as if no one believes me. I'm coming 15 this year. Got my period at 11, and have tried ever since then. Also hurts to insert a finger. I suggested that it could have been vaginismus to the doctor, but they said that it would be unlikely. I think she forgot that teens can get these things too. I thought it would be a perfect explanation, because I have an anxiety disorder, and I am always anxious when I think about something between my legs. I clench up involontarily, (Sometimes I don't even know I do it.) I really hate it when people tell me to ''just relax.'' Don't you think I'm trying?
Alexius Nemo
Speaking as a guy...most informative... Thanks
Trans Women* Not offended, just trying to educate. If you are talking about a male who has transitioned into a female, then the term that describes that person is; Trans Woman. I know it can be so confusing, but it's showing that the person in question that you are talking about is a transitioned, woman.
An Anna
These videos are so fun to pull up on a co-workers PC at work, and hide the browser screen off the desktop... The sound plays but they have no idea where and the whole office hears it as soon as they come back from work. And they play forever from one video to the next. Don't do this unless you want to get fired, but since I\
House on the corner there \nLove that show on Netflix 😊
Anthony De La Cruz
Something about that giant head gets my vulva lubricated.
Anthony Ndk
Interresting! I hope that I won't exorrience that with any woman.
Armored Heart
you're really nice and also really pretty :)
Bingilo Dingle
The reason it hurts is... Something is entering your body that is big and spreads the skin to get to the opening. DUH!
Blood BRS
So what kind of symptom u have ?
just get some lube.problem solved!
Chelsea McCoy
Please do a video about female orgasims. For Some women it's extremely hard to have one or have never experienced one at all.\n\nWhy do some women squirt? And what exactly is coming out?
Christopher Hernandez
Unfortonatly no there is no such thing as TMI for this stuff. But hey at I now know that the word kegal is not vulgar but a medical term.
Christopher Mora
I just can't stop thinking that she looks so much like Ally Sheedy from Wargames.
Cool Dude
Girl are your feet pretty?
Craig M
Cristen needs to hook up with Lacey and do a collaboration !!!
Crasty Bowersox
I think it's important to recognize that the hymen can also be a rather stubborn culprit causing painful sex and pap smears, when the hymen fails to tear because it might be a very prominent ridge of skin. This may not affect very many women, I don't know, but it's an issue that a woman may have and not know that she has it and may never find out unless we are educated on it.
I have a question... Does penetration (using a small object that will probably fit) before period usually hurt? I tried it because I was curious to see what would happen.
Darin Kurtz
you're awesome lol
2:47 Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!
So glad you included transmen! Thumbs up for you! :-)
Your videos are always informative.
Thank you for this video! I have no idea which one of those reasons is why I can't enjoy sex a lot of the time, but I'm willing to bet it has something to do with my past experiences being a victim of sexual abuse. So what, I just do more therapy? I've been in therapy most of my life. =/
Erik Charles
This gal is very nice looking
Harry Polinar Jr
Comment on the same thing sorry what are u talking about. I know it hurts it hurts guys too when ur not lubed can we forget it now thankyou
I was watching why men can't grow beards, I ended up here???
I'm pretty sure I've got like 3 of those conditions lol. I've never had sex that wasn't painful. It's discouraging, but I'm not giving up. I told my doctor about it at my last physical and when she did my pelvic exam, she said everything was normal, but that I have a retroverted uterus. It means that my uterus is tilted the opposite way of the majority of women. She said it's actually not that unusual though and that it doesn't pose any health risks or affect conception or pregnancy in any way. She told me, however, that it might be a contributing factor to my dyspareunia (the fancy medical term for painful intercourse). \n\nI think it's most likely that I have vaginismus, out of the conditions listed in this video. I've done some research on it in the past and it seems to describe my pain most accurately. I have never experienced full penetration because my vagina simply won't allow it. My partner will get maybe an inch of his penis in and then it's like there is a wall that prevents it from going any deeper. Many times I've tried to just deal with the pain and tightness and told my partner to keep going, but it becomes too painful. It's tough and I do feel like my body is betraying me, but I know that I will sort this out and eventually be able to have normal sex. I'm looking forward to that day.
Jade Tyga
Thank you. This helps me some point. I really dont want my girlfriend hurt.
James M Branum
I was surprised that you didn't mention the important of lubrication. This is a huge deal and something I wish I knew about when I was much younger.
Jesus Loves You
Just say men and women......without the trans part....so sad society is so twisted, now ppl act as if nature and creation itself necer happened....wanted to be their own Gods....May He help and forgive us all.
Jewlie Parks
I'm part of that 16 percent. and I've never had sex :V
Joseph Purvey
This info may make me more sensitive to women. I wish more women could articulate this eloquently.\n\nThank you
Julia Friesen
Nailed the ending!
Julia Rose
Her hair is ON POINT. Damn. Teach me
Just a boring old orange
Im just watching this and wondering wtf im doing with my life (im a guy fyi)
K Rose
I know someone who suffers with this, she knows what it is, but gets dismissed by doctors. It's frustrating as it seems for her to ge any treatment she would have to go private! Also, not many doctors are even aware of what it is.
there are other genders that can have vaginas, so why limit it to cis women and trans men? \
Kelsey Cate
It should never hurt ladies. If it hurts inserting a tampon PLEASE go to your doctor. There are medicines and physical therapy that can help. Mine was brought on due to my bladder that wanted to stop working all together and chronic pain and other issues.
Leafy is Daddy
Why did god made it so difficult for girls
Lxx 0000
Women should use store bought lubricants quite freely.\nMany young men thrust too fast, too hard and too deep.\nNot enough foreplay.\nA major remaining player in the story of why many American women enjoy PIV erratically, or not at all, is circumcised partners.
Madison M
Let me just say that you're great lol
I like the video and the information that it gives, although I think that pain in sex isn't always a bad thing. Of course the examples in the video and similar is bad pain, but pain expressed through diffrent kind of BDSM acts is intresting and often looked down upon by society (at least from my experience). BDSM is often depicted as wierd and people who exercise it often depicted as bad people in some way or another. And when we finally get a whole book and a movie centered around BDSM it is 50 shades, which I think is a horrible depiction of BDSM. It would be nice if you did a video about BDSM and pain and domination can be liberating if used in the right way. You could also bring up the problems with BDSM, as in how to talk to a partner about it and how to explain it to someone who don't understand it. Keep up the good work! I really like your videos!
Miss Amanda's world
While this gives me good idea as why for me papsmear was utter nightmare
Monster Mark
I love how she included transmen. thank you so much.
Morgan Vogel
I have had a few painful experiences because I have PCOS, which is highly misunderstood in my opinion. It's more so pelvic pain but it still is horribly painful. \nOh the joys of being a woman.
No problem No problem
Dam so it’s true that if i Jerk Off To Much my palms are growing pubic hair - wtf ? ? 🤣. 🤪. 😜. 🤷🏽\u200d♂️ ? ?
Where is the chart?
I had to watch a diper commercial before I could see this video. 
Oshin Sr
If some men understood physiologically speaking, how important foreplay was for women. *sigh*
Osiris Malkovich
It's not too much information. People need to know that hymen breaking or \
One thing is for sure, Sex should not be painless but pleasurable! So, if instead of pleasure wemen have pain, than somthing is definitely wrong, so seek a doctor!
Patricia the booke
Sexual intercourse and child birth scares me
I hate that CisGender word, can't we just be called \
Ralph Dratman
Very good!
Ria nope
A simpler, more inclusive way of saying things would be 'people with vaginas' and 'people with penises'!\nGreat video though, I love most of your videos, lol
Rob Staley
Good talk  But you should redo it! Needs much more detail !
Ru Drisi
You didn't cover short vaginas or vaginas that are very tight.
I never get bored of your hugely well researched and funny videos! Every nightshift I work they keep me going right through 'til morning.
Sarah Denley
Can I just ask, what's up with the lisp?
Sean Cahalan
I liked the video but I don't understand how you can do a video about sex related problems and half way through you make a comment like, maybe that was too much information. I know you retracted that at the end but, come on, if it's really important enough to talk about then you can't give too  much information.
Sean Hennessy
Cristen this is an awesomely informative channel, keep up the good work. There is no such thing as TMFI it's a myth LOL.
Shann Bamm
Why do/did people hang popcorn from string during Christmas and use it as decorations?
Siberius Wolf
Can't you just say \
I don't know why you choose to say \
Sofia Lazcano-fafard
trans inclusive YESS
i once have a girlfriend who have a allergic to sweat, so when the sex starts to get intense and she sweats she fell pain and we take a break.. some time was frustrating. but i understand and make the break, turn the ac to polar bear status and we are good to go. .... =)
Steven Blaq
I'm drunk so it's not as bad.
Stuff Mom Never Told You - HowStuffWorks
I have heard the requests, and Reasons Sex Hurts, Penis Edition is happening! It's a holiday miracle!!!!
Teri Ogden
Men are cool I need a boy friend but I am 11
The Magpie
Pretty sure you can't have too much information in something specifically disclaimed as a \
you make it sound like guys can't feel pain during sex... \nNote: an inefficiently lubrication of a mans / trans-(woman)* 2nd head can be painful too upon entering the female lower folds.\n\n*insecure about the terminology but I cross my fingers and hope it is correct. 
Victoria Palmer
Pelvic floor dysfunction is another reason \u003e.\u003c
Holy crap that explains so much!!!!
Hey cristen, please do the same for men, I have already experienced painful sex with a partner and I would like to see that subject treated as I think it could help a lot of peoples like me!
Z. Turniap
I agree, we really need to know that. It should be taught in school. No wonder so many women experience painful sex because they aren't even EDUCATED in the matter. First time blood is a lie and doesn't need to happen. It's so sad how many deal with this.
a n g i e s
cool thanks now im paranoid
I think the most common reason for sex hurting is simply this; you're doing it wrong.
I suspect the main problem re. foreplay is that too many people see sex scenes in movies where little or no foreplay occurs. This leads some to believe that none is required. It's just a theory, though.
do bi
wth is sis gender?
Vag-ih-nice-muss sounds like Christmas, buuuuttt... then you find out it isn't so nice. :(
Dermatitis is another one. GPs don't get it at all. They insist you must have something bacterial despite symptoms not matching and keep wanting to run the same painful tests no matter how many negatives they get. Some will even put you on antibiotics which may then cause yeast infections.
I never had a single time when it felt good, and I tried very often... maybe it's just not ment to be for some people...
kathy our moments molina
it does hurt
No mention of lubricants like KY?  Sometimes, even aroused, not enough natural lubrication is created to prevent chafing (on both sides).  There are lots of over-the-counter lubricants available.  Just be careful about getting the \
kevin w
maybe you should do a colab with ASAP Science :)
Hooray for dispelling hymen myths!
not funny
speak english
I love that you make these videos. There is so little information out there especially when it come to genital health and sex education, so I agree there is no such thing as too much information, especially when it is unbiased or served with a plate of guilt. Giving young people and old the opportunity to learn about these things in a non-formal way is awesome!
I may have just overlooked it, but have you covered the oh-so-fun and controversial topic of routine infant circumcision? I am seeing a lot of talk on this topic lately and it seems there is a lot of misinformation about it.
I feel like an addition to this is that if it hurts, STOP, Don't force anything. Foreplacy is awesome. Take your tine, Be ready. Emotionally and phsycially and legally ready. \nTake your time, it's worth it.
scott b
Can you do a Meg Ryan impression?
If it hurts try putting it in the front hole.
None of this was too much information!  I have been suffering from vaginismus for a long time, and it has been a very melancholy and frustrating battle.  I've always felt very alone because these issues don't get talked about, so I appreciate you doing a video on it.  It would be nice to see a more in-depth video about some of the ways to alleviate the symptoms of these conditions.