1 Hour of Beautiful, Relaxing, Atmospheric Video Game Music (Vol 1)

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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald – Ending

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Alex Hoobadooba
WHOA. Beyond Good and Evil gets some attention? \nYou have earned a sub.
don't read me and study!!
Andriod User
Some songs are from DS games
Atticus Mayne
Background picture link please?
Avery Patrick
Are you sure that's melee? It sounds like kirby.
*Casually falls asleep*
BMX in da Hood
The first one is from animal crossing city folk
Barbara Wayden
Beyond Good & Evil... aaaaahh \u003c3
Benson Greenwell
Is this God's mixtape or what?! Thanks!
Not gonna lie, this made my night man! Today has been rough, and listening to this while doing homework makes me a bit less stressed. Thank you!
Bro Army Weeaboo
Mario t-poses for an hour
Christopher Edmondson
music to my ears, thanks {°♢°}
awww yeeeeaaah\n\nI've gotta hit 1700 words today, this is just what the doctor ordered.
gnite YouTube.
Da Dank Dankster
u would think that a game so hype wouldn't have relaxing music. im talking about super smash bros melee 14:15
David Al-Badri
The nostalgia... I'm crying.
David Junco
I should download this onto my phone, but I'm afraid it would explode because it's a crappy phone. XD
If it was Nintendo OST, I’d just listen to Classic Kirby and the Mario and Luigi Series. But, man... never thought the other soundtracks were so good.
Ella Melody
I love all of this Music!, it makes me feel so relaxed :3
Emmanuel Yibass
Hey, What are you doing scrolling the comments? Get back to work!
Erin Henneberry
I can't be the only one that remembers this from animal crossing ah good times
Ferris Wheel Productions
GA. Luigi
Awesome picture! Luigi represent here!!!!
Gabriel Vato
Milky Way Wishes 😁
Makes a guy like me Fall...Right..too.....sleep.....-.- zzzzzzz\n#Relaxing...
Girthologist Gaming
It was always cool to grow up with games that were made from the collaboration of a few creative minds with a beautiful, passionate idea of what they were making. Nowadays, I don't feel the same way. I feel like the spark isn't there anymore, and that many games are no longer as special as they used to be. Video game companies are now dominated by people that solely seek profit, and not the pursuit of a game that people can love and be attached to.
Hanna Layne
while listening to it, when it got to the Donkey Kong Country 2 Stickerbrush Symphony i knew exactly where the song was from! Played that game so much as a kid, on my Game Boy Advance
Henrique Melo
Amazing. And I just love how this Luigi picture fits so well with the tracks.
Hug Junkie
Goodnight! \u003c3
I just exist
thank you its really calming
Indy The Great
Oh my god, thank you for including 1 AM from New Leaf and Colony 9 - Night from Xenoblade. 2 of my favorite tracks to relax to.
the first Pokemon song actually calmed my heart
James Sibert
I just realized you added a theme from Kingdom Hearts 2!! sweet
0:00 just in case
John Knieser
Thank you for making these, you helped me and a lot of other people study.
Jordan Ortiz
I think this is the few suites of music that I can enjoy all the songs. Nice list. Please keep up the good work!
I listen to this music when I’m stressed out because I can just forget about the problems in life and just listen to these beautiful videos that you put together thank you so much for making these
Justakid Withadream
I fell asleep while listening to this lol
I appreciate the Persona you threw in the mix :)
Kaonashi/no face
I ate pudding and talked to friends on skype and listened to this and i was fairly satisfied
Me: Okay, we gotta stay up until 4 AM to finish homework! Let's see what's there to listen to...\n\nBrain: OH! There's an entire hour's worth of relaxing, peaceful songs~\n\nMe: I don't think that's a go-\n\nBrain: Good idea? Pfft, like a few songs can put us to sleep.\n\n- A Few Minutes Later - \n\nUs: *snoring*\n\n((This also goes with taking nap at sleepovers..))
I would say I'm SUPER ERECT from how amazing this is, but it's just so calming, I can't even get any excitement from the lil' guy.
Y'know... Usually, I don't really watch your videos. I'm subscribed out of respect. When I saw this pop up in my feed, I clicked, listened, and loved. If you upload more of this, I will watch every single one. From a trusty Twitter follower.
LEGO JDis real
Great and perfect for studing.
music for night :\u003e
Hey, how can you use that picture of Luigi and not include the Somnom Woods theme from the game that picture comes from?\nNo, but really, this is beautiful. I'll have to pull this up any time I'm having trouble sleeping.
Le Golden Magikarp
melee rest area music Kreygasm
I'm already crying listening to this first song\n\nIT\
Dearly Beloved brought back so many memories. ; )
Marvin The Martian
26:46 Dem persona 4 feels *sniff* Nanako T_T
The night theme from Mario super sluggers is pretty nice too
Aww man the All Star / Boss Battles Rest Area isn't in here :(
Michael Fucello
Been a little disappointed with some vgm \
i am crying to the Kirby song
Miguel the musician Torres
Honestly, doesnt this type of music make a nice feeling of weight on your heart as youre listening to this. Especially if youre someone like me who is devoted to this and instrumental music. i know Fire emblem awakening isnt that old but Id (beginnings) brings memories when i heard this like the 20th time logging in and already crying to it. Luma/Rosalina's Story book really wants to make me cry. Dearly Beloved is great but not enough to cry. Just memories. Sorry for the long paragraph but i had to let it go(shadap).
Perfect for sleeping
Here is volume #2, for those of you that loved the first one. :)\n\nhttps://youtu.be/-oHjCthoKuk
Neo ́s Damn
I love animal crossing's music
Bro this is great! Made HW go by much faster :D
This is perfect homework music. Thank you!
Panda Gaming
dude I cant get enough of the music!
Panty Princess
I know that music from anywhere some of this is from pokemon diamond and Pearl!
Patrick Evans
14:15 damn this brings back memories
Professor Oak
Rainy Squishy
The picture is so cute!!! This makes me smile, I love it c: 💝💝💝
Rhino Armor
The one from Beyond Good and Evil tho sooooooo gooood. Amazing track, new fav
Persona series soundtracks \u003c3
Robby White
I dunno why, but music from Nintendo games always seem so nostalgic and relaxing
Samantha Rose
the picture is so beautiful, 💖
Scrima Games (Gamers' Reality)
Awesome choices! Very relaxing.
Shi Faulconbridge
What is up with this music?\nIt\
SimpsonSouthPark Fan
Gotta love that Mario galaxy music. So soothing.....*yawn*😴
Sirius Apex
How do you do this?
Will I get copyrighted if I use this in my vids?
Still working on a name
Oh my god writing an essay has never been easier thanks to you! Luma from Galaxy always send shivers down my spine while listening to it.
The Jojo guy
Thank you this really made me feel better with some tough times :)
This makes me want to sleep and rethink my life.
TheSherbert Kat
I love Nintendo's soundtrack sooooo much, I feel blessed it was part of my childhood 😂
Gate of Time. Thank the lord.
dearly beloved brings me to tears everytime
V Sal
Vinyl Goose
tooo good 👌
Xaelvik 1
This is my favorite Nintendo compilation on here to study to. Thanks a ton for this.
Yunmin Lee
The first one...brought back memories....
I recognized Dearly Beloved as soon as the little startup sound started. Didn't need to play a single note.
Zap Lover
Thank you SOOOO much for adding 1am from Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
baby eviex
doodlenoodle ‘
Sometimes, Animal Crossing music makes me cry.
37:07 is awesome
its not me
Nostalgia hit me hard on the 1st song. I just recently bought another copy of wild world and me being the clumsy person I am have already lost it and I want to cry every night. ;-;
kingdom hearts feels ;-;
sans the skeleton
i use this to:\nplay games\ndo homework\nsleep\nrelax\nand just appreciate the greatness of my childhood\nwho agrees that the kiddos today should lay down the phone and play some nintendo classics like pls
I'm laying here in bed, writing a fantasy comic, and 46:13 stopped me dead and sent a chill through me. I have two Kingdom Hearts tattoos, both the Heartless and Nobody symbols on my chest, and that theme still hits me. Memories of when I first played them, of the person I associated the story with (whom I don't talk to anymore), and of the life I had then. Things are good now, but...this theme takes me back.
sin shinnosuke
Can I have 1 hour version of the first song
Finally something to help me sleep
the counter counter
this music felt like it made me take a shotgun to the face! except the bullets were made out of serene peacefulness
Persona and beyond good and evil. Ohh man, you do know about awesome games!