[[Nae cover]] 夢の場所へ ~ Yume no Basho e by w-inds.

Huh, the last of March so this is my last upload. xp Time flies.. Back again in April.Yay!! I've passed the checkpoint which was Shiki cause now I'm singing the songs from Best Eleven. Finally!! And this song.. Oh my gosh, it's my all-time favourite from w-inds. . I could listen to it and never get bored.^^ And it has rapping in it! (I still didn't rap.) I have time to upload cause I didn't have to go to school today. Well, it's a long story but I swear I'm not ditching!! Okay, no more about my life but back to the cover. I messed around in the beginning but.. It's up to you is it good or bad or what. Enjoy!^^Single #14 Yume no Basho eOriginally performed by w-inds.The lyrics are not by me..♫ I ONLY OWN MY VOICE

Basho Singing Yume cover fourteenth no single w-inds. 夢の場所へ