The Amazing Top 15: Video Game Official Cinematic Trailer of All Time (PC, PS4 Xbox One)

World of Warcraft, The Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed, Batman, The Elder Scrolls, League of Legends, Overwatch, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Starcraft 2, Beyond Good & Evil 2! The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – A Night to Remember

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2 fat 2 carry
My son... The day you were born ,the very forest of lordaeron whispered the name... Arthas............... WOW wrath of the lich king still gives me chills after years of watching..........
Aleks Karapetrov
This headline ...
I love Blizzards cinematics! FOR THE HORDE!
20:00 I have a headcannon that the older brother becoming like the new Jack Morrison or something like that
AufKeinen Fall
Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void isnt in here so i can`t take it seriously.
Avengers InfinityWar
wheres the halo 3 odst live action trailer? i thought that was good\n\nand the halo reach live action trailer?
BLAZER warboy
New star wars game!!!!
Blanche Foxclaw
If it is all about video games cinematic trailer, \
The Protoss reclaiming Aiur... an even 20 years in the making.
Brandon Mclain
3:10 Do people still use harps for conjuring? That is so 1990's LOL
Caesar Munoz
Man the one i thought that was really awesome was the onimusha 3 opening that cinematic was pretty amazing for its time
Chris Sheppard
All the games look disappointing. Year after year, there is still nothing to play.
Chris Zitsenga
in the first trailer the purple guy reminds me of kratos
Connor Morris
Was anyone else hoping that the kid in the overwatch cinematic would become the new doom fist that fights for good in the game
Cristian Cucos Cucos
What is the game between 15 and 20?
Looking for Assassin's Creed track, anyone can share details?
Witcher! Best game ever! Can't wait Cyberpunk 2077
Damian Rosso
Is not All Time. I don´t see a cinematic of the old starcraft, full of amazing cinematics
Easy mE
What game is the one after witcher? min 20:00
El_ General
5:11 wow infinity stones
Ennio le blond
Witcher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I'm soo happy🎉🎉🎉🎉
Faizan Afzal
best compilation... and the bestest ending!!! \u003c3
W-What are you doing?! Killing Monsters - Geralt Badass of Rivia
Gisela 27
And dragon age 2?
Hexa Decimal
Blizzard VS Ubisoft! Who wins? Vote now!
Ilja Neumann
Eine resende add.
Nice clips man! Really like your videos, because I do same kind of stuff! ⚡️⚡️
Jão Morgado
eu amo jogos so q nunca vo joga so pobi =\\
KC Infernal
gotta love the humor in the overwatch one
Kevin E VOLEVI!!
Ciao olio
Leviathan 77
so tired of these \
M.A.Z.I 1.3.8.
3 more DLC'S to go and will get a trailer of TW3: AND final installment with the Biggest Campaign map 3 Continent my be 2019
Mahesh k
All my favorite stuff is here
Malli Ulfs
Killing monster never fails to morph me into a goose
Maxmobile Ranong
Md Hredoy
Witcher 3.... I love this game
Miguel Sanchez
Starcraft. Heart of the Swarm ... is a better cinematic and expansion :3
Mikayel Alikhanyan
reality stone anyone🙄
Mr Right Now
Movie trailers are called such because they're taken from the movie. Game \
Mr. Lince
What is the game of Bethesda ?\n\nBG&E2 is my new favorite :)
mirip kratos anjeeerr
Pedro De Pacas
witcher the best definitly, every time it gives me the chills..
Probably Harmless
I really hope Blizzard makes some form of like Third-person adaptation of Starcraft. I mean imagine taking control of something like a Zealot or Brutalisk
Random Fun
i really need to do a replay of witcher 2 and 3
Richard Knight
Great, Loved it. Seen a few things I've never played, I will be soon. Lich King still gives me goosebumps. lots of Blizzard, that's because they make some good games! For The Alliance.
Robert Fabros
Blizzard is the best when it comes to cinematic trailers.
RollAnd Smoke
where was half-life trailer?
Saint blade
League of legends commercial had me thinkin it was 3rd player free roam
Samson Thoudam
Fucking awesome
Savage Savant
Star Wars Old Republic trailer is by far the greatest.
Still my personal choise Lich King. Badass character.
Man, ESO couldve killed wow
Tsvetomir Mitov
I hate games where the main characters are animals. What, I am supposed to identify with a pig, monkey or a rat? No, thanks
Tuong Manh
you should embedded the subtitles
Tur Zo
wow one hour just passed by ._.
Tymoteusz Gancarz
Damn more than hour
Vicarious Gamer
Holy Guacamole these trailers are beyond awesome !!!!
Wojtek R.I.P
the witcher 3-----------amazing
Saints Row The Third? I'm mean it's old but gold :DD
24:26 and 24:27 you'll thank me later ;)
alice spiller
andynonymous .mous
So many games on this list had great trailers and crappy gameplay.
angel avila
en the witcher 3 hubo ocasiones en las que llore es un juegazo por eso es que odio las trilogías putas
halo odst should have been on here hands down, over the first few but not bad
david adegbe
who else thought of kratos during the 1st trailer
dope_ _vapes
anyone know what game the one towards the end that says FOR HONOR is?what game is it?
what is the name of the first video?
joel rosas
Yo tenía pc nunca vi esperanza de ver algo así esto está para llorar
kleines rehaeuglein
Also diese Spiele sehen alle so fantastisch aus,dass man meinen könnte man spielt in einem Film mit .die Protagonisten sehen so realistisch aus . Die satten Farben der spielbaren Welten sehen so unglaublich traumhaft schön aus,dass man sich darin verlieren möchte .
light saberAddiCt
2 games I am really looking forward to, Beyond Good & Evil 2, and CDPR Cyberpunk 2077.
metin bahtiyar
iam not kidding the witcher trailers are so fking good .
Not surprised a lot of Blizzard trailers are on this list
mir kalpo
rathish mishra
That's Awesome. Thanks. For sharing.
ricky pietro
Super cool friend!Like 165+thanks ok
Why Leonarde di Caprio as Warlord??
turgay altınvadi
gabriandark new story
Great trailers i wouldnt say the same for the games itself but yeah..