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Season 5 Playlist:\n0:00 Action 52\n25:31 Cheetahmen\n44:56 Game Glitches\n1:00:51 The Adventure of Link\n1:15:00 Re-revisited games(Top Gun, Roger Rabbit, TMNT, Back to the Future)\n1:36:58 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Re-revisited\n1:52:44 Lester the Unlikely\n2:02:29 How the Nerd Stole Christmas\n2:14:30 Day Dreamin' Davey\n2:27:29 Star Wars\n2:49:03 R.O.B. The Robot
The best is when he goes apeshit when he realizes that Cheetah Men is just as horrible as the rest of the 51 games.
Alexander Parrino
847,847,958 hrs
Anthony Freemon
Critical Bypass..\n\n\nMore Like Critical Myass
Ardimo Harsa
At least I can spend the rest of the day watching the entire season 1-5 of AVGN and forgetting what happened recently
Aria DiMezzo
At the start of the revisit episode...\n\n\
Baby Mitchy
What does a gorilla wear to the beach?\n\nA: Donkey thong.
Baking with Mia Christina
Are you doing anymore board James? I love those!!
You could have called this game bird vs camel
Bogumila Czwakiel
I yamer gilch r3hh razof manison📽📠📠
00:00 Action 52\n25:32 Cheetahmen\n45:15 Game Glitches\n1:00:51 Adventure of Link\n1:15:18 Turtles Revisited\n1:23:12 Back to the Future Revisited\n1:37:01 Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde Revisited\n1:53:08 Lester the Unlikely\n2:02:47 How the Nerd Stole Christmas\n2:14:36 Day Dreamin' Davey\n2:27:08 Star Wars\n2:49:11 Rob the Robot (100th episode)
Chase Jacobson
Body picked a great day to be sick
Chris Porter
I can't believe my attention span has lasted 2hrs and 45min before I decided to look at the comments
Christopher Sicuso
I can picture this on Adult Swim
2:07:28 sorry its kinda ruined by the fact that you didnt involve your cat in place of the grinch's dog XD lol
Da Monsta Jam!!!
America needed this one today. Thank you Mike for putting this together and thank you James for all the good times.
Dan Moss
Laser is spelt with an S because it's an acronym you clown. People from the UZA are silly
Daniel E
I need a few beers! Thanks for all the great content James!
80% of my YouTube time is spent watching AVGN videos over and over again.
Donald Xavier
I love when he has to pull out the hard alcohol to play Jekyll/Hyde XD\n\n1:40:11
Dylan's Dungeon
So hyped for Lester 5!!
E RocK
Wow two hundred dollars for that garbage. Even for the late 80s that's madness. Those games where expensive enough.
Did he just skip the \
El Rincón De Giorgio
The best of Youtube.
Eric Johnson
I stay watching these videos even after I watched them 7 times
Finally, been waiting for months for this, now i can show my friends these masterpieces easily.
Evander Hernandez-Lettnecker
Hey I know these are not bad games but I would so love to see you review the original resident evil one day or some time soonish plz take this under consideration
Probably my favorite season
you know what makes me wonder why is it in all countries that nes has sold it's games and consoles why is it everybody knows how to blow thier cartridges despite the lack on Internet before. I mean I'm still trying to figure out where did I learned to blow my cartridges and who taught me and how they even come up with that. it just blows my mind as if unconsciously we all know how to fix a damn game when it glitches. idk if it's just me or we all entered the same thing again and again and again it's like we all been playing the same game of the twillight zone.
Harvey Rothman
What's the song that plays during The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition?
J Fost
What would it be like if they put ALL of the episodes in one video? It would be great for marathoning.
Jackson Downs
Nerd please do an episode on Wall Street Kid on NES
James Back
OMG I WANT A Nin-Toaster!\nWhere do i get one??
JimJam ThePizzaMan
Jony Cruz
everyone needs some avgn right about now
Jorge Duran
What happens when you put action 52 in the game genie
Knut Halvorsen
You took internet to a tv level! Great show!
Lord Vader
yes i am ready for some action
Lunar Redeux
M. Scout
wow fifth season already man I feel so old right now...\nwell that's worth IT.
Mariano Olacireghi
0:00:00 Action 52\n0:25:31 Cheetahmen\n0:44:55 Game Glitches\n1:00:51 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link\n1:15:00 Back to the Future Re-Revisited\n1:36:58 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Revisited\n1:52:44 Lester the Unlikely\n2:02:29 How The Nerd Stole Christmas\n2:14:30 Day Dreamin' Davey\n2:27:29 Star Wars\n2:49:03 R.O.B. the Robot
Haha, nice Spinal Tap reference!
No Good
#DrainTheSwamp !!!!!\nGlad to have this uploaded though, even though I have the DVDs
Oscar Chacon
I find it hilarious that he was talking about how Marty had a problem with his legs and he couldn't stop moving then Michael J Fox got Parkinson's so he literally can't... stop.... moving.
Paranoia Productions
The Game Glitches opening gets me every time.
Doritos: acquired\nSoda: acquired\nPizza: acquired\nAll neccesary items obtained\n\nCommence Operation: \
Paxson Bachus
Pebkio Nomare
Aw shit, this just reminded me. I totally saw your plane about 6 to 7 months ago. It's still going and was travelling through New Mexico across Interstate 25.
Phil V
I have a theory as to why you dodge lightning in BTTF. Marty only wants to get struck by lightning when he is going 88mph. If he is not up to speed then maybe the lightning will kill him like in a normal car.
Crack me up with that og calculator reminds me of 5th grade
PrinceMarcus William
Affirmative your AAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS let's play! @2:54:31 best part
Interesting how when you watch these season compilations there are minor things you notice that are different from the actual episodes... in the Cheetahmen episode, when the Nerd is talking about the story of Cheetahmen two, in the original episode there was pictures and music from Indiana Jones, but in this game the music was replaced with something else and the visuals were hand-drawn. I also remember in the Star Trek episode in a previous season montage the fight with the klingon used different music from the episode version. There are/have been many other differences too, but I don't know 'em all... just interesting.
A small bit of sunshine in an otherwise horrible day. Thank you, Cinemassacre.\n\nEven though I've watched every episode like a million times already.
Retro Robbie
so like. fettucini alfredo?
Ridley Grey
My personal favourite AVGN season.
Rylan Camoro
you know what gets turned on when i get naked in the bathroom? \n\n\n\n\nthe shower
Thanks for uploading this video. This made my day. I can tell you I am glad to have a reason to smile. Thanx James and mike.
Sailor Sedna
The music when AVGN's talking about Cheetahmen II is different....was the other one copyrighted?
Damn, there gos my evening. Thanks... ;)
Shelby S.
I'm so happy I can watch this while I wait for Elder scrolls online to download, then update, then update some more....
Shotana Studios
Thanks Cinemassacre, I need this right now.
Micro Mike - the original Flappy Bird
Tagg Xero
0:00:19 - Action 52\n0:25:31 - Cheetahmen\n0:44:56 - Video Game Glitches\n1:00:51 - Zelda 2 - The Adventure of Link\n1:14:59 - Angry Nintendo Nerd Revisit\n1:36:58 - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde\n1:52:43 - Lester The Unlikely\n2:02:28 - How The Nerd Stole Christmas\n2:14:29 - Day Dreamin' Davey\n2:27:29 - Star Wars\n2:49:03 - R.O.B. The Robot
The Adequate Gamer
The end of season 5 where AVGN made the transition to 16:9.
The Gaming Paladin
to me Action 52 was a novel idea that had loads of potential, the problem being that back then there wasnt much room on that little cartridge, on top of that the games made to fit in there were really poorly programmed.\n\nif it was done today on a modern console, it would work and work incredibly well, hell Rare Replay has 30 great games on one disc, so it wouldnt be hard, it was simply ahead of it's time.
Thank you, now I glued my face to my tablet...
Tristan Hopkins
Maybe Jekyll is the one killing all the bees in 2016.
That game glitches intro made me think my damn pc was crashing D:
Victory .Studios
fck the elections, i got this
Wacholder Bär
Great! But: the Action52 episode is missing the reference to the music sample..?! Why the cutting? Are there any more cuts in later episodes?
Your Average Dude.
I tried the Rodger Rabbit 1800 number, it asked if someone in my household was 50 years or older.\nI immediately hung up.
The creator of Action 52 should sue the shit out of the creator of Flappy Bird; it's a total ripoff of Micro Mike!
AVGN would definitely be a better president,He invented the gyromite controller ffs
derrick foltz
review the captain planet NES game
Is it me or does Lester the Unlikely look like James.\n\nJames the Unlikely!
We won!
I feel really bad for all the broken hearted kids that got Action 52 for birthday or christmas.
Season Five, exactly what everyone needs at a time like this.
Oh sweet! A Christmas gift 45 days before Christmas! Thank you, Cinemassacre!
magneto calrissian
Micro Mike? More like Macro Mike ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
3 hours of AVGN \u003c3 \u003c3
mike shock
3 hours of ASS
Would have loved to hear the Nerd's commentary on the stair glitch in Castlevania 3
Thanks for keeping these in mind still. So convenient to be able to see all the episodes in one long video. James and Mike always thinking about the fans.
you don't need 4 vegetables and 4 cherries, just throw the key at it
i had that same calculator the blue TI with the cover nice
omg 3 hours
Александър/Alex. Дaлчев/Dalcheff
Dude.. I want nintoaster so bad. B-) \nIts looks so damn cool and damn awesome.(^_-)