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Maori waiata


Amor Tokona
Angel Simpson
That is a sad song
Ashleigh Stevens
Concod school sings your songs
Blaze_ itz me
Omg this is from my kohanga days and so forth to now love this waiata :) rona he toto ana au i nga moenga hurihuri tuake!
Bradley Olin
i know that song because i do it for kapa haka
why das have smolle letters in song
Craig Oldy
I do maori culture and i have to do this song for a mini concert
Flying Kiwi
Foxy Rebel
I sing this song at Kapa Haka every Wednesday
Hana M
I Like this song i Sing it everyday but even weekends
Harry Reneti
Kei tell tuhi matau mo tenei
Hoaparau Ronald
Holly G
I'm doing this song at my school every Wednesday.
Hurricane and All Blacks
This is nice
Jay Dub
where is the melody of this song originally from? sure I've heard it before
Jess Chandra
his name is Rona
Joanie Clark
This is a song I'm singing for my kapahaka and end of year concert this is sad but really really really really really great song
fantastic love it..
Lisa Le
Ka pai
MOV_MYcool Bro
sad for rona
Marnie Morehu
This is a cool song love it
Miley H
Rebecca Maresca
this is cool guys
Rona Alt
My name is Rona I'm German
Sarun T
There's about that a story if didn't know in kapa haka I sang the song YAY
Teokatai Cecil
we sing thei waiata at school
Tiana Reynolds
I like this song but no melody this time ?
Tumaaro Morgan
Moe Mai ra Rona aroha mai
Victoria Booth
amazing song always listen to it
Wikitoria Blyth
I love this song i do this song at my school
XxGachaRoleplaysxX Forever
I Sing this at Kapa Haka Every Tuesday.
Zoe Stubbs
im singing this song at school for our pouwhiri\nwe have to sing this song in front of like 7 people and they are all maori so we HAVE to get this song right.\nthe reson i am on the song tho is so i can practice, at least i can keep in time and right tune so think m good for now
anjewel hura-paraha
im learning this with my moko she has a rangatahi te ra
bryce hanley
jah cuzzy
I can't see the lyrics😭😭
john robert
sarah tavake
rong and the moool
the g family
We sing this song at school and I like this song