Shadow fight 2 Gate of Shadow vs New Boss

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3 K
The older wasp was prittier
Anas Elgoredy
Hey! Victor Leao The song 9:00 is Come on fly away with me-TheFatRat
Andrei4ооо Wee
the new lynx is awesome
Arjun K H
Fans of 'gates of shadows'\nLike here and comment.
Ayham Siddiqui
Nice video
Bijoy Kar
Brutal fight bro
Bob The Builder
Dang I wish I was good as u I just got it back ;-;
Brandi Phillips
I cried because the music is so beautiful
Brijendra Singh
Best fight is lynx shogun wasp
England \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIs my city
Cool Dude
How you got hermit as player?
15:32-15:39 Wooowww!!! Your skills are superb!
Daine YT
Better heroes\nNew lynx\nGates of shadows hermit\nNew butcher\nNew wasp\nGates of shadows widow\nGates of shadows shogun\nRandom titan\nEdit: thanks so much for the heart!
Is This Real
David Cayle
That's not bad lynx,hermit,wasp,widow, and shogun
David Guillermo Gonzalez
Como se llaman esas cancion chidoris
DiEgOgAmE 2
I like music in a video
Eljamin Latour
This looks awesome
Enes Temizel
Music name is bomba
Fatime Fatime
I liked the video very much👍👍👍👍👍👍
Fayaz Hossain
Last fight with the song is called monody
Fedia CroCop
Wwoooow!!! \n9:44 epic)))\nAnd\n12:44)))😊😘😉
Franco Salas
me encanto tu canal me encantaran las canciones jenial
Gaming Alex
Wow I think that's Father/Mother&son
Gesti Zhupa
Amazing fight and you not let Widow and Shogun for win
4:10 song name please
Harsh and nikhil yadav
I am also playing shadow fight 2 but I can't defeat titan
Itsfunneh fan plebsquad boy RBLX
Joe Sad
какова хуя он где скачал если на телефоне он читер если на компе то нет на компе бесплатно
The 2nd song was Fly Away from TheFatRat the DJ
KH New Gamer
Lol I love all u song is my favourite songs
Kills_ pro_
I love ti.—Я люблю тебя.
King Gaming
Its like future gates of shadows vs past gates of shadows
Lag VL
Laura Berkenstock
I meant to say Widow
Lazarus93240 Lukic
i like the old version
MR Rubbish
Nice musics
MR.TARANG channel
Manoj Kumar
It's an epic and cool fight
Mario Jr. Domingo
I love the new window
Marlon Mamede
_Very, very, very good! But the Titan?_
Matyas Lednicky
Wow that new widow looks Cool
Mayada Mohamed
Shadow fight special edition
Mephisto Gaming
Damn I Like Old Widow😍
MizanProBro Gamer
Mr. Adurite
Anime just got real
Muhammad AHMAD
Muhammad Aiman
Damn the music is lit
Ngọc Tuấn Nguyễn
lynx shadow vs lynx: lynx shadow win\nhermit shadow vs hermit: hermit shadow win\nbutcher shadow vs butcher: but cher shadow win\nwasp shadow vs wasp: wasp shadow win\nwidow shadow vs widow: widow shadow win\nshogun shadow vs shogun: shogun shadow win
Prabin Sarkar
Awesome magic of hermit
Great music and fighting.youre epic fighter
Rubén Dario Sánchez Miriel
Epic fight dude 👍
Sasuke Uchiha
Epic 👍👍👍👍👍
Shadow Prince
Epic Fight dude👍
Shivangi Sinha
Now this is a fight
Sintu Singh
New widow is cute
Me when looking at special edition Lynx:i want his toy now
Somu Sharma
Old widow is better than new (experience is better than modest)
Stasik Gamer
widow is sexy
TGHF eedyine
cool new boss i like u shadow hero:::::)))))
Teoh Hong Zen
This is awssome
The Fake Hacker
I want lynx!
Epic fight dude👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
A real lynx has a robe in armor!
Vince Gabriel Cañete
can u do old shadow vs shadow fight 3
Waghmare Ramesh
tune to Mera Dil Jeet liya bhai ❤.
derpy Dino
The music is remix from Goblins From Mars.
don't такой как все
Epic gate
gamerz channel
It is not new boss it is young boss in special edition
hakem hakem
happy i love shadow
joakim nash Y. Capistrano
Wish there was a new Titan Right that will be cool Titan is Titan
kaan işbilen
7:00 what is the name of this music
kratya videos
I like gate of shadow
markel Hackel
myke rueca
The new widow is really sexy and hot
owry 333
red alex
nice moves bro but nah im better then u im a hacker i use cheats😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
shinchan nohara
new widow is so sexy....
steve aranha
Awesome do you play other game also
utpal mondal
Илиер Эргашев
Круто я скачал недавно игру теперь знаю какие спрсобности у Рыси Отшельник Мясника Осы Вдовы и Сёгуна ну и ещё Титан я знаю его способности спс
Роман Котляренко
Юлия Кузьмина
Слыщ ты крут а как ты это так сделал что две рыси и так далее напиши ок
직접아엘 리아
Normal widow is hotter and prettier than new widow