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The most undeniable movie Mandela Effect is from Moonraker.. Dolly 100% had braces.. that is what that whole scene was about..if you're not familiar with this one go look up it up..
Adam Lockington
A lot of what you experience, in seeing things that aren't there (like a Kong skeleton) is a psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia. \nA notable example is seeing the face of the Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich.
Alessandro Fierros
I remember seeing Disney's Aladdin as a kid in the movie theatre. Distinctly, I remember seeing the genie's lamp crumbling at the end. When we got the VHS of it, the scene was completely different; nothing like that happens to it. I thought, maybe, it was an alternate cut of the movie. I believed that for decades. About a year ago, I saw The Duck Tales movie, where that exact thing happens to that genie's lamp. Turns out I combined the two \
I remember that LJN made the greatest games on NES. Especially those based on movies.
Ameretsu Shidori
I remember I used to watch this guy called \
Andrew Seymour
This is a Doosy. There is an Arnold Schwarzenegger that has a scene in it that people say they don't know it, but it sound familiar and no one can remember the name of it. The scene is.. Arnold save this guy that is in a cage, but the cage is surrounded by creatures that will trap you in their arms and suck you dry to the bone. Arnold just walks right past them and lets the guy out of the cage. When the guy gets out of the cage he runs and he ends up running into a creature and gets sucked dry to the bone. I have been told it is Conan or Red Sonya. I have watched all 23 movies many times and never have found this scene. Please help.\n\nAndrew
Fruit Loops used to be spelled Froot Loops with all four O's being different colored cereal. Good luck finding that box on Google images.
Austin Singer
I remember seeing my father as a kid but he's nowhere to be found now... Must be the Mandela Effect.
I really don't get the Mandela example. It doesn't even make sense if you think about it. He was most famous for becoming president AFTER getting out of prison.
Remember when Mandela Effect had better facial animations?
Bobby Jenkins
Bodo Ballermann
There are two characters named Captain Marvel, one owned by DC and one by Marvel. DC's Character is much older and the mentioned TV show was based on him. They relatively recently changed the name of the character to Shazam though to prevent confusion with Marvel Comic.
Brandon C Maximum
Probably the funniest example of the Mandela Effect you can pull on somebody is to play Queen's We Are The Champions. The song ends simply with the lyrics \
Brett Kreis
The best thing about this is his initial reaction being \
I used to think as a kid, they were just VHS deteriorating when whole scenes are left out. \n\nLike in Jackie Chan's \
I had kind of a reverse-mandela moment.\n\nI remember back in the mid 80s when \
Chris R
Most of these false memories seem to be based around simple mistakes. Mostly things falling outside of the norm being mistaken for things that fall within the norm.\nFor example Looney Tunes being misremembered as Looney Toons makes sense because toons is more often associated with cartoons than tunes is.\nMemories aren't actually stored in their entirety within the brain. We remember bits and pieces that we use to recreate the memory later and we fill in the bits that are missing with whatever makes the most logical sense. Well what happens if one of those bits and pieces your brain recreates later as opposed to remembering outright isn't the most logical thing you'd expect it to be?
Anyone remember the anime-esque cartoon Code Lyoko? I distinctly remember them apparently adding lyrics to the theme song later in the show, with it starting out just an instrumental. As far as I can tell, it always had lyrics. Weird.
I love arguing with the nutjobs who think the Mandela Effect is caused by alternate realities or CERN ripping holes in reality. They're so full of themselves and so utterly convinced that they can't possibly be wrong that it's truly hilarious to see how much they twist things around to be right. It's like, \
I love the Mandela Effect, it just shows how shitty our memmories really are.
Darth Sceledrus
Daytime Sky
I have one of my own, from a video game. Anyone familiar with the game _Alley Cat_ on the Atari800? As a kid, I could have sworn that I somehow crossed over to some other level, some completely different house, with different graphics and everything. My then-best friend even said to me something about \
Devon Ortiz
To answer your question at the start\nIt's just called remembering shit wrong. It happens to literally everyone.
Doctor Feinstone
I never had this memory but many people remember the Tom hanks film \
DontTaze MeBro
This may not be completely a Mandela effect, but I hear people tons of times over the years saying that Mortal Kombat theme from the movie in the 90s was the actual theme from the original games.\n \n\nMORTALLL KOMMMMBATT!!!!!
For me, one of the biggest is Dolly Braces in Moonraker, the Bond film from '79. I made a video on that topic a couple of month ago. Weird phenomenon!
Eric Schell
This is why I never took history class of any kind serious. How am I supposed to take the word of what someone is telling me, if we sometimes can't remember how an event went down two months ago, let alone hundreds of years ago with information passed on over and over again, and how many of these stories are made up but we just don't know.
Exerberus The dude
I love the way you narrate and explain things. So calming.
FishFluid One
People don't remember tower 7 collapsing🤔
I swear I remember it being Berenstein and Looney Toons.. i had to Google to make sure you weren't pulling a late April fools... Jesus it's no joke... I am in a different dimension. Same as James.. that's kinda cool... I guess.\nlove the channel\nvery cool video
God ziller
I'm a simple man,I see Godzilla in the thumbnail, I click
I'm still amazed by your video-store room.
Han Solo
The Mandela Effect is fine as a phenomenon, once people realise that it is faulty memory at play and not a dimensional cross-over. The internet has driven a lot of people crazy with things like this and there are way too many who now believe that this is part of a conspiracy involving CERN. It is really scary how easily people can be convinced to believe crazy ideas.
This was great, you should do one on video games.
James Barrett
It's Bernstein dammit. We'll, at least I didn't cross over alone.
Jared Beilstein
Hold up a second.\n\nyou got a daughter?\n\nMust make for some interesting school conversations about dad's. \
Jesse's Auditorium
I stopped watching when you said \
Jim Holguín
Pretty sure Curious George has never had a tail tho.
Joey Green
Do you know there was an octopus scene in Goonies.For years no one believed me . Thank God for YouTube.
Jose Canalizo
The way he pronounces Mandela bothers me everytime he says it
Perhaps also a case of Mass Hysteria. Proves how easy the mind is to control.
I still cant believe the evil witch in Snow White actually says \
Katelyn Jewel
Interestingly enough, while Looney Tunes does have the \
angry video game nerd? no way, i remeber it as angry NINTENDO nerd.
The mandela effect is a fun thing to think about, but it's not a legitimate effect recognized by science. I think it has to do more with statistics when a group of remember it in the right way and others just add little details and context to make it easier to comprehend (Luke, I am your Father), it is really easy to implant memories in people's mind if you say it with enough conviction. no one is around debunking trivial details about pop culture, so that's why accept them as we are told.
in Queens song \
Lenstar Productions
I remember many years ago at the end of the SpongeBob episode The Bully, after Mrs. Puff yells \
Luke Schwiebert
One very common example I've seen is a false moment from Return of the Jedi: when the Ewok with the hang glider crashes to the ground, many (myself included) distinctly remember that, immediately after crashing, he is also crushed flat by an AT-ST walker- but in fact he does not! \n\nHowever, this one has a pretty easy explanation: a walker DOES appear directly above him, and for a brief moment it looks like its foot COULD come crashing straight down onto his head, but instead it touches down on the ground behind him. Most likely our childhood selves saw the foot about to drop, briefly feared that we were about to see him squished, and later remembered the fear more easily than the real happening.
Male Empires
I remember a scene in \
Manuel Hinojosa
what about the queen song we are thr champions where people remember freddie saying \
Menacing Mecha
When I was younger I watched my Dad play the start of RE4, and I distinctly remember the game opening up with Leon going into a large, two story house at night time during autumn. Inside, the player is attacked by that enemy with the chainsaw and the sack over their head, triggering a QTE in which the player jumps onto the chainsaw, then out the window, breaking the glass.\n\nFast forward to when I finally played the game myself earlier this year, and that scene is instead in the village, with one of the random locals on the ground floor instead. There was even the same dialogue of trying to talk to the villager before being attacked, except instead of a QTE, it went straight into regular gameplay.
Mist ErSecurity
Cats VS Dogs (2001 Movie) went to 'Cats & Dogs'-- never knew until Nostalgia Critic did a review of it.\n\nAlso, I remember the monopoly guy having a monocle.\n\nFor others; it's Febreze, Skechers & Charles Schultz\n\nI assumed one day (my grandma always got the \
Moon Bear
I remember an episode of the Simpsons explaining how they got their house, Homer commenting on the pink walls.. I think Abe gave them money, it was the best they could get.. episode doesn't exist \nMagic Mirror on the wall.. i'm positive it was Mirror Mirror\nI remember Oogie Boogie being more vulgar, lots of things
I have a very distinct false memory of the Xbox/Ps2 game of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I remember after fighting the ring wraiths on weathertop I kept dying because I'd been poisoned from bat bites and had no healing items, so I had to give up the game. I replayed the game many years later only to find that there are no bats in the game, or poison for that matter. Shit's crazy.
Nation of Masturbation
What about Pikachu having a dark tip on its tail?
Nick Johnson
Is the fact that a mass amount of people seem to remember the live action mario bros movie being funny a mandela effect?
I remember clear as day that the Wolf in the 3 little pigs cartoon says \
I remembered seeing Darth Vader's ghost in Return of the Jedi looking like he did when he was unmasked - now the DVD's I have, and when I've caught it on TV shows Hayden Christensen
Rich Uncle Pennybags didn't have a monocle. That's the Planter's Peanut. I seem to remember a Curious George Cover in which George is hanging upside down, taking the Man in the Yellow Hat's hat. The image in my mind sees George from the waist up, which can easily cause a person to think he's hanging by his tail the way so many mischievous cartoon primates, especially Hannah-Barbera characters (because of the similar art style) did around the time George was most popular.
PK Rockin Ω
for the longest time I thought febreze was spelled as febreeze
Paul Bujak
If the Mandela effect is real, I'd really like to go to a universe where I'm not a complete loser.\n\nAlso, The problem with memories is that every time you remember something, you're remembering the last time you remembered it. It's like your brain is playing a game of telephone by itself.
Pebkio Nomare
Mandela Effect: Because I can't be wrong about this many things... so the whole universe is wrong.
This is kinda related, but I get deja vu A LOT. Like, I would dream about say something specific happening while driving toward Reading, or something like that. Then, the same exact thing would happen months later in real life. It's like I predicted it or something. It freaks me out sometimes. Anybody else like this?
I can explain the shazaam thing. if you have the VHS of kazaam you will notice that the trailer that comes on right before the movie starts is a trailer for a sinbad movie...
Rob Lego
I remember people saying man-DELLA, not MAN-della. Is that a Jersey thing?
Roger Clemens
For the last 37 years I swear I was told multiple times I was a c-section baby. I've had this conversation quite a few times growing up: there were complications, the chord was around my neck 3 times, etc. I was actually blue. Anyway, i was told recently that I was a regular birth, just with the aforementioned complications. How can I remember being told so many times I was a c-section? It drives me nuts!
Who remembers nesquik tasting good? Now it tastes like shit...
Sam Wetherington
When I was really young I remember catching the climax scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective on TV. I thought It was this horrifying scene where Ace viciously strips and beats a woman, and when the police were asking if everything was okay, Ace would put his hands on his hips, grin and say that everything was fine. All the while the woman was crying and saying that he was taking advantage of her. Then his grin would be replaced with a scowl and then he preceded to beat her again.\n\nMany years later I caught the scene again and I identified all of the aspects, (Jim Carry, a woman/man getting stripped, the warehouse, and the armed police.) I realized that I remembered the scene wrong. Its kind of funny to me, the scene I remember kind of looked like something from Cape Fear from Martin Scorcese. You remember that scene where Max Cady beats that woman before he rapes her? It was like that. But the actual scene was tonally opposite. Its one of the weirdest things I have ever experienced.
Scuba steve7
I feel like with the the berenstain bears thing, people subconciously read berenstein because its a more common name
Sgt Reed
Sonic Speed
Hell no, Sinbad was a genie i remember and no one will change my mind.
Shaq+Kazaam=Shazaaam, boom, solved the internet
is everyone going to gloss over the fact that this man has never seen space jam
I remember Rubik's Cube being spelled Rubix Cube.
i remember seeing anakin skywalker in ep VI with a beard and gray hair
You mention memory screwing with memory. Well, it's a known fact that whenever we recall a memory we're basically rewriting the original memory and that's one way in which memory gets garbled over time and you misremember things and reasons why eyewitness testimony is starting to be considered unreliable at best.
Well one partial explanation for the Joker and the King Kong ones here for people our age is that our TVs weren't nearly as good back in the day so our brains filled in a lot of the missing information. That dollar bill would've been pretty hazy so if you were expecting to see Jokers face there you would've. And that rock formation did look pretty damn skull like.
Tom Majestic
I always knew it was Looney Tunes, thanks to my Dad. He is one big fan of the animated shorts and loved to point out those things. Warner Bros. Looney Tunes was to sort of parody/rival Disney's Silly Symphonies. WB also had Merrie Melodies too. All music related to the titles. If I remember right MM had a more Disney feel to it and LT was straight up, well, Looney.
Tommy Satterfield
Man, James mispronounces things all the time. But Mandela? One of the most famous people on the planet in the 20th century. He's had to have heard the name 1 million times.
Unicorn Wizard
Yo\nYou remember that Chinese protester that stood in front of those tanks?\nI remember the tanks fuckin running him over\nI remember it being super graphic. \nbut that never actually happens.
When I was a kid, the TV network broadcasted a kids show called \
Really? You didn't include the most famous movie Mandela effect? The \
awddrifter 02
The Mandela effect is an example of why eyewitness testimony should not be taken as evidence in a court of law. People are not very good at remembering things accurately.
There was an experiment done a few years back where people's brains were being scanned very in-depth while they were looking at a few different images. A computer program tried to not only tell what image they were looking at, but recreate the image based on brain activity. One that really struck me was an image of a bird flying through the air. However, the background would be different depending on who they were scanning (blue sky, clouds, a forest), and the bird was even in a different perspective for one of the subjects. Just shows that even as we are watching something, our brain is already filling in unimportant details, sometimes completely synthesizing them.
Not sure if this counts but I'm DESPERATE to find ANYONE who remembers this. It's driving me crazy!!!! Ok I grew up in the '90s and I remember when I was little around Halloween time, there were these trick or treat stop motion (claymation) shorts. They always went the same way. It was in profile view with the boy on the left and the right side was a close up of the house. The boy would say \
harry peli
May not have been Looney Toons. But it was definitely Tiny Toons
Speaking about Batman: I do remember that scene when a gotham citizen unfolded a dollar bill a saw the Joker face on it and ever since I also watch it when its on TV hopping to see that scene. Also, I remember when Gordon discovers what its laughing from the dead Joker it a little bag, I remember gordon opens the bag and find out a little red thing makin the laugh sound. Please tell me there is others out there that also remember this
i swear to god, its berenstein
My own personal Mandela effect was Jurassic Park. When I saw it in the theaters and it got to the end and the Trex gets the raptors, I remember seeing the rex actually crash through the building at the end before facing the raptors. When I got the vhs I watched it again and there was no such scene. The rex just shows up behind them. I never understood it and others have claimed they saw the same thing.
The avgn is a dad?! How tf?
monopoly guy with the monacle is actually the pringles logo and thats why everyone thinks that ... mind blown
ryan girard
FYI, both Marvel AND DC have characters named Captain Marvel that are getting movies in 2019. DC later changed their character's comic to being called Shazam to avoid confusion.
Is it me of the Mandela Effect?! Who remembers when Whoppers and Jumbo Jacks being bigger and tasting better!???
God damned speedsters, always screwing up the timeline -_-
A lot of these seem to be forgetting specifics about characters and logos and using general assumptions instead.\n\nWe assume fruit is spelled with a u in all cases and not with an o in froot loops. We assume all monkeys have tails and we know Curious George is a monkey so we think he must have a tail. We assume rich and snobby people have monocles, so the monopoly man should. Cartoons is spelled with an o and Loony Tunes is a cartoon so we assume it is as well. You get the point.\n\nThese assumptions are important because your brain can only remember so much, and general information will have you be right 99% of the time, but that 1% is where this effect comes in.