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Power Rangers Ninja Storm Season Story Recap, featuring scenes from Episodes 1-38.Watch the Wind Power Rangers become superheroes for their epic battles against Lothor and his monsters. Epic moments like Thunder Rangers, Green Samurai Ranger's Origin, Storm Zords, Battlizer, and Final Battle are included in this video.Cast: Pua Magasiva (Shane / Red Ranger), Sally Martin (Tori / Blue Ranger), Glenn Mcmillan (Dustin / Yellow Ranger), Adam Tuominem (Hunter / Crimson Ranger), Jorgito Vargas Jr (Blake / Navy Ranger), and Jason Chan (Cam / Green Samurai Ranger).This recap is an overview of the main highlights in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. We are celebrating the 25th Anniversary with recaps from every single season of Power Rangers! Stay tuned for more epic surprises from our favorite superheroes in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.What was your favorite moment in Power Rangers Ninja Storm? Comment Below. .All-new episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers premiere in 2019.

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AKIF Satare
All megazords
Aaron Samuels
Scroll of empowerment, descend
Abdullah Ebn-Omar
Shane is stronger
Abhay Mishra
All episodes are too good and amazing
Adam M
Who is the red Ninja ranger @ 3:52
Anbarasu P
Pls tamil language upload
Antonio Montana
I mean that was my childhood. But damn, this REALLY didnt age well
Avinas Garav
Nice Power Rangers
Best scenes
Plz upload in tamil language
Binh TC Nguyen
better than ninja steel
The first of the Disney Era, this season introduced me to words like \
Brandon Johnson
Them:They have sticks really big sticks any suggestions?\n\nMe: Use your damn swords!!!
Braxton Bobo
The first ranger series to have a yellow dude ranger and a blue girl ranger
Chauhan Sagar
Batha episode hindi ma upload karo
Ninja storm best comedy season ever. Dino thunder is next.
Dhrhf Fbdn
Donting24 ⚡️
Omg they can acctually act, show went downhill since disney left
Doofy Vlogs And Gaming
55:25 what’s with the music
Eric Lew gaming and stuff
Awesome video 👍👍👍💛 #powerrangers
Estefany Bustos
Livsixk fhkfkgk
Lion hammer hmmmm
Fap Man
I used to fap to tori :v
Frank Nguyen
Now is 2018. Does anyone still see this Power Ranger Ninja storm?? I just review to see this Power ranger I remember my memories on childhood. I really miss my memories on childhood. On the Grade 1,2 I had been see this Power Ranger since then I was start went to elementary school.
Gabriel Souza
É dar vídeo e show
Gabriel Velasco
Go go power rangers ninja storm! If these rangers had a victory line they said every time they destroyed a monster in a fight or megazord battle it would be (earth ninjas win, space ninjas lose!)
Govind Varshney
Dino charger recaps
Hanifathul Mubarak
Dub this video in tamil please
Hardik Chudasama
the battalizer episdoe my favroite shane karma part 1 and 2
Imtiyaz Ahmed
Make the episodes of dino thunder
J Smooth Soul Beats
i liked this season, i was happy they changed the tone from wild force but i wasn't feeling the sensai being a genipig at all, Lothar was funny and i like him despite hating comedic villains. But now that i'm older i just don't care for this season and haven't watched it in full in over 10 years.
Here my own power rangers idea zodiac force & I like saban power rangers is best
I've gotta admit, I've grew up watching Ninja Storm and it has to be one of my favourite Power Rangers series. Also the rangers are really great in their own way, especially the Thunder rangers because Hunter is more of a badass & Blake is more caring.
Jarek Bradshaw
You know I just now noticed something, Cam was the first green samurai ranger and he was the first one to bust out super samurai mode, I guess it's just me but I'm just saying that before the concept of the samurai rangers, Cam was the first actual samurai ranger
Jarrod Hodges
The first female blue ranger,thunder rangers,ninja glider bike ,Shane battlizer ,the hurricane megazord,the green samurai ranger
Jbin Tdk
Tori 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘💝💝💝💞 \nI am so happy my childhood was all these power rangers and Tom and Jerry not what's on these days
Jebaraj Solomon
I love ninja storm
Jeremiah Cherian
Joshua Jardel Allotey
Who else thinks that cams super samurai mode should have been his normal morpher...i mean seriously, the super u are the more your armaments...right?
Krishna Prashad
Power Ranger monster
Kummari Jagadeesh
I love power rangers
Laxman Singh
I love this show
Legendary Power Rangers
What is your favorite moment in Power Rangers Ninja Storm?
2018 viewers?
McKenzie Law
Cam’s super samurai mode almost looks like he is part of Megaforce
You'll float too.You'll float too.You'll float too.You'll float too.You'll float too.YOU'LL!FLOAT!TOO!.............................................................................Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaa..............
Mr Swag 010
What’s weird is that I just finished binge watching Ninja Storm
Muscle Broz
its like playing a game on easy mode😂😂
Fake move
Naveen MIET96
Hey you can do all episode in tamil language
@07:16-08:28\n\nOkay, Cam. I like you and all, but, you kind of over did it with the unnecessary exposition, man. I mean, we get it. These are the rangers' zords. Now can we please get back to the action?!
Pari Chohadry
Love your videos!!
Paul Verner
Power Rangers Ninja Storm is yet another one of the best seasons of all time. Sure it does have some flaws, but I was able to look pass them quickly. Shane was a really great Red Ranger and leader of the Ninja Storm Rangers. For a first female Blue Ranger, Tori was really good(not only was she smart, she was also tough when she needed to be). Dustin was a pretty cool Yellow Ranger(yes he was an air-headed goof at first, but he grew, matured, and learned from that point on). I really didn't care much for Hunter as the Crimson Ranger. There was something about him that really threw me off and I can't even put my finger on it. Plus, Hunter's acting 90% of the time was pretty bad. Blake was a cool Navy Ranger and I think that he was way better than Hunter as a Thunder Ranger. As for Cam, he was a really good Green Ranger and he was just as smart as Tori was. All in all, despite having a few flaws, Ninja Storm was a great season.
Predator Arroyo
My childhood memories. 😢\nThat's why i like ninja stom.
Prince Narula
What the name of blue ranger
Ramon Dantas Oliveira
The Red Ranger was born in Samoa but he lives in New Zeland
Rapha PS
Really enjoyed this season!! RANGER FORM NINJA STORM!!
Ravish Ranjan
From where i can download the season recap of power rangers ninja storm. Plzzz
Ripon Biswas
Final episode
Super amazing video
I like power rangers ninja storm this was my childhood tv show I like the sky blue ranger ?????????
Sabel Hydara
my name is Amanda and the
Sean McCall
Another season where I actually liked the main villain. I mean,come on, episode 1:\
Sebahate Misimi
Next Recap Power rangers dino thunder black ranger ore white ranger story and battles cant wait for fridays recap and its my birthday on friday
Secondra Teron
Wow nice it's good
I don't know if you guys noticed but the thunder rangers helmets designs look very similar to the red and yellow wind rangers helmets. Like the red rangers helmet is used as a template for the crimson ranger and the yellow rangers helmet is used as a template for the navy ranger.
Shakil Driver
I love this video
Shark Dude 7
One of my favorite seasons, all the characters were great, Thunder Rangers are awesome, Lothor was ok but Mesagog was better. This was my introduction and first season into Power Rangers; it was awesome.
Shyam Nepal
Power Rangers lovers until i die
Sudha Thapa
hi pow Rangers
Sumit Tirkey
Make recap of operation overdrive please
Swaroop Dhanyamraju
Upload full series in telugu
Sylvester Young
My favorite ninja storm moment is a two-part episode called Shane's Karma when Shane was about to morph but he can't because Skyla was right in front of him. Here's a twist she knew he was a power ranger from the start. That's how he got his battlizer from Skyla's lifeforce
Thamilazhagan Aravinth
Can you Please Upload Full Episodes of Ninja Storm in Single or Part Wise Category ??
The Funny Guys
Green power Rangers
Tobiloba Olusanya
No More I Love Lothor
Wesley Thaina
Will ENT
This is the best season of power rangers hands down
YashBash Plays
Im chinese
alaguraja.B me .9597690141
super super
coc pro player rshu
Please in hindi
Good ol middle school ;(
How sad is it that the self-aware comedy series payed more respect to Japanese culture than Samurai and Ninja Steel did
joseph wilson
Still said Cam is the best Green Ranger since Tommy!!! Dead ass he is the only one who re comes close to taking the best Green Ranger spot from Tommy I even think it might be a tie there only giving it to Tommy best he the Original an out of respect for the OG Green Ranger.
mahendra chudal
Very very enjoying rangers
munna kona
I want jetix channel back
my loves
polly hoeneycone
I like the dark blue thunder ranger he is so cool.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
prabhakar kmsp
I miss Disney era power rangers😭😭😭
ramesh sailakshman
Need power rangers back
screecing piescis
Brings back my childhood memories
Watched the whole series for the first time on DVD last summer. Was surprised and impressed, at how good this one was and how well the comedic and ninja aesthetics were adapted by Disney, even though this was their first time tackling PR production.
uber yangster
my favorite moment was when cam got to be the green samurai ranger
yago santos
ابولو المنامي
عبد الرحمن صلاح
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