Kodaline - All I Want (Part 1)

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All I Want High Hopes In a Perfect World Kodaline Kodalinevevo Th... album alternative hq indie indie rock music video official single vevo video

Abraham Tonkie
Hold up so the dad is a dog
Ada Hygge
After working, he only spends time playing with his dog, and sitting around the deers, because animals don't judge him and ridicule about how he looks... I was suddenly crying like a baby while watching that scene, it touched my heart deeply :(
Ahmad Romdhony
The best song ever
Alexander Supertramp
Anyone with me, 2019?
i just remember seeing them live last year at a festival and crying in the crowd, i always cry when i hear this song (i just felt like sharing, also have a nice life sweethearts!)
Android Expert /AR/
4:15 he forgot his backpack
Angela Gamino
This makes me sad because I realize how cruel humans can be to people who are different, being different is not bad, being different means being special, it means having something that nobody else has and that makes YOU, YOU. It makes me sad that people think that because you are not \
Anime Ep Sauce
The fact that good looking people say that \
Anno Anno
Art2mist Chanel
indo? 2019?
Azenzen Zenzen
So sad :\
Car Guy88
I feel like him everyday but I'm no hero and I don't have anything special
DMND Trolling
Anyone Hearing This 2019
Daniel Bereche
2019 and still good :)
David Khaute
This brought tears in my eyes.....very touching.
Debbie Marie
he forgot his bag?
Dheeraj Singh
Why people attract to face beauty but the fact is real beauty is inside the person.i love this reality.😃
Dia Dianna
I hope you're all okay. You deserve to be happy and loved.
Diamond Taylor
This is so sad I’m still crying
Dody S Christian
I love this clip..thanks God,You're the fair thing of this cruel world
Don't Read My Profile Picture
_Someone will find this comment one day._
1 True Friend can make him happy for the rest of his life, and thats true in reality
Faith Grey
So i am getting a pet dog.
Felipe Maciel
que video lindo gostei muito
Gabriel Rodriguez
Dog is a man best friend no matter what they look like 👍😊
Gameplay PT
Shit society we live, everybody judges other people about how they wear, or how they think or even what language they speak, come on we're all humans, instead of races... Colors... Thoughts we're all equal...
Giang Bui
Anyone with me, January 2019 :))
Giovana Mazaia Butera
2019 ? \nMano amo esse clipe (1 e 2) tem que ter o 3! Aliás tem que ter um filme ( pera aí tem filme ?) 🇧🇷💜💜💜💜💜
Great Timothy
very emotional vid it mke me cry😢😢😢
Hamdan Ramadhan
Harnam Singh
Anyone with me, 1st jan 2019?
Hello I’m me nice to meet you Now bend over
I feel like I can relate sometimes I feel like a freak but I can never get over it and I feel like I’m not important to people and I never want to live through it and if anyone can relate at least I love you❤️
Hilmy Hayyan
anyone with me, january 2019?
moral of the story: get a dog, not a girl.
Jenifer Morocho Lopez
Thumbs up if you agree
Jhosselyn Cruz
🌍 *2019* Kodaline 💕
Jibak Chakma
Anyone with me 2019
Great music video and love part to
February 20l9?
Kishore Hembram
I dont know why i used to laugh and get emotional at the same time....at the beginning of the scene..but i used to watch it everyday...😊😊
Len Hansing
Don't judge people form their looks \nAnd anyone here from 2019
Llama Smasher
When I get old I’d love to have a friend like this. I now notice how immature everyone can be. They have to fight the hardest for love.
Luan Feroz lia
Lucy J
This song sounds like a road trip
Esto me pone bien sad :\
Maria Angelia
Anyone with me, December 2018😊
Masha Morozova
omg i'm crying
Matthias Raeithel
Reminds me of deadpool
Mechie Nk
Throughout this video all I'm thinking is I would love to date him. He looks so coollllll
2019 anyone?
Nikki Walker
It doesnt matter how you look like. A dog will always love you.. no matter what
Oshan Pallawala
Find this song in movie \
Pelusa metalera
With this video I learned that dogs are still better than humans.
Pepe Velazquez
Que Ermosa💘 Cansion💘 El Video👌👍🍒💖
Play bts At my funeral
Bro this is my first time watching the video and it made me so sad and happy at the same time
this guy have the most beautiful heart
Ridhiya Ramadhana
2019 somebody here?
who wants a cake?\r\n{\\__/}\r\n( • - •)\r\n/ ⊃🎂\r\ncost=1 like.
SAOIF Channel
Sapariah Oning
Anyone with me, jan 2019
Sineklere Fısıldayan Adam
be happy
Smiley Sarai
this is beautiful yet it shows such a powerful message :\
Sofea Richie
Here we go again I cried like a baby 😭
Sofi M.A
This song was made in 2012...\nPeople still listen in 2018.\nQuality never changes
Soldierre W
Oh God I'm crying
Sour_Patch_Kid 03
This needs to be a movie!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Nobody 👏 Cares 👏 What 👏 Year 👏 You're 👏 Listening 👏 To 👏 This 👏
who's still listening in 2469💖
Syaafiyah Ica
Anybody with me ? 2019 ? 😊😊😊😊
I'm just here to see date's
Thals Pr
To chorando aki😐 triste man
Toby Holland
The mask represents his insecurities, his fears and his vulnerability. People see these qualities as weak or ugly, but true strength is in knowing yourself, being virtuous and having integrity. Being sensitive is not the same as being lame. Having fears is not the same as being cowardly.
Unfaedah Tutor Channel
Still sad with this song\n\nJanuary,2019
Weed. Bean
dogs are the best
Who is Brian
Point is: Dogs are great because they don't judge by how we look
Zhar Borneo
Who crying in feb 2018 ?
abbas ismawir
*sad nibba hour enter the chat in 2019*
denim sonic
[Verse 1]\nAll I want is nothing more\nTo hear you knocking at my door\n'Cause if I could see your face once more\nI could die a happy man, I'm sure\nWhen you said your last goodbye\nI died a little bit inside\nI lay in tears in bed all night\nAlone without you by my side\n\n[Chorus]\nBut if you loved me, why'd you leave me?\nTake my body, take my body\nAll I want is, and all I need is\nTo find somebody, I'll find somebody\nLike you, oh, oh, oh\nLike you, like you\n\n[Verse 2]\nSo you brought out the best of me\nA part of me I'd never seen\nYou took my soul and wiped it clean\nOur love was made for movie screens\n\n[Chorus]\nBut if you loved me, why'd you leave me?\nTake my body, take my body\nAll I want is, and all I need is\nTo find somebody, I'll find somebody\nOh, oh, oh, oh\nOh, oh, oh, oh\nOh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh\n\n[Chorus]\nBut if you loved me, why'd you leave me?\nTake my body, take my body\nAll I want is, and all I need is\nTo find somebody, I'll find somebody\nLike you
dex ter
Wtf im cring for this song..
Dogs are the best creatures of this world. They never judge you, they love unconditionally, unlike humans.
Anyone with me 2019🤗😊✌🏼 happy new year 🎉🎊💯
hakim not hakim
it makes me feel like missing someone who i don't even know \ni just want to be in relationship and got dumped to listen to this kind of music but here i am \n*voila*
its aleksandraaa
I am not crying u are.
ketan singh
Hey different person you are talented
king Holland
This make me cry 😢😢😢😭😭😭
laura müller
9 Januar 2019 🇩🇪 Germany
if you are reading this please be kind to the people around you. please. we are all human.
mae mae
who's still here in October 2018 crying like it's the first time you're watching it???
marching on the street
Where tf is the random lyrics guy?
matt Smith
Im with him↘️
panda Panda
💕💕💕💖💖💖LOVE 💖 that's all we need 💕💕💖💖💖💕💕💕💖💖💖
damn, this made me tear up.
suwaphat piajoy
number 1 my heart
Anyone with me Jan 2019😞
Лилия Ленёва
Что за фильм ?
*Appearance doesn't mean anything*
Anyone listening in 2019?