“Eugene Onegin“ - Opera by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

New Year's Music Festival '2014(24.XII.2014'-1.I.2015')

Eugene Onegin (Opera) Opera (Composition Type) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Composer)

Когда получаешь колоссальное удовольствие от прекрасного исполнения давно любимой оперы, хочется знать имена исполнителей, чтобы от души сказать им спасибо! Странно, что\nих список не появляется одновременно с публикацией записи оперы.
Adolpho Legnaro
E uma das minhas favoritas. Não é em vão, Tchaikovsky é meu compositor preferido.
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Cassandra de Kanter
Listened to the whole thing this afternoon. Beautiful.
This is a quite extraordinary opera. There's no use comparing this with Verdi or Wagner - this is a completely different, intimate piece. Tchaikovsky wrote ten operas (it may surprise some of you to learn!) and this is the best. But I do urge opera lovers to listen to Cherevichki, which Tchaikovsky thought his best opera. This has been wonderful to listen to and I do thank you so much for allowing us all to enjoy it.
Cynthia Chase
Who is this by, the film? Who is conducting? Who is singing? Never mind about the subtitles--just some production information, please!
Fernando Arismendi
Gracias Sagrado Señor Jesucristo Bendito por la música de Chaikovsky.
JOSEP DEL RIO / Contratenor
REPARTOACTORES - CANTANTES / SINGERSOnegin - Michal Dočolomansky, voice Bernd Weikl\nTatiana - Magdalena Vašaryova, voice Teresa Kubiak\nLenski - Emul Horvath, voice Stuart Burrows\nOlga - Kamila Magalova, voice Julia Hamari\nMadame Larina - Antonie Hegerlikova, voice Anna Reynolds\nPrince Gremin- Premisl Koči, voice Nicolai Ghiaurov\nFilipyevna - Vlasta Fabianova, voice Enid Hartle\nMonsieur Triquet - František Filipovsky, voice Michel Sénéchal \nZaretsky - Andrej Hryc, voice Richard Van Allen\nA captain - Karol Calik, voice William Mason\nGuillot - Petr Lepša\nJohn Alldis Choir / Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden\nConductor sir Georg Solti / 1987
Ja Twarek
Przepiękna opowieść malowana obrazem, nutkami i grą aktorską. Puszkin pewnie byłby zadowolony, że tworzy się tak wspaniałe inscenizacje. Szkoda, że dawna Rosja Puszkina, nie jest już Rosją Puszkina, a Putina.
Jerzy Trubicki
Как же прекрасно созерцать прошлое ! И дышать романтикой любви ! Пушкин и Чайковский создали мир,который останется в сердцах тех,кто неравнодушен к созерцанию прекрасных дней славного прошлого ! Честь гению ума !
John Hunter
Assuming this is dubbed. Anyone know the tenor?
Julia J
Singers are superb, but if you are going to make a film, -- there are so many fantastic native Russian singers -- why pick people whose accents are distracting from otherwise fine performances?
Beautifully filmed. Especially love Bernd Weikl as the voice of Onegin and Nicolai Ghiaurov as the voice of the prince as they are two of my all time favorite baritones.
Lien Guidon
Something new to me, this mix of video and stage performance...
Luda Kapkina
Thank you!
Marcos Vinicios Ribeiro / Composer
One of the most beautiful thing I ever hear in my life !!!!
Marie Laurence Gonzalez
Monica Stevens
Thank goodness for technology! This is such a superb opera!
Natalia Alabina
Natallia Prakharenka
Let me guide you to a really superb version, done by Russians in 1958 https://youtu.be/odMoa7I_hnU
Olga Tolkatcheva
Could you please post - who are the singers, director and conductor? It is just super!!
Peter Barker
I don't follow the language either, nevertheless so much of the story is told on the close shots of the character's portraits. Photography superb, direction in a class of it's own.
56:49 cuck'd
Robin Hillyard
Yes, it's great to see this in movie form. But I'm having a hard time dealing with the cuts. I don't think Tchaikovsky would be happy.
Romin N
Wonderful production, but are the singers lip-syncing? It does not look like they're singing, just moving their mouths slightly.
Rosa Angela
Fantastic! Adorable. Thanks and congratulations.
Roseline Sauli
Quelle merveille cet opéra de Tchaikovsky. Lensky magnifique (kuda kuda) Production superbe. Merci pour ce post.
Rosemary Hoffman
Just watching and listening to the music without reading subtitles really let me appreciate the music. I saw the Met-Netrebko HD version, so I had an idea of what was happening, but I didn't really listen like this time. Wonderful singers and orchestra.
Shulan Achord
I love Monsieur Triquet 's singing. It's so rich and smooth, the best Triquet ever.
Soňa Císařová
Filmová adaptace Čajkovského opery podle stejnojmenného románu A. S. Puškina (1988). Hrají a zpívají: M. Dočolomanský/B. Weikl, M. Vášáryová/T. Kubiak, E. Horváth, ml. /S. Burrows, K. Magálová/J. Hamari, P. Kočí/N. Gjaurov a další. Orchestr londýnské královské opery Covent Garden řídí Sir Georg Solti. Úprava a režie Petr Weigl
Star City FAME
Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
Vera Nova
Victor Robinhood
Que maravillosa produccion, tanta riqueza visual, musical, nos invita en enriquecernos de la cultura rusa.
The duel scene owes a lot to the paintings by Ilya Repin. Look them up.
William Rick
In a few words, what is the premise of this Opera please .
That's a beautiful version, thank you! Our language must be realy hard to pronounce and to learn by heart... I appreciate the effort you did!
baronvonungern sternberg
Скажите на каком это языке. Может я посмотрю ещё раз. Хотя похоже на русский. Сербы? Болгары? хотя... начинаю понимать..
brenda large
I am enjoying this so much. Many thanks to all involved and especially to the person who posted it. Very high quality singing, music and delightful scenes.
fedor fedonin
Хорошая постановка. Огромное спасибо за удовольствие от просмотра.
fernando arismendi
Señor Jesucristo gracias por la música de Chaikovsky que dijo: la música no es ilusión sino mas bien revelación, he aquí su fuerza avasalladora en revelarnos belleza que no es transitoria sino perpetua reconciliación con la vida.
Superb singers but truly TRULY superb orchestra playing and sound.
j Wayne Trimmer
Very nice indeed...
Je préfère la version avec Netrebko et Marius Kwiecien ! Désolée !!
Хорошая постановка. Вокал Ленского замечателен.\n\nVery good staging. Thank you.
nataly dobra
Найкращий фільм - опера! Супер!
o st
Introduction!!! where the entry ?? !!! its absence is awfull ! ((((deprives the opera of half of the meaning
Jeopardy brought me here.
Coincido con ComposerinUK en que no es comparable a ninguna otra ópera. Una tragedia íntima. La única ópera que puedo seguir escuchando completa, después de tantos años, sin fatigarme.
Геннадий Самусев
Для сцены, может, Ленский и хорошо, но для фильма ужасен!!!
Татьяна А
Очень люблю эту постановку, спасибо за возможность посмотреть ещё раз. Возможно, если придирчиво разбирать детали, можно найти шероховатости. Мне платье Татьяны на ее именинах не нравится, но это мелочи... Финальную сцену вообще редко кто красиво ставит, редко Татьяна обходится без ноток жеманства или мстительности. Здесь, на мой взгляд, великолепно поставлены все сцены и идея автора не извращена