Resident Evil Survivor - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 160)

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Resident Evil Survivor - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 160Twitter James ✜

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Holy shit dude this is my favorite episode yet. You've still got it my man.
*You mean you don't know the name of MR X? \
Uhh\nThat \
Alex Nowak
That music at the factory is literally unbelievable
Alexander Kim
5:01 Shaun Of The Dead reference?
Ano Nony
This game was actually fun with the light gun.
Articus Ramos
So, favorite weapon of all time in Resident evil? ( series not the single game)
Year after year, episode after episode, thank you so much, James.
Berto Barroso
Man, what a great episode! This is the best AVGN ever, I've never laughed so much with any other episode. So many moments of great humour and the video overall was so well made. Thank you James for such a great episode, I loved it!
Carroway Cantakerous Horse
Does anyone else feel like the nerd has had an epic return to form late this year?
This is what resident evil 7 got its idea from
Chief Tain
Please, please please play either RE, RE 2 or RE 3, that’d be awesome
Love the Edgar wright/Shawn of the dead \
DaUgly Hamstar
James have put more effort into this video then the devs into this game.
Deebo Nash
Dude the intro was hilarious. And when you selected the game option haha
Dennis Hall
The phone hang up? THEN WHO WAS PHONE!!??
Farley Productions
That was amazing! One of your best episodes to date too. Thank you for your hard work. We fans definitely appreciate it. =]
Fortnite Cinematic
Was that a shaun of the dead reference? At the start with the pint of beer?
Gabberman9000 Films
13:30 whats that musics name?
As a hardcore RE fan, this is the best AVGN episode ever.
Giuseppe Ianniello
All i can say is thank god for Resident Evil 7
Hyper Star
Another Masterpiece episode in the books Thanks James
That Shaun of the Dead reference ruled!
Jack Mills
I want a new Dino Crisis game! Who else does?
Jailynn Winn
“Needs no introduction” *proceeds to introduce*
Jake Nicholson
The original Resident Evil re released on GameCube was amazing. It was one of the only things amazing on the GameCube.
Jamey Perez
I have this game my uncle gave it to me as a birthday gift back when I was a kid in the 90s but I don't have a Playstation One or PlayStation 2 to play it I got to get me one someday but I love the game I'm a fan of the Resident Evil games back when I was a kid I wish for these games to be a movie and what do you know my wish came true
Jay Moncrief
Does that mean Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones work for Umbrella too? Lol
Jesse H.
Board James L I V E S ! ! !
Joseph Kennedy-Simmons
0:31 The Angry Video Game... Nerd
Júlio Salotti
That Cameo!
Shit their playstation pants so bad, they had to throw it away🤣🤣 \nawesome !
Karl Sookdeo
You make me wanna play resident evil again.
Lord Inquisitor Ninoslav
God damn it James, this is one of the best videos you ever made. my God you just keep getting better at your craft. Here is hoping you continue making this masterpieces way into retirement
Luciano Avila sobre cine y series
That Shaun of the dead reference was just beautiful, almost as beautiful as the Board James cameo
Lucius Mesiti
Board James Season 4 Confirmed!?
This game looks like the combination of Resident Evil and The House of the Dead,from Sega Saturn.
The reason it asks you if you want the item is because of your limited inventory slots. It’s a game mechanic that’s inherent of survival. Just saying.
Thank you James. This is exactly what I needed for Halloween!
Just in time for Halloween!\nThat was an amazingly well made episode. All the little references were spot-on!
Parrish Harris
This game has to be a mess if these zombies can die without a HEAD SHOT- smh.
Paul B.
His episodes just get better and better
I like this laid-back casual nerd more than the over-the-top manic nerd...
ProToken 420
Just realized that Onimusha had tank controls, forward was walk, down was move backwards, left and right made the character spin around, dude, if you can, do one for Onimusha: Warlords since they remastered version for PS4 is coming out on the 15th of January, 2019
Rai Rai
Fun fact: To this date, nobody knows for sure who played Jill Valentine in those real life FMV's. That chick is a mystery.\nP.S: Nice \
Rangga Yudhistira
And he died\n\n\nOr\n\n\nDoes he?
20:06 Board James?! Does that mean what I think and hope it means?
Residual Waste
Anyone know why this episode havnt been added to the avgn oldest to newest playlist yet? There are newer episodes in it but I have to search this one. Great episode.
That Board James cameo....\n\n\ I smelling a return of Board James? :0
Rodrigo Castillo
The way he says \
Saeid Yazdani
OMG I can not believe I missed this episode (oh yeah that day in October was my birthday)
Love the video, but this game isn't THAT bad. You should review Escape from Monster Manor on the 3DO though James!
Scott McGeachie
I work as a chef and work long hours in a hot stressful environment. After a long and hard shift especially at the weekends I put some AVGN on and chill out on the couch with a cold cider.
Scrotus Biggus Diccus
I'm trying to find the name of a zombie game I saw someone playing in early 2000s. I was young so I'm not sure if I'm being accurate. The level involved running through alleys being chased by fast shambling zombies that kill you if they touch you. You have to hide in buildings and one of the buildings has a guy survivor. When you go into the next room, the zombies still chasing you break in through the front of the store and kill him then proceed to break into the room you're in.\nAny help would be appreciated but this has been driving me nuts
Shin Black
This was hands down one of the best episodes ive seen. Keep up the good work!
Shrewd Cat
The finale takes place in an umbrella factory? Well, at least if it rains you'll be alright.
That was a close one. You were almost a Nerd sandwich.
Smith Wesson
Am I the only one who pronounces herbs with an H?
Snake Zockt
Awesome video. I laughed so hard that I almost shit out a key.
13:21 🤣🤣
This was fucking fantastic. Is it just me, or is James on a roll lately? These past couple AVGN episodes were not only very reminiscent of the classic AVGN episodes, they might be some of his best yet! Thank you Nerd, for all the years of entertainment! :)
Swishas NKush
Code Veronica X, was actually a really good/entertaining game.
T_ man
with All the Disney based tie ins I wonder why capcom didn't go on to make the kingdom hearts games
Tangleshoot Burrfoot
Taylor Frost
Resident evil survivor is pretty good sure it has it's flaws but it's good not great but good
This episode was a love letter to the Resident Evil saga
One of the best episodes to date
The Ashen Nathan Croft
Love that nod to Shaun of the dead
The Doopa
12:50 thats because you cant drop or destroy items until you find a box
The Red Guy
Very good episode keep up the good work James\nI liked the video and clicked on the bell\n\n\n\n\nor DID I?
TheClassic GK
Please tell me I’m not the only one who got the Shaun of the Dead reference at 5:00
I kinda miss Nemesis from this one.\nSTARS. WUUOOAAHHHH!!! ;)
A few of these episodes are missing from the oldest to newest playlist
This was a brilliant episode!
That intro was amazing btw
Thomas Cook
I'd love to see a episode on the Super Scope that SOB was a battery drainer
Tony Oshlick
The naked tyrant is PEPSI MAAAAAAAANNNNN! dude, have u ever played Pepsi man on psx? It’s crazy
Twilight Snarkle
When my friend, Leon S. Kennedy, put his mouth on my Meat Popsicle... Yeah, that's how I mention all the people in my life. By their full name.
10:17 - Um....Someone made a mistake with the English captions for this video. Turn them on, and see for yourself.
Zak Gaming
Is no one going to acknowledge the fact that board James was in this video! Board James might be back!
Zealandia Mapping
13:30\n*Throws a $2 CASIO down the stairs*\nDamn, I need to record that for a game.
Holy shit that RE1 intro sequence had me crying laughing
The sound the creature in the grass makes is the same pig sound used for the Ankheg in Slayer for 3DO.
That mom record sounds like Pamela Voorhees
Is this a hint of a new board James season
CAPCOM -- a game that needs no introduction\n\n*Gives CAPCOM an introduction*
thank you for nostalgia, not for RES Survivor itself, but for references to RES 2, my favorite RES.
The umbrella factory music cracks me up every time I hear it.
I love how the James takes the time with kids, a wife and other reviews/projects and puts out quality work!!!!
I hope you never stop making these reviews. Big part of my life
invisible carrot
please bring back board james.
Or.......DOES HE! 🤣🤣
murat balamsa
I disagree about this game being bad, ı think it's a good spinoff. The only bad re games imo are reorc and umbrella corps. Gaiden and survivor 2 are ok but ı wouldnt mind if you made a video about those 2.
patriots 1112
Unlike most things......this guy actually gets better with age
steve b
This was funniest avgn ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Am I the only one who thinks he should review the Heroes of Might and Magic series? Would be nice for him to review something good for once.
Love the Resident Evil inspired AVGN intro.