Resident Evil Survivor - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 160)

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Resident Evil Survivor - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 160Twitter James ✜

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Holy shit dude this is my favorite episode yet. You've still got it my man.
Alex Nowak
That music at the factory is literally unbelievable
Alibaba Jackson
5:00 shaun of the death reference? :D
I remember when I played this game in front of my dad, he was so into it that he wanted me to teach him how to play. Good memory
The reason why the RE games always ask for your consent to pick up an item is because once you pick it up, you cant drop it (unless youre playing RE:0), so its good to check if its an item you want to take with you, or just leave and come back for later.
My suggestions for future shitty games to look at: Daikatana (the N64 version ported by Kemco only), Takeshi’s Challenge (Famicon), Ride to Hell Retribution (I know it’s too recent, being a 2013 game, but it’s such a whole shit that it deserves it, that is, if you can still find a copy of it today)
Year after year, episode after episode, thank you so much, James.
Carlos de la cruz
I can't believe the final boss is fucking Pepsi Man
This is what resident evil 7 got its idea from
GOOD. QUALITY. CONTENT. Now this is a man who takes time into his videos. Phenomenal as always.
Christopher Vanek
This video review is over... or is it? 😬😂
Love the Edgar wright/Shawn of the dead \
Curtis Robinson
Does this mean we're getting a new Nerd Room and new Board James?
Daniel Clark
4:58-5:05\nAnd don't forget to deal with Wesker!\n\
Dennis Hall
The phone hang up? THEN WHO WAS PHONE!!??
Eero Kukko
I have to say, this is definately one of you best works James.\nIt has that energy and enthusiasm in it, not to mention all that detail from opening, to sketches and even that reference to shaun of the dead... yeah, all Aces with this episode.
El Señor Castañera
Nerd should be in the next resident evil movie
Yesterday I watched this Episode 2 Times! I fucking love it :D Definetly one of your best, James :)
Exhleon Exhleon
Hopefully this was some foreshadowing for some future episodes of board James! :D
Farley Productions
That was amazing! One of your best episodes to date too. Thank you for your hard work. We fans definitely appreciate it. =]
Fortnite Cinematic
Was that a shaun of the dead reference? At the start with the pint of beer?
George Davies
4:59 Shaun of the dead.
As a hardcore RE fan, this is the best AVGN episode ever.
Goks The giggly Goks
Jesus Christ talk about production value that's amazing
Hazukichan X
Hyper Star
Another Masterpiece episode in the books Thanks James
Jailynn Winn
“Needs no introduction” *proceeds to introduce*
Jake the Snake
You are somewhat inside my soul
Jason Vectrex
Sounded like xcom aliens dying sound effects added in the beginning of the video
Jeff Zajac
This was amazing, avgn’s still killin it!!
Jesse H.
Board James L I V E S ! ! !
Kevin Twiner
Who are you Guys an why are you in my Yard lmao 🤣
Lee Hardcastle
I played this with the g-con 45, I rented it from Blockbusters - thought it was alright, it was the easiest game ever but fun
Luan Henrique Gonçalves da Silva
Plz, make a review from Apocalypse with Bruce Willis for psx
Luciano Avila sobre cine y series
That Shaun of the dead reference was just beautiful, almost as beautiful as the Board James cameo
Lucius Mesiti
Board James Season 4 Confirmed!?
Mario alberto cantu
I like the smiling face that puts chris when the nerd are saying he destroys his house 21:09
Matthew Pont
This is the best produced nerd video bar none. Congratulations James and crew!
Max Gamez
I love resident evil,you can see my Chris cosplay in my picture,and I love avgn. Both together are a masterpiece! \\( ^o^)/
Mecha Leo
18:50 Uh, is that guy on the right your granddad's granddad or something?
This is my 5th time watching this and I cannot stop laughing. 😂😂😂
Barry: \
Thank you James. This is exactly what I needed for Halloween!
Just in time for Halloween!\nThat was an amazingly well made episode. All the little references were spot-on!
One Stop Analogue Video Shop
I remember this fuckin' waste of space. I accidentally doomed myself to a weekend of playing it after renting it thinking I was getting something in line with my much beloved early Resident Evil games.
Pete Smith
Been fan since the \
I remember on one door of one of this games, that a zombie appeard when you open the door. I almost shit myself when i was a kid and that happened ahahha
I swear, the nerd has some of the best one liners in the history of entertainment
20:06 Board James?! Does that mean what I think and hope it means?
Red Guy
Very good episode keep up the good work James\nI liked the video and clicked on the bell\n\n\n\n\nor DID I?
That Board James cameo....\n\n\ I smelling a return of Board James? :0
Robo Dragon
Is nobody gonna talk about board james?
Rodrigo Castillo
The way he says \
Saturns Cube Master
Your episodes sheer me up alot great work James
Scott McGeachie
I work as a chef and work long hours in a hot stressful environment. After a long and hard shift especially at the weekends I put some AVGN on and chill out on the couch with a cold cider.
I absolutely love ur videos please keep up the good work😂😁👍
Shin Black
This was hands down one of the best episodes ive seen. Keep up the good work!
That was a close one. You were almost a Nerd sandwich.
Yeah.. the music is glitched, it doesn't sound like that at all normally. It's a nice little suspense music with piano lol
for doing a casual Angry Video Game Nerd review here on this game, seeing him in a cutscene of this game kind of ruined the purpose; he actually made it look better than it should be lol :)\n\nespecially on 4:16
Did you have bad takeout or something? There's so much shit
i hope board James gets another season!
One of the best episodes to date
The Ashen Nathan Croft
Love that nod to Shaun of the dead
The Bedroom Guitarist
those editing skills are legendary.
The End Is Near
Conclusion: \
The trench coat bastards remind me of the goombas in the Super Mario Bros. Movie
That intro was amazing btw
Uzi Gang
James is the most legendary YouTuber of all time.
Versatile Element
James really was in his element with this one 👍
The alternate resi colour intro cutscene is so much better and alot more graphic.
Can't wait until he tackles MK : Special Forces! :')
This is one of my favorite episodes, as an RE fan, and as a Nerd fan.
Yunior Gamboa
Love this intro\nAnother great episode\nYou're awesome james
Did you change your lighting or something? It looks a little better than usual.
Zealandia Mapping
13:30\n*Throws a $2 CASIO down the stairs*\nDamn, I need to record that for a game.
I call BS on this episode. RE Survivor wasn't that bad. I think that the nerd just had a surplus of shit jokes and wanted an excuse to do a RE homage.
Holy shit that RE1 intro sequence had me crying laughing
That mom record sounds like Pamela Voorhees
cold cuts
That was an epic episode
danny fenlon
board james 4 confirmed?
The umbrella factory music cracks me up every time I hear it.
CAPCOM -- a game that needs no introduction\n\n*Gives CAPCOM an introduction*
I love how the James takes the time with kids, a wife and other reviews/projects and puts out quality work!!!!
3:37 I'm impressed. Pretty well done.
The thing that annoyed me the most about RE Survivor were the continues cause you couldn't save. So every time you started game ya had to start from beginning ....again.
It's still pretty impressive James hasn't lost his touch all these years. He can still pump out a great episode like this even these days. Internet Legend keeps on going strong.
I hope you never stop making these reviews. Big part of my life
Or.......DOES HE! 🤣🤣
Rolling Rock tastes like ass
olivier seguin
this one is my fvorite by far
patriots 1112
Unlike most things......this guy actually gets better with age
This is the best AVGN I have seen in many years. Brings back the good old days. Keep up the good work
0:00-0:35.; Excellent tribute/intro!...
Love the Resident Evil inspired AVGN intro.
21:09 xD lmao
Михаил Беляев Live
well, you'r right, the gane mechanics and story is poor, but I'm glad i had it, i enjoyed playing it when i was a kid.