GAME MASTER Spy FOUND Pumpkin Patchs Next Target! (Mysterious New Clues Found on Treasure Hunt)

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Watch Rebecca Zamolo interviews Game Master Spy Stephen Sharer! (Hidden Clues in Escape Room Toy House)

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Addie Eder
12:02 the Pumpkin patch was behind a wall like if u saw
Alexandra Lawin
The game master sent me
Annie Leblanc Story
Pumpkin patch is ploblaly communicate with project zorgo
Arianna Valencia
What happened when you are going to tell what will the gm say
Blah Blah
But... doesn’t Matt watch ur vids..??
Bonita Palma
Just tell matt
Brianna K
The game master sent me🙁
Cassidy Dodge
I saw pumpkin patch looking around the corner
Catherine Ren
When you looked ahead there was them but if you looked more ahead pumpkin patch was there.Around the corner.
Che Che
Why are you working with the game master
Danae Zunica
12:03 pumpkin patch like if you saw him
Dragon ball funny z/gt/Super funny moments
Pumpkin patch is rocky
Eduardo Mendoza
I'm sorry but rebecca is working with the game master
Ella Hibberd
Tell matt
Ellie Falk
On Matt’s latest video at the end of the video pumpkin patch said the game master is bad. Like this so Rebecca can see this.
Emma Hardesty
10:13 is WJVG+V7 Los Angeles, California
Eva 343
Did anyone else saw the pumpkin patch 12:01 ? If tou did like this comment so Rebecca can notice it😊 Thanks to everyone who is gonna like this💞
Familia Rivera-Valle
Matt is like Omg cute that's a pumpkin 😂 😂 😂
Farrah Wallace
It's Rocky
Francesca Rucker
I am officially 11 please can I get 11 thumbs up 👍🏻
Gena Stuessel
If u don't know ppl stands for pumpkin patch
Gonzalo Mendoza
Pumpkin patch is rokie kanaka
Harkomal Kaur
When you saw Stephen sharer and grace Sharer I saw the guy pumpkin patch peeking
Harry Fleming
Pumpkin patch is rocky
Harry potter club
Tell him! You can trust your own husband. You can tell him secretly and not let the gamemaster know.
Ian Weaver
the game master sent me
Isabella 2006
11:59 when you saw Stephen and grace pumpkin patch was peeking out from a post! Please like this so Rebecca can see!
Israa Israa
Pumpkin patch is rocky
Jashmina Silwal
Pumpkin patch is rocky
Jim Newcomb
Yes tell him but ask the game master first
Julianne H
The game master send me
Justice Coombs
Pp stands for pumpkin patch
Kamil Dawidziak
Rebecca I know whose pumpkin patch is your friend rocky knocker
Kara Hansen
When the note said @ 4:45 p.m. it was literally 4:45 when i was watching it!!
Kara Phillips
You should tell matt
Keeley Clark
TELL HIM TELL HIM TELL HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kitty Leonard
Pause at 1:34. \nWhen you look at a gross dinner
Kylie Montcalm
Game master sent me
I’m sry but I think u should tell Matt because I feel really bad for him! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (like if u love the zam fam)
Landon Ulderich
Rocky is pumpkin patch
Lexi Smith
hmmmmmm matt is your husband you should tell him you work for GM
Linda Henderson
He someone that love dog
I got it I got
Lynda Atkins S
Game master sent me
Maddison Austin
Pumpkin patch might be project ZORGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Margenique Petersen
Tell he can help you!!
Michael Elias
I think pumkin patch is working wih mat
Moza Twinner
Omg this is so creepy!!!!
Nessy Boo
someday can I come over to your house for one of the missions and I think I might know who pumpkin patch is!
Nora Meyer
Oliver Alvarado
The game master sent me
Papa Jake
Hopefully this helps us stop him! :O
Prashant Vashi
the game master is qbuenguy
RaLynn Wilkins
Rainbows & Roses
Rebecca, At 12:01 in the video, Pumpkin Patch is behind Steven looking towards you! \n\nLike if you saw!! \n\n❤️❤️
Rebecca Zamolo
What word do you thing the bouncy balls will spell?
Reese Wray
I think you should tell Matt
Ridhima Gupta
Tell Matt he is your husband you can trust him
Rihanna Duldulao
Does anyone ever wonder who films Rebecca??? Like if u think too
Robert Myers
Rocky is pumpkin patch cause the gm as rock,s dog
Runiyah Ivy
the game master sent me
Ryan Heimsoath
I am 10 1like = one hope I live to 100
Samantha Callaham
this is bad, ISN'T IT AWSOME? oh no! ISN'T IT AWSOME? maby it was left by.......ISN'T IT AWSOME???????????
Schalacey Poirier
Pumpkin patches Rocky
Scott Hinds
I think you should Not work 4 the GM because he is dangerous. TELL MATT
Shajuan Collins
He’s talking to project zorgo
Simona Divisevici
Rocky is pumpkin patch I can tell because I saw his YouTube video and it showed who pumpkin patch is and it was rocky the YouTube
Sofiaelisa Villa
The Game Master cent me skedel
Sophia Paz
I think you should tell Matt
Stefania Lily
What if the Game Master told Matt the same thing “Don’t tell Rebecca” what if the Game Master is working with Matt secretly too!!😱😱😱😱😱😱❤️
Sulma Portales
1 like = all lot of help for rebecca and matt
Tarry Reimer
Yes you should tell him I need 128 👍 in a hour
The Moon's Sides
MATT MABEY THE NOTES ARE FOR MATT. Don't tell Matt unless u really feel it's safe bc he might be WORKING FOR PUMPKIN GUY
The cooking BFFS
Tell mat and the coordinates location is Fedex office print and ship center
Unicornio’s Paradise
I’ve never been so early
“The Game Master sent me”
tell matt what is going on
Vidal Zaragoza
I saw PUMPKIN PATCH🎃🎃🎃 at 12:01 when u were talking with Stephen and Grace
Wendy Chavez
Put a like if you saw the pumpkin patch when grace and Stephen apperd
Zandile Ndlovu
I think matt
brody & brennon
hadmy 87
You should tell matt
its love
the gamemaster sent me
NO DON'T TELL HIM \nBoss would not be very happy💻📱
Rebecca I am really nervous for you! I love your channel. But i mean the Game Master is REALLY dangerous and could destroy your youtube channel any second now! Lots of love and prayers for you!!!
kumara nakandala
I think Pumpkin Patch is having the conversations with Grace and Stephen Sharer.
miss krafty katelyn
It spells pumpkin
muskaan kaur mankoo
The Game Master Sent Me
stanislava kostadinova
tel him pls
tasnim begum
Rebecca your so funny
tay and mimmie
Tell Matt...\nLike if you are a ZAMFAN ❤️
You could\ntrust him
whan han
I put in the coordinates into Google Earth and it seems to be a hotel with a square pool outside