Hydlide - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 86

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AVGN needs to review Virtual Hydlide for the Sega Saturn!!
Alexander James
Jim the Knight\nKilled by bees
Amy Carter
You're not killed by nothing; the lantern dispels darkness traps (of course these are invisible but do not change places or anything so you can figure out where they are and avoid them). This is a common thing in games like these, where darkness hides unseen traps that light dispels, and I've played several. Even LoZ games have these, though they don't necessarily kill.
Andre The Giant
James, thank you for countless hours of entertainment. I was a fan from day one
Andy Elam
Jim the knight killed by bees
HAHA that ending though
Art On Pluto
play Doraemon on NES
Blood Shadow
Imagine a crossover between Hydlide and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it would be the most hideous video game abomination ever !
Hydlide plot: Still a better love story than twilight.
Burn Angel
I started playing Hydlide some time ago (with save states, obviously). I think I'm gonna use this video as a guide, because it's basically impossible without a guide.\n\nWhat the Nerd didn't mention is that you can't keep leveling up with the same enemies when you get strong enough (don't take it like you can really get any tough in this game, at least compared to the enemies), and staying on the water or the sand takes you life slowly too.
Anybody after Episode 161?
Charlie Coccia
At least LJN didn't make this turd.
Am i the only one who thought of jekyll and mr hyde
And guys, think about it... Hydelide = Hyrule\nTHINK.
Crimson Wolf
play little ninja brothers for the nes for some bad password system and controls that change depending if you race or play the normal game
0:24\nI would love to see a review of Lord of the Sword.\nPlayed it as a kid and never could beat it. The problem was that it was an RPG with no way to save the game and no password system. You got two or three lives, I don't remember, but they functioned like continues and there was no way to tell how many you had or how many remained.\nMy SMS eventually just stopped working, as many of them did, and I wasn't ever able to.\nWhen I told other people about the game they didn't even believe it existed.\nAnyway, it wasn't the worst game ever but there is enough wrong with it that it could merit it's own video and I'd love to see AVGN do one for it. It could make up for never being able to finish it myself.
Dean Shaw
i think guitar guy should get his own little figurine
Cause of music i call it IndianaLide
Eric the Red
Don't you know AVGN? If you enter dark areas without a light, you're likely to be eaten by a grue.
Forte Piano
New vid anyone?
You should check out Dragon Warrior for the NES. One of the first strategy rpg video game.
Glen Stradwick
Makes you wonder if James ever played Zork and is familiar with the concept of Grues - the whole \
Honestly, I didn't like the NES Zelda game. It was very hard and cryptic to play, and I felt no real satisfaction after having beat it. The first Zelda game I played is A Link to the Past, and that one definitely stands the test of time. It's no wonder the game is getting a sequel on 3DS.
Good Noodle
Episode 86, a game from 1986. Coincidence?
Grand Priest
And yet ... the fact *still* remains that Zelda ripped off Hydlide.\nZelda would NOT be around ... if it weren't for Hydlide.
Hemingway The Dog
The nerd should play virtual hydlide
You should play Super Hydlide and Virtual Hydlide!
I think the nerd should review Virtual Hydlide for the Sega Saturn.
Your mistaken sir I reached in a dogs bung hole and found my wedding ring......
Jamie Rose
Who's Alex?
Jeremy Wissel
My parents bought this game for me in 1990, so I'm more than familiar with it and I still have the manual somewhere. Okay, until your experience reaches a certain level, you are vulnerable to dying by tiring out just by walking. You have to have to take breaks and just sit there from time to time, until your life meter recovers. The game takes a lot of patience. It basically gave up on it and it took me years go give it a second try. Once I came back to it, I was able to appreciate it a little more. And though it still is far from my favorite game, I do like the nostalgia is brings me. I, too, had always thought it looked primitive for a 1989 game. But now I know why, and no wonder, it's from 1984. That explains the simplicity and the constant music theme.
Jim the Knight.\n\n\n\nKilled by rocks.
Joe D
Game Theory
Jon Von Basslake
All these years and i've missed that AVGN has a video on Hydlide. Either i've seen it once and promptly forgot about it, or blocked it from my memory. I only found this via TV Tropes, looking at \
Jordan Springer
3:26 anybody else think that comment was a little \
Joseph Still
The SAVE option actually does something other than just giving you a password. It does actually save the game, but the save is lost when you turn off the power. However, when you die, you can actually use the LOAD command to load the save without having to type the password, much like a savestate on an emulator.
Keith Eubanks
It's Jim the Knight.
Well give this game a top hat and call it Mr Hydlide... Get it?
Kitsune Goddess
Came to rewatch after seeing Super/Virtual Hydlide.
Holy crap, so I'm not the only one who thought that was Indiana Jones...
I like how he plays the Zelda theme at the end, almost like he's trying to say \
Lemmy Koopa
I like how he leaves the Zelda music at the end to kinda clean everyone's palate.
Lord dragon
thumbs up if you came after watching the sequel
Luther Barrett
I had this one as a kid. I rarely played it and when I tried I always died very quickly and couldn't figure out what to do. It wasn't fun at all.
MP Reviews
Hydlide sounds like some sort of sequel to Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.
Mariah Lightfoot
wait... so does that mean Legend of Zelda is Hydlide done right?
Mars Carlisle
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.\n\n\n\nWait a minute... \n\n\n\nMr. Hyde\n\n\n\n\nHYDE\n\n\n\n\n\nMr. HYDLIDE!
The problem is that while the original 84's PC88 Hydlide was the pioneer for Zelda and Ys, this remake was made one year before those games came out and it did not improve enough on the original, original Ys on comparison is still a fantastic game because how natural the bump system is and it had a decent story.
Master Farr
When i first heard the music I thought of indianna jones
Meduckie Kieran
Projared's favourite game!
0:28 What game is that?
Michael Casey
Seems like someone seriously misspelled Hyrule XD
Michael Hayward
I thought of Indiana Jones straight away! Before it was mentioned. xD
Michael Ross
Does anybody remember this angry nerd?\n\n\nPepperidge farm remembers.
Mr. G
Nice American Movie reference @ 3:30
Nicholas Mykita
I think we're about due for an AVGN take on Super Hydlide and/or Virtual Hydlide.
Nickkiller -07
hyd said this game was good, hydlied
He doesn't seem too angry. Hydlide is definitely not worth it.
Olivier Payette
this chanel is so good ! I just discovered it
Whos here from Super Virutal Hydlide? I had to watch this before seeing the new one. Wow jumping back 8 years is such nostalgic feeling
Having actually had and played this game before the Internet, writing to the counselors at Nintendo power to figure things out and finally FINALLY getting to the end to only be greeted with just a nice \
3:08 board game you say? iiiiinteresting
Who's here for brief recap before super & Virtual Hydlide?
Povilas Buda
hydlide started it\nYs and Zelda fixed it
the music is headache inducing. did the developers wear earplugs while testing this game? IF they tested it that is!
Randy Stanley
Did I hear an \
3:07 Board James has been triggered here!
Remi Vézina
that conclusion is epic
Wait, people made custom AVGN action figures?!? I want one. Now.
Samuel Lopes
Scar A
Good lord I laughed really good when he was pronouncing the name of the game at the start.
Sekual Tyranosaur
UGH, HYDLIDE. Just saying the name gives u a Gag reflex like your about to puke. HYDLIDE!!!!!!!!
7:38 Hey look the map is E.T's sprite from the Atari game XD
I don't get why there are always these PSA's peppered through some of the nerd videos about drugs. I love avgn but some of the anti drug messages just feel forced.
Is anyone else watching this before super and virtual Hydlide
The Chaos Dragoness
2:21 *BEES!!* AAAAHH!! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!
Scene at 00:16 is from which episode?
Thrill Kill
I looked it up, and hydride means when 2 dicks merge together
Tyson Nelson
Anyone else having an AVGN marathon?
how about \
Who’s here after his review on Super Hydlide?
So i'm curious, what do the \
Super Hydlide for the Sega Genesis was actually pretty decent.
Ugh... *H Y D L I D E*
dr. jekyl and mr. HYDLIDE.
Projared and AVGN everydayh.
The music does sound like Indiana Jones 😨
When will the Nerd do Rings of Power?
ontariodrome InThisBigCity
Hydlide... it sounds like a pretty awful name, like a disease or something. \
reda touati
im the only one who here because of the 2 new avgn episodes !
The best part of the video is that the nerd uses dot matrix printer paper to write down his passwords. Sooooo classic.
who else came back from ep 161?
sean hines
The name sounds like some sort of toxic chemical that produces noxious fumes...which in an ironic metaphoric sense it kinda is
But really, what you said got me thinking. Imagine this: back in the late 80's, there was a poor family. The youngest son was utterly obsessed with the NES, the only present he ever received. He liked Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, but playing them over, over and *_over_* again was getting old. He became extremely excited upon hearing about Legend of Zelda at school, hearing his friends talking about this seemingly amazing action-adventure game. \nOne day, this little boy's family decided to go out. In the window of a store, he saw...the Legend of Zelda cartridges, merchandise, everything! He pointed at the window and pleaded his parents to \
Anybody thinks there should be AVGN toys in happy meals
I came here after the Super/Virtual Hydlide episode.
The only thing you lose from alcohol is your virginity. Guess that hasn't happened to you yet though.
After watching super&virtual hydlide? \n\n2018 here?