Spider-Man PS4 - Final Boss Fight (Spiderman Game 2018) PS4 Pro

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Kinda feel bad for Otto
A Normal Kid
When Peters face is shown at 11:28, i knew immediately they all will die!!
Alex L
2:38 Facial expressions are getting better and better. That Otto lip trembling... Damn!
Warum hat das Video so viele Aufrufe diggggggggaaaaaaaaa
Sorry XBox users😂
Arturo Barcenas
El Hombre Araña está bien chido
u konw u can doge right?
Aug ustas
5:44 Beats him down unconscious, and yells \
BanyMany !
Otto: If they put me away...they'll take my arms! I'll be trapped in this useless body!\n\nMan the acting in this is top notch. Kudos to everyone involved.
Bintang Prihambayu Diansyah
Peter Vs Otto.................Me Win
Blaize Parsons
I don’t care what anyone says the graphics in this are amazing
Bob Bo
Do you collect the materials and supplies to make the suit throughout the game? Or does Peter just randomly make this at the end?
8:09 The avengers tower
CTH Plays - Hacking and Gameplay
The ending is very sad even though otto is evil i still feel bad for him
Chris_ Cross1204
The best story-based game ever. I loved the final interaction between Peter and Otto!! He was always showed as a dorky villain like Mysterio, when I first saw the game trailer, got the game, I never imagined how Doctor Octopus was the major villain, I thought that Mr. Negative was the main villain!!
Cold_ explosion
Such a painful ending
Collus Sane
Can we just appreciate how Norman didn't give Otto any chance to be satisfied?
1:02 looked like wakanda Spider-Man
Ct Exploited
I don't feel so good...
Danny Furrison
He should've let Norman hit the pavement.
Dark TDM
there goes nearly maybe 1 million by Otto :(
Dontae Jones
Can you imagine how emotionally charged their next battle will be (and their subsequent ones)\n\nPeter: his plan had him branded as a fugitive, killed an untold amount of people (including, specifically, Aunt May) and spat in the face of his own dedication and worship of him. His own role model becoming a murderpus psychopath.\n\nOtto: sees Peter as a traitor, the last person he trusted and loved who sided with his enemy over him and left his to degenerate in a prison cell and took his only chance at freedom/mobility from him.\n\nTheir next battle is going to be *rough* and I love it.
DrUgSX 24
How many times spider man fought a boss on rooftops
El Cocholo2010
Peter: \
Elieto’s Bot
To be fair you were getting clapped by otto.
Emerald Nindragon
Otto: I’m nothing without these arms!\nPeter: If you’re nothing without the arms, then you shouldn’t have them.
Fahira Tania
At least I hope most part of these scenes / stories could be added on movies someday. This is insane!!
who voices otto?
G-man lives
Love the new threads, Pete
Gabriel Johnson
What made this even more incredible was the fact that the game made me actually feel sorry for Otto, which is something I never would have expected. The acting in the entire game was superb but this final battle was absolutely incredible. GOTY for me.
Gamer HD
What's the point of the new suit, what does it do
That “You were my hero!” And “you mean so much to me!” Really got me
Houssouba Maiga
Doc octopus sounds like someone from Johnny test................ JUST SAYIN 😁
Ilikeninlifeforms Yt
Just noticed but this is similar to the amazing spiderman 33 when he fights doc ock for a cure for aunt mays disease(its a comic btw)
Isa Marron
The interesting part is at 10:04
That was sad 😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😢😢
Ivar Aalderink
Hel yeah
JTC Nation
a movie that you can play thats what i say haha
Jay The Skelly
Imagine if peter didn’t hold back his punches
Jesus Barnes Samorano
I fw it. ❄❄
Joe Scott
Sasuke's gone SPIDEY mode!
Jordan Denny
It's a combination of the fights of Spiderman 1, 2 and tasm 1\nSpiderman 1: the father talk/arguably fake Dissociative identity disorder, and the brutal boxing match\nSpiderman 2: should be obvious\nTasm: fighting on the tower with it falling and the struggle for the antiserum\nEdit: I got this from hitop films review of the game
Kate Jordan
This game looks cool, should I get it? Like if u like I should!!
Khalid Faisal
Spider-Man: “you do what you think is best doc it’s all any of us can.”\n\nDoc: “peter.”\n\n\nSpider-Man: “even when it hurts like hell”\n\n\n\n\nGOD DAMN!!!
King Kehmi
My boi getting cheeks clapped by otto
its like I'm watching a movie
Kucing Galak
Do you Peter Parker?
L o L
Thank me later 17:30
Peter looks like a mixture of Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland
The fact that you can not only sympathize with Peter, but with Octavius as well is a true testament to the writing staff behind the game.\n\nBest Spider-Man game yet.
M4RC0 [87]
I never thought i’d see the day that i’ll have the feels over a spiderman villain.....\n*in a video game*\nUsually in spiderman games, when you defeat an enemy/ boss fight, they’ll say “we’ll meet again SPIDERMAN!!!” and gets arrested, but THIS, THIS GAME IS PERFECTION! \nThe final boss fight is both dramatic and emotionally touching.... so amazing\nTruly the best spiderman game. Kudos to insomniac
MR. Junior
Oh the graphics!...........😘😘😘😘💗
is it just me or does those eyes look like the sam raimi eyes from spiderman1
Majin Prince // MJP
Yuri's voice was so perfect.
Marvel estudo
(#)spader man
Mike Reid
I will complete the game when I have internet
Model Prime
13:17 \nOtto: You look tired, Parker.\nPeter: Not tired. Just hurt.\n\nThe way Peter said that was so badass.
Nathan The gamer
Niko Bellic
I wish it was on Xbox :(
It’s heartbreaking when Peter realizes doc knew it was him the whole time
Ong Jiawei
Otto Octavius: No! If they put me away, they'll take my arms!\n\nPeter: If you are nothing without the arms, then you shouldn't have it...
Patrick Playing Piano
Peter: You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness! \nOtto: I hate you!
Pedro Pias
For a second I thought the thumbnail was IRL.
Pema Chom
Wow spider man
Peter Parker
11:50 I love that music
That’s actually pretty sad
Rachael Potts
The last part made me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ram Kitten
Now, this was gorgeous. I love how they made Otto really sympathetic and how, in the end, there is no happy end for him.
Rose Yt
That’s spark of rage in peter . And the fact there is no official black suit points a hint that the back suit could be the next main villain in the next spider man game
Ryan Flesher
I’ve beat the game twice now, and what I wanna know is, why the heck was this video posted on September 6th!!!???? Before the game even freakin launched! Thank goodness I stayed off YouTube for weeks or even the freakin thumbnail would have ruined something for me! What the heck kind of internet world is this where a masterpiece game like this gets its freakin final boss uploaded to YouTube before the game is even out?\n\nEDIT: Yes I am actually pissed off about this. Now I have to completely avoid YouTube weeks before my favorite games launch because even thumbnails spoil stuff. I thought this might happen and thank goodness I stayed off YouTube long before this Spider-Man game launched
Shadow Might
Otto's gradual decay into insanity in this is considerably nuanced, human and believable being as it's determined by a number of things, i.e. his mind deteriorating, his limb condition worsening that therefore continued to drive further his obsession of wanting to improve his body which integrally leads him becoming increasingly influenced by the neural hub interface as it damages his brain.\n\nHowever, in the Spider-Man 2 movie Otto's downfall was down to the hub neural control chip being destroyed at the accident which prevented the metal arms from controlling him. This is better overall execution as everything leads into each-other as a cohesive package in believable manner that you cannot help sympathize considering that the damage to Otto here, both mentally and physically is permanent.\n\nThough it's clear that the motions of the character, the way he moves around, depicted is undoubtedly similar to Spider-Man 2's interpretation off the character that it's obviously a huge source of inspiration in making of this story; there's simply no denying that this pretty much surpasses it in nearly every single way in terms of the writing of the character.\n\nThe story of this game truly explored the source of Otto Octavias's inner ambitions like no other Spider-Man medium. Otto's obsessive workaholic nature of wanting to change the world with technology along with the consequently touchy and jealous bitterness the disgruntled scientist harbored for Norman Osborne's corruption as well as accomplishments; whilst in turn ignoring his own flaws and finally his creeping disabilities that eventually turned him from a good noble scientist who only wanted the betterment of mankind to a sadistic monster bent on revenge purely out of egotistical pride.
Smit Shewale
Ur pretty noob
Sup Dawgy
Why can't movies be this good? This game was definitely influenced by the Arkham games. The studio made their own Spider-Man and it is fantastic. The story was insanely driven well by good writers. I've never been this in awe of a game since the Batman Arkham games. Game of the year hands down.
SuperGhost 41
Game of the year right here!
this game was better than the damn movies we had on spiderman, this game was a masterpiece that also felt like watching a good spiderman movie
The Postal Dude
Octavious sounds like the strawmen from Freedom Toons
TrOuBleD ChIld
The Game quality is just amazing
Trey Stew
That ending of the vid was kinda sad
Tristan Zimmerman
Dude this game is so beautiful it’s really like u are being Spider-Man from peter Parker point of view I can feel his angry sadness hatred ever last of it I think that’s my opinion because I’m a true Spider-Man fan so yeah if anyone like this comment give it a thumbs up
Walter Kovacs
2:42 damn now that’s the Norman I expected. Verbally flipping you off even in the face of certain death
William Morris
I really want this game but it looks really hard
Man, the voice acting, the facial expression \nYou can feel all those sad emotions blasting right through your soul
11:30\nIs it bad that I was crying while playing this part?
ben amv
Who else is watching because they don’t have the game
gautham umamageshwaran
Anyways it's a good game cause I spideys my fav marvel hero
Is like watching a movie
The fight is very much too long that they started saying the same lines lol
kero kero
6:23 that line seems so insignificant, but it hurts so much when you remember Otto knows it's Peter ;n;
kimi kokkonen
Very realistic
kito kisaragi
Damn the relationship with parker and otto is well written.
Th end is like when your dad leaves you for your first day of school lol 😂 😆 😝
mohd aslam
Can i have ur PS4
muhammad malikov
sangeeta dadheech
Es na thoda dehree kiya hai maine jalde kiya tha
too cool for pancakes
best spider man game ever like if you agree
Literally bought a PS4 just for Spider-Man and God of War. Amazing games
Wow! This game really makes you feel like Spider-Man.
xd Rigid
I love it when Otto tears peters mask and addresses him as Parker the subtitles turn from Spider-Man to Peter