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The reason Doomguy doesn't have PTSD from his ordeal in Hell is because he IS the traumatic event.
Abigail Mcdonough
1:04 I got a question for you. Who would win, Kratos the god killer, or Doomguy the demon slayer?
Abraham Guerrero
We live in a society where pizza delivery arrives faster than the cops.
Adam Dombrowski
Step into the halo suit of doom guy lol
Damn people, stop calling him Doom guy. He is called Doom Slayer.
Andrew Blair
Say: The tight is narc, and full of errors.
Anton Yershov
I honestly don't see how this game can be topped by another doom game. It had nothing extra, and everything we wanted.
Ariel Bravo
Kratos: I'm the most rage filled character in a video game ever!\n\nDoomguy: Hold my beer
Asmit Basu.
Doom was actually awesome
Not Nü metal. It's Djent!
I don't get where The Gains Demon reference is from. Anyone know what the joke is?
Blazing Scythe
Mick Gordon made the best job possible with the music
Broseph Yannuzzi
3:44 SO TRUE
Dr. Scary Voice???? more like Dr. Optimus Prime!!
Carl Townsend
It's new year's eve...Just bought Doom today for cheap on winter sale. It's downloading right now...can't wait to play it!!!
Charles Taylor
Skittles and fish? Ha!!
Doom 3 wasn't bad at all but this one is another level
Comander don
Doom was angry before kratos and in that armour befor master chief
Crash's Underwear
4:21 Wait.\nHe actually said one of mine?!\nHE ACTUALLY SAID ONE OF MINE!!! FINALLY!
Damien Bustamante
Doom (2016) is the Fury Road of video games.
Daniel Skrivan
I may actually get Doom based on this trailer. And based on the fact that I'm not on a 7-year-old junker anymore.
Daniel Springham
What people don't realise is this is what Christians do on a daily basis.
Why do they keep thinking Halo came first? Or God of War?
Dima G
Dominic Bellamy
Anyone watching after the Doom on Switch announcement?
This game is great, except for the boss fights which are complete shit. Initially incredibly hard, once you learn all the bosses' moves incredibly easy. That's just fucking great. Otherwise I have very little complaints.
Ego Alter
This was one of the few unequyvocally positive ones. And I agree completley.
Emilio Reyes
I'm not a gamer. But man I wanna buy this game for myself so fukin badly!!!
Erick Christensen
As a child and now 25 ywar old who grew up without playing the old game by being born at the wrong time, this game is much appreciated. And tons of fun too
Exotic Raptor
I love both halo and doom but I really think doomguy would rip chief apart
2:10 that hell knight ate a full BFG blast to his balls and survived. Respect.
Flopy Pingas97
Fool's Requiem
Those damn imps are everywhere and they are not easy to hit.
Francis Feng
*Say \
G Truesdale
Hakaishin Beerus
This game has never been called Doom4, it's Doom 2016 if anything.
Henrik Nielsen
Doom 3 was not a bad game, but they tried make it a horror game. By doing this they made it seem like the protagonist should be afraid, being trapped on Mars with demons. While in Doom, both the old and the 2016 reboot, the demons are trapped on mars with YOU.
0:37 is because i subbed. awesome video editing skills brother and voice too
Intergalactic Human Empire
Jeremy Gullatt
I lost it at \
John Samuell
well Doom 2016 trailer was honest to begin with
Say: Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
Josh Evans
its funny cause the Spartan suits are based off doom guy lol
Juan Carlos Gonzalez
The guy that masturbates! I lol
I'm pretty sure you need to redo your Overwatch Trailer now
Khyler Bane
fun fact; Dr. Samuel Hayden, the robot guy, \
King Kill
Imagine being able to use the crucible
Just imagine a censored version of DOOM called HECK :D
Liam Berthou-Lochet
My mom walked passed me while i was laughing my ass off watching this video, so she looked at the screen. I had my headset on. She tought i was a psychopath enjoying every bit of blood spilled. Lol.
A reboot done right. Finally.
Linus Ji
Say: \
After years of idolizing master chief and kratos i had to switch heroes. I dont remember either of those two getting all of hell's demons to fear them and lock them up, and then getting free and beating them back a second time.
Makoto Mikami
Say: \
Matthew Presley
Hellen keller...LOL!!!
Mike Custer
Thats industrial metal in this game not nu metal :^)
Mohamad Davarzani
SAY DOOMZDAY ...................GODLY
Moses Keck
When I was busy doing a glory kill on a Cacodemon, I thought of an interesting concept for an action segment. \nWhat if there was a part in the story mode where Doomguy needed to reach a sector far out of reach, so to get there he searches for a Cacodemon and \
Starring: people who masturbated
Nandi Moozle
say: Doom 2016 has the best multiplayer ever
*goes together like Skittles and fish*\nXD
Nobody From Nowhere
They would have been SOOOO much smarter to replace the competitive MP with a horde mode. Waves of enemies you try to stay alive against with progressively less ammo and health/armour drops. You could keep it multiplayer if yo made the maps big enough but it would have worked so much better. They could still have added new weapons and maps for the DLC. It would have made a 9/10 a 10/10.
Otávio Camanho
Now with crash remaster \
P Jn
Did he say Nu Metal? Dude,its called Djent!!! How come,bruh?
Pikman Gamer
i enjoy the multiplayer
Quang Huy Nguyễn Đặng
What's the Rock theme at 1:40
Quillan Jacobson
This was honestly one of the best games I've played in the past 10 years and he shits on parts of the game that are frankly incredible which annoyed me a little for this one
quick thing... the halo suit of dom guy? should be the other way around as doom was out way before. Unless you were just referencing the changes
It's too bad they don't let you play as your own custom DooMguy in the main campaign, like they did in Halo reach. Then you'd have the ultimate power fantasy. It'd be awesome.
S1 Blademaster
got an ad about Sony with this guy's voice
doom guy is that dude who walks out of a store without paying for something, when they try to stop him he looks back and they all turn to stone
Sam Winton
and a year later in 2017, patch 06.666 came out, Making all of DOOMS DLC FREE FOR EVERYONE and they've fixed up the multiplayer by adding quality of life changed like overhauling the xp system so Its not like Cod. Try out the multiplayer now, it has improved soo much compared to release.
The best way to Describe Doom 4's protagonist is a one man murder factory who lives off shotgun shells and an utter disdain for anything that keeps him from murdering demons in as brutal manner as possible.
Sven K
Can´t find the reload button 3/10 ign.
Swampy Stingray
I enjoyed doom three
That guy with the loli profile pic
“Anger management” the game.
The Furriner794
The Twins Gamer
Trey Cussi
doom was before halo so they based the spartan suite of the doom suite
Tyler Williams
Halo suit of doomguy?\n\nChiefs armor is based on the OG doom marine. Not the other way around
Vaughan Bunt
I want to see a rage 2
The voice is sooo awesome
too bad nobody plays DOOM multiplayer in SEA. you could leave it queued for a whole day non stop and still wont get a match
Who hyped for doom 2019??
Doom 3: Your Stuck On Mars With Demons\n\nDoom 4: Demon Are Stuck On Mars With YOU.
gundam fan
I hope I'm not the only guy that did the huge boss after getting the bfg thinking I had dropped it not knowing pressing triangle... I'll stop there ha ha I beat the boss tho ha ha ...
gungineer TF2
Heavy: I fear no man, but that scares me.
Anything bathesda touches is a masterpiece
Imagine the BFG 9000 with quad damage...
3:40 Legend
Please say: \
neema amiry
I wish that the next doom game will be a prequel, Like how the doom slayer became the leader of the night sentinels.\n\nAlso I want to fight the titan
vikram rathi
Say \
Remember: Demon is an offensive term, refer to them as mortally challenged!! XD
Иван Янков