Most Epic 4K Cinematic Game Trailers Part 6 UHD

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Assassin's Creed Origins Sand Trailer Darksiders Warm... Shadow of War Announcement Trailer he Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Announcement Trailer machinima

First one i thought i was lord of the rings
*Black race are orcs, goblins and trolls in midde earth*
gotta love that clams casion beat at the end
Adin Icic
We had our chance with Spirits Within but nah y'all fuckers rejected it so now we only got to drool with 2 minute epic trailers because studios dont believe its worth the investment. But I hope Sirmallion gets made into next Lord of Rings trilogy and just like the first trailer.
Hahahahaha so politically correct, black dude in lord of the rings .... ahahahahahah YEP leftists are at it again .....\nIs there transsexual LGBTQQ halfling running around in the game? No? Racists!
Aerik Bravo
... Shadow of War ... that was a rip of of lotr but the trailer was dope I’m getting it
Alarak ton haut seigneur
I'm wtaching this video in 144p
infinity war in 02:11
Anku Bamm
Which game is that one
Averon God of fire
“The world of men is ending...” I’m surprised it got this far
Blank Spott
Blizz GM
3:45 Assasin\
Brandon Scott
Vid ending song name anyone?
Bryin E. Willis
\u003e female geek !
Bạn trai Bạch Cốt Tinh
blizzard is the best
C- Things
@2:45 effects of thanos' snap
would make 0:06 nice painting
Danny Benhur
3:03 Thanos Snap effect
DeathWar 205
The elder scrolls
Dennis Mahardika
came here because Clam Casino
blizzard does good cinematics, but thats all 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ElzoraX Music
Outro song?
Emilyn Montejo
love so much all trailers sofucking cool i almost cried beacause of graphics
FRgerais Br
Quando lança o jogo só te 60% de qualidade comparado trailer
Froidrein Blessaxe
Correct me if i'm wrong but as a tolkien fan,I don't remember celebrimbor creating one new ring of power to match that of sauron,all I know is that he created the three elven rings of power,Vilya,Narya,and Nenya\n\nIs this game really following on what the books said,or just making and changing the stories of their own.\n\nDon't give me a freakin insulting comment if you know nothing about the books.
FunTime Freddy05
Cool video
Blizzard cinematics, just the best.
Good Bad
2:26 - *Thanos Snap*
Welcome to the future soldier, welcome to the world....
Hareesh D
Hải Đặng Văn
Are they designed with software or video recording using ICG?
Isaiah Jones
Honestly the only decent trailer is the AC and Shadow of Mordor trailers. Everything else sucks (story wise/narratively). Honestly feels like they recycle the same lame troupes every year appealing to the (no offense) general y.c.m. population.
Iwan Here
3:03 thanos snap
Johnmark Tanyag
Assassin's Creed: Origins = Thanos snaps his fingers with thr Infinity Gauntlet
Joko petirr
Ya'juj and ma'juj
Jonathan Love
Shadow of Mordor/War One of the best stories for an action game besides Witcher 3
Que emocionantes los juegos👏😍
Jose Almonte
Somebody knows the name of the music of assassin’s creed???
I like Darksiders super game
Khaliq Bryson
I never understood so what exactly does the ring do..?
Warcraft's cheesy and cringy scenario 🤦\u200d♂️🤦\u200d♂️
It is a disrespect to a books itself to use black people in the Middle-earth. Interpretation of Books should not be changed no matter how book is written. Even in the movie, we never saw any black people there. I have nothing against black people, but again, as i said, if in book, there is not black people, in the movie or cartoon or anything on that book, story and the world should not be changed. And if we change, at the end of the day, we obtain a trash that ruined a Universe of Middle-earth we all love. The purpose of the book itself is being destroyed if anything could be changed that easily. IT is DUMB. What is next? Gay Orks? Lesbian Gnomes?
Light, Itself.
Who was the guy at 1:52 I do not keep up with the franchise and would just like to know the name of the character, no rage involved and no questions asked.
Luka Srednoselec
Its kinda weird and idiotic that most game movies are far better done and written than any real full tv movie . . . 😡 big like for video
Lukas Koci
What that music at the end ? Like it so much :)
AC games by Ubisoft always have amazing trailers...if only the gameplay was alike
Started having traumatic flashbacks to Avengers at 2:12 😭
60fps plz
Mateus Goncalves
2:49 avenger's infinity war!!!
Naim Asnawi
2:23 thanos snap
Nathan Parrish
Been watching your content off and on for years. Just decided to check back in and man you're still the shit. Finally subed so i wont miss a thing. Keep up the good work
Netty Voyager
oh my they have a balrog
Nova Phonix
I have been waiting for part two of this story, I can't wait for your cutscenes of this game, because I know it will be brilliantly done and amazing!!! Happy New Year!!!🎊🎇🎆🍾🎉🎊🎇 I am referring to the War of Shadows, but I live all your work, if you do a cutscenes if the others I am there!!!😘😘😘
Olga Litvinsky
and then you play the game and it is complitly diffrent heheh
Omar Estrada
a haradrim serving gondor? \n\n\n\nthe haradrim are supposed to be black
Pashtrik Musliu
Who else wants a video game movie?
Pro King
Skyrim ?
Quang Ngo
the mask 's fking perfect .So scary.
Rafael Avila
Los de blizzard siempre son alucinantes.
Raggnakk 040817
2.53 “Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good”
No nos podemos divertir sin poner \
your title should say . most epic 4k ads
Shimada Senju
cant wait for the LOTR spin off series
Showbik GrG
I m here for Darksiders.
Some guy from F I N L A N D
2:33 [Insert infinity war joke here]
Stas Gun
И везде суют негрил )))
Song - Clams Casino - I'm God s2
Tiffian Ruler
Ohhh Ubisoft!!
It's amazing that shadow of war 2 looks worse than the first one.. Talions face is so badly animated it hurts looking at it
Viren Vijayakumar
What's the name of the track at the end of the video?
White Wolf
Nah dude wher is Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?
*the world of men - is ended*.And a woman's face - pronouncing this phrase. I think that it would be necessary to roll a lawsuit on the monolith of production. Well, what they incite. Since we're under the radicals and drowning in * radical * madness - let's do it for an adult. Let the show begin.
My favourite trailer here is the first one which is Shadow of War and for me its kinda related to Lord of the rings
Yinka Aluko
name of the song at the end?? anybody??
Zacimus the master Shooter
Is shadow of earth set before or after the lord of the rings trilogy ?
Zenox Gaming
I am actually addicted to watching 4k videos now lmao
Zirsang Mizo
wtf I love it
_ShaiHulud_ _
1:28 WTF?
alzaie ogp
Make a video game like assassin creed n GTA n gears of war name over city
armando sanchez
davvid clarke
Its like I'm dreaming😓
harman Dhillon
Teaser of assassin s creed origin is Best
hung nguyen
4:10 serious?\nYou hate Lenin that much?
ice mask
black human in middle earth. Wtf going on here
john eduria
nice cinematic game movie
juboraj hossain
im sure blizzerd can top this with their next expenson lol
roger kle
sergali valnov
Ugh. Assassin's creed. I'm so tired of assassin's creed
sumalatha l
Iam comming for you😡😡😡
tu xuan
The best cinematic game trailers are made by Blizzard.
Владислав Матвейчук
Holy my, Blizzard's trailers are stunning, but only given a chance to compare, you truly comprehand quality with wich they're made.
Павел Гусь
Бл \nРусских то нет?
Святослав Смирнов
stop, what? In Gondor, there should not be Negroes. Where did they come from, if they should not be in this universe?
ー スリープウォーカ
6:00 vex of destiny ?