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Watch Anupama Chopra's review of Lion, a movie starring Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, Priyanka Bose and Sunny Pawar. The movie is directed by Garth Davis.Visit us at -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Akshay Joshi
3.5? really? :(
Amitesh Ravi
i m out
Anas Deshmukh
plz mam no spoilers...
Arindam Das
Dear, Aunpama\n you are no good other than just kissing arses of Bollywood stars. Hope you keep enjoying the taste for the years to come.
Arunabh Ghosh
Fans are making sure she doesn't have a 'befikre' career ahead.
DC 1810
I wonder what Anupama thinks of the great Hollywood classics like Pulp fiction and The Inglorious Bastards.She would probably trash these movies saying too much violence or clumsy narrative or something like that.She praises only those cinemas which has simple and heartfelt story. Hence my conclusion that she is not good enough for reviewing Hollywood films.
Harkaran Singh
Ya film ka to promotion hua hi nhii sasti flop film
Just Another Brown Boy
This movie had me ugly crying!!! I had to keep pausing to get a hold on myself!! Never knew I could get affected by something so damn much!!!!
Krishnan Vaitheeswaran
Pawar on par with Kidman.
Movie is aawsome oscar nominated... seen 10 times already... still going to watch again n again..
Priyankar De
when will this release in India?
Rick Martin
3.5??? this film is more than 4....the scene between nikole Kidman n Dev Patel is soo great....sunny Pawar deserves the standing ovation.... brilliant movie.... anupama plz rate movies with honesty. film critic shud not b like paid pig
Rohit Mujumdar
Why would you start another channel when this one is just so perfect, wholesome and expansive?
Shoeb Khan
Film Companion\nAnupama Chopra \nBefikre: 3.5 stars.
Shritan Srivatsavai
i completely agree with the rating...3.5\nbut seriously thats the same rating youve given to a lot of crap...
Shruti Kutty
thanx anu....I'm watching dis movie.....
Befikre , the kryptonite of Anupama Chopra , she might need to completely re-imagine her rating system
Subhalakshmi Kumar
3.5??????? lol. you are weird.
Ta Thoi Classical Indian & Bollywood Dancers
wow! The befikre continues. ..cut some slack guys, ultimately, she's a human and human beings always will have bias. no one critic can honestly say that they watch films merely to count how many cinematic elements it touches or what not. And every film has it's audience. maybe anupama ma'am enjoyed a particular film because it was just what she liked to...I don't alway agree with her but respect the difference in opinion. like I liked bangistan jai gangajaal, drishyam, dil dharkane do and the flaws she mentioned in them were never really apparent to me. But that is because I chose to see what I liked instead of picking at what I didn't. perhaps the same happened to her with befikre.
Tuhina Saikia
Are you serious??!!! 3.5 stars for Befikre!!!
Vignesh S
Thank god u were not a member of Oscar jury otherwise u would've nominated Befikre !!!!!! Come on!!
Vlogger Megha
I loved this movie... Dev should win the Oscars
Yash Mishra
I don't really agree. This movie is nothing less than 4. Yes, the cinematography falters in the second act and so does the screenplay but it only acts as the bridge to the third act. The camera work of the second act doesn't seem organic but then there's the acting to hide all these mistakes. 4 to 4.5! anything less than that is a sin!!
agneta ghose
Could you please review 'Hidden Figures'? I still cannot fathom that Taraji was not nominated for an Academy Award.
Her review of Befikre has cost Film Companion its credibility..we won't be forgetting it any time soon.
very good review... love ur channel...please do review of malayalam movies also..
Thank god, You liked this Oscar nominated movie as much as Your favorite Befikre(3.5 star)... 👏👍
dwaipayan sengupta
who made you a you are the worst critic ever...#krk is a better reviewer compared to your nonsense.. you did not understand Interstellar and review it and now you are saying Lion has a weak story telling and also without a spoiler alert gives away the climax and say that is not a spoiler as it is from the story...come on for God sake stop reviewing and let Sucharita manage your channel..she gives sensible reviews. I am unfortunately not a hater I am a movie lover.
felicity louis
i like rajeev masand more. at least he gives a fair rating. ! whatsup with befikre and 3.5 stars? bet u were paid good to say that to ensure the credibility of that comes nowhere close to lion. nowhere close
hitesh patil
Seriously 3.5???
keny chauhan
she gave Befikre 3.5 stars and she gave movies like My name is khan and kaabil only 3 stars Lol
meena kumari
Are you kidding this film deserve's more
meghraj patil
3.5 really?
neda aziz
So which movie did you gave 4/5 or 5/5???
soumyadeep ghosh
I've expected you would give at least 4 star because i think it's a \
the dude
Waiting for bluray. . bcoz it's not releasing here .