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ARC-77 Fordo
Do Star Wars Republic Commandos. That game needs more attention.
Aaron Teitelbaum
Statement: HK47 is better than K-2SO
Abdulrahman AlYawer
how were you nihilus at 0:19?
Alexander Jones
Ummm...dantooine was mentioned in a New Hope......
Asher Flanagan
Seriously everyone, a Star Wars RPG does not yet exist that surpasses the original KOTOR. KOTOR 2 was ok, but the first one was better. The second one just lacked the same polish and honestly felt unfinished.
Kotor 2 Is Obsidian
I just want my HK-47 in reallife :(
Biggerous Dickerous
Don't forget kotor2 was developed by obsidian rather than bioware. Seriously obsidian make great games and dont sell out, which is why we cant find them much xd.
Caleb Steele
You forgot Atton, Goto, and Mandalore (well... with his suit on).
I got the Star Wars Cereal commercial before this video.
Charlie hill
Please say: I'm one with the force and the force is with me.
Christian Huthmaker
dantooine is an actual planet from the movies
Connor notyerbidness
No mention of revan in the entire thing or the twist
Daniel Crowley
KOTOR 2 has better writing? WAT.
Darth vid
Such a good series as Kotor, and then came swtor to ruin everything
Dash Star
KOTOR 3... I'm one with the Force the Force is with me.
David Balderas
do Def Jam Fight For NY🙃
David Johnson
wow... did no one else take Canderous and HK 47 everywhere for their hysterical commentary?
Death Gun
They pretty much finished up the kotor story with the mmo
Dr Phot
My pimp hand is strong in Mss Effect btw lol
Bitchtilla xD
Duc Nguyen
Dylan Alexander
BioWare didn't make the sequel. This is frustrating. Change your whole trailer, now.
Dylan McChald
I still can't forgive what they did to Revan, the Exile et al. in the MMO.
Eldrik Stone
The doomsday device is actually a building tool not a destruction device. Carth is a broken war hero not a smuggler. And the Reylo connection was based off Bastilla and Revan sharing dreams. Canderous is way more bad ass then Boba Fet. And I’m not so sure you understood this game at all.
Elemental Jedi
2:09 As someone who still plays this I can tell you that’s totally true.
Ethan Schenck
Uh, Dantooine was mentioned by Leia in A New Hope.
Kotor 2 didn't have better writing at all. Writing's not just about interesting lore and story. Kotor 2 was better at that, sure, but it lacked the masterful plot execution and character writing of the 1st game. You could say Kotor 2's writing is more interesting, or more intelligent, but not better by a long shot. Kotor 1 is like a beautiful, complete poem while Kotor 2 is more like an interesting philosophy book with rough edges. Just depends on which one you're into more.
Say: 'I am vengeance. I am the night. I. Am. Batman.'
Hanging on Edges
Still the greatest Star Wars game ever. Followed closely by Battlefront 2 (2005).
Hans Laguna
Still better than the 2017 Battlefront 2
Illidan Stormrage
I always brought HK-47 with me when I did my missions.
I'm so sorry Jolee!! I was doing a dark side playthrough.
Isaiah Reitan
TBH carth is nothing like Han Solo. They're actually literally polar opposites
No one ever mentions Canderous and his amazing stories and how bad ass he is.
Just Jax
Kotor with that Mass Effect engine pleaseeeeeeeee
All i want is a remaster of these games. Bring them up to the level of depth the mass effect series had.
Kib Ja El the Red Lord of Flamius
This game series single handedly claimed a spot in my top ten games. The second one in particular. However, I hate the mmo for what it did to the main character of the second game. They could've kept it a secret and let it be cool but no they gave the main character forgettable name, and forgettable role. After bringing down TWO sith lords, a sith lady, and their empire then takes bitchy side car to secondary charactersville
So....Kotor is single player and Old Republic is the MMO?
Larry Thorne
This game is pretty lit
Lawrence Sensei
umm there was no empire in the game...
Lil Spicy Joe
I want this game so bad now.
HK-47 and Revan are some of the greatest characters I've come across in video games
Lol, Bioware didn't make KOTOR 2...
Luke McNamara
At least say this has one of the biggest plot twists in gaming history
The Star Forge was NOT a \
Carth - dedicated honourable soldier with trust issues, haunted by the ghosts of his family whose death he blames on himself\nHonest Trailers - 'he's basically Han Solo'\nPay attention next time you play the game.
Also Bioware only made the first KOTOR. The second one was made the only developer that knows how to make a good Fallout game, it's none other Obsidian!
Matthew Davis
The second KOTOR had better writing? Huh?
Michael Coffey
Such a amazing game. So glad I played this, and now I get to see it roasted :) good times.
Micheal Hargrove
Anybody watching this because it's coming out on xbox one
Say Hanes want to end the smelfie
bioware didn't do KOTOR 2. Obsidian did.
Nicholas Camacho
Do shadow of the colossus
Nick McKay
Oh god, I️ feel the neck beard growing!!!
Noah Weisbrod
KOTOR: classic story of good vs evil\nKOTOR 2: getting mentored in Sith philosophy by Darth Ayn Rand\n\nKOTOR 2 has the more interesting premise, but too bad the game itself is a buggy, unfinished mess. What was your favorite bug? Mine was how Force Speed made my screen turn permanently distorted even after the power wore off.
Bioware didn't make KOTOR 2 Obsidian did.
Peter Holley
Super good game
Pyrrhus Brinalle
Carth -the character you're stuck with until you get the badass Mandalorian who you're stuck with until you get the badass murderbot 5000
Sam R
“Han Solo types” *shows Carth Onasi* Anyone who has played the game: “ugh”
Samuel Cayford
The best Star Wars game of all time!!!! Hell yeah!!!!
Obsidian did KOTOR2, not Bioware. Heck the Ithorians even repeatedly says \
Secret Mary
Oh snap I noticed two venture bros reference\nGood on ya
Sheev Talks
Yo leave the Ithorians out of it man; they sounded BADASS in this game!
Si Filey
Honest opinion - This is a the Best Star Wars game/story EVER.\nHang your head in shame Rian Johnson!
Smorf McGoosh
You should do the last guardian.
Some Random Youtuber
Doesn't even mention Revan
Squidwards Anus
Do dead rising 4 ya knuckleheads
Stig Lapoint
Hey Honest Trailer guy, Ithorians are suppose to have deep voices because most of the time they have translators and the planet they come from a lot of them have deep voices
[This post contains spoilers for the first KOTOR] \n\n\nI genuinely played the game with my character name as 'a sith lord' before finding out that the main character is actually revan. \n\nWhich by the way is one of the best twists ever.\nCan't believe all the clues I missed (which you then spot a mile off second time through)
0:33 Thats the only minus point of KotoR. It didnt had the guts to tell a new story. Instead they told the same old story only 4000 years earlier (and with a little dose of Baldurs Gate in it).
Whoa, whoa, whoa there. Bioware didn't do KOTOR II, that was Obsidian.
Tha Infamous
CARTH SEEMS UPSET\n1. Talk to carth.\n2. Ignore him.
I'm *done* with the force and the force is with me...
If I ever win the lottery I WILL finance that scrapped Kotor 3. We were going to see where Revan went, how he learned about the star forge and all that weird stuff Kreia talked about at random points, and fight the 'True Sith' in dark space. It sounded awesome...
KOTOR 2 wasn't made by BioWare.
2:42 - The second game was made by Obsidian, not Bioware.\nPretty damn familiar development story setup: Obsidian gets contracted to develop sequel within a ridiculously small timeframe, but at least has the same systems, game engine, & mechanics to work with as a template, & ends up either making a surprisingly competent experience within the small timeframe. At least when it comes to KOTOR 2 from what I've heard (never played any KOTOR game), in the case of New Vegas, they also had some story scraps from Interplay's work on their version of Fallout 3, & about half a year longer to work on it than KOTOR 2, & managed to do everything Fallout 3 did, but better.
Tim David
Star Wars has tons of moral grey area. Its a nightmare dystopia. \n\nCorporations hold all the power, Labor power is non existent, every galactic government from the Republic to the Empire is corrupt and completely incapable at governing, All power is based on wealth, wealth inequality is fucking massive and crushing even though there are literally millions of planets to get every resource you could ever want on, Slavery exists almost everywhere and is completely unchallenged, technological progress is stagnant for tens of thousands of years at a time, and to top it all off every hundred years or so a monastic order of warrior monks splinters and fights wars on a galactic scale that kill billions of people and destroy entire worlds.
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl
technically, Malak is not Baron Underbite, but Baron Overbite because he has no lower jaw. Underbite only with that mask.... thing.
Tori Pearson
say: I am starlord, defender of the cosmos.
The funny thing is, I actually did kill \
I loved this game
Wilky _
All it is missing is a button to punch women for asking questions... Literally unplayable now!
Yoda Man
dear real life: i want this. 2:25\n\n\nalso SWTOR is actually awesome.
ZhongDe 95
Do Warframe!!!
They tried their best but you really can't shit on these games in any way.
The Star Forge isn't a planet sized doomsday weapon. It's a really big ship and droid building facility that sucks raw materials from a star. It doesn't have any direct destructive abi;ities as far as I know.
THIS is a game that should be remastered.
bwaz hw
HK-47=coolest character in any series ever.
john stuckert
Am I the only one pissed he compared Carth to Han? Carth is the most prominent goody 2 shoes in the star wars lore that I know of. Mean while Han is a smuggler that moved spice for Jabba the hutt. As well as being wanted in a ton of systems. Carth was a member of weenie hut jr.
NERDS OF THE OLD XBOX wait a minute
actually, you can capture the doomsday device for yourself....not so honest after all, huh :P
i don't care if it aint canon anymore. why don't they make star wars games like this anymore? With todays games, imagine the awesomeness of a Roleplaying star wars games.
Played both games so much I had to get new controllers, twice!!! KOTOR and KOTOR 2, Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*must not start bitching, must not start bitching, must n--*\n\nKOTOR 2 had better writing than 1? . . . hahahahahahahaha no.\n\nAnd oh yeah, I remember now how Han Solo was a painfully straightlaced, goody-two shoes, angsty soldier devoted deeply to the ideals of the Republic, just like Carth . . . oh wait, no I don't.\n\nI love you Honest Trailers, but I couldn't beat back my nerd rage on this one.
star wars gameplay video
So incredible. game
the mad hatter
Before I watched this video I thought I love this game you better not say any bad things about it then I realized who this person is