The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game - TASM2 suit free roam

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Free roam gameplay of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) suit in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game, you unlock this suit automatically.My Twitter:

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Abdiasis Abdirashid
Have you see the new Spider-Man game coming up in 2018?
Abhishek Pankaj
its animated
Cool !
Adult Gotenks
Antony D'Andrea
Remember when they made Spiderman 2 on PS2. Had all the original voices from the films. And swinging from buildings (which somehow was not in TASM game) and the free roam was great!
Baroque Chevalier
You know what would be cool? If they ever introduce Venom in future spidey games, as soon as he debuts in the game, he could appear randomly (only when you are freeroaming, not main or side missions ofc), freeroaming at night too and when you get too close to him, you start a mini-boss battle.
so cool
graphics are better in the first one
Blue Mushroom Plays
Brittany Quinonez
I want to by it
Bruce Banner
bad graphics!
Caldari Ghost
can you imagine swinging around like that and then just smashing into the side of a building.
Candy Crushers
I am sticking with Candy Crush
Carferber 9
i have this gane
Catalin Anghel
Look at the views
why does this have 57mil views
Chris Morris
What would have made this game better would be if it was made by Rocksteady
Christian Biggins
I love spider man
CoffeeSilver 546
Its kinda weird for amazing spider man 1, that spider man can keep on swinging without no buildings.
Cyu Agen
Web of shadows was the best for me :P
DDC Gaming
Who wants a Venom video game at this point?
Dash Lambda
I'm not sure how I got to this video, but I must say... Spiderman is very, very good at not hitting buildings when he's swinging right into them... Hmm...\n\n3:21\nNever mind, he can control gravity.\n\n\nADDENDUM:\nYou know what, damn it all. This game just doesn't use physics.
Dima Grigorev
Бля, помню времена, когда эта графика казалась нам офигенной, так же скажем через лет 5, смотря на графику в spiderman ps4.
Drax the Literalist
If we could have the boss battles from Shattered Dimensions, the swinging from Spider-Man 2, the story quality on par with Ultimate Spider-Man and the maneuverability from Amzing spider-man 1 and 2.... all in one game! That'd be a game I'd pay top dollar for!
the game isn't that had tbh
Erik Nilsson
i hate how they have the heroic level...
Ethan HD
This was posted on my birthday :)
Fares Fekry
wow it is cool
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Georgien 4t
Games Zone
Gerasimos Rico
Why is it that the spider man 2 on PS2 lha better physics , this one just looked weird the way spidey can catapult so fast
Gregory Bruton
Nice game I have it to its so cool right
HowToDraw Check
woow you are awesome i have this game (xbox360)
I hate Jake and logan paul
amazing game play
I like you Video
why does this have 50m + views?
Web of Shadows is better
Juliana DePina Gomes
I watched this two times
Keshav Jugran
Can this game run on my laptop.\nSpecs -\nIntel i3 4th gen 4030u 1.9 GHz\nAmd radeon R5 M230\nRam 12 gb
Why so much views tho
is there an option for u to change the swinging controls like I know u swing with the left an right buttons but is there a way that u could have the left an right webswing controls in one button
Legendary Knight 20
It feels like a an AMAZING RUSH leaping off off the tallest skyscrapers in the game as Spider-Man, hearing the sounds of traffic below, and web-swinging through the streets!!!!!
This game is bad even for its time. I mean, we had Arkham Knight just one year later (story kinda lame, but absolutely good mechanics), and other examples of well made games. Activion just didnt care enough
M .G.F
I like this game but there are some much better (i am talking about Spider man ps4)
Mairead Logan
i have the amazing spiderman 3 but its broken
Malachai Thompson
Anybody else come here bc they don't have a PS4 or dont the money to buy one so they just watch somebody else while there bord
Malcolm Crane
Who else played the original a long time ago on pc?
Mark Lintner
Cool game. I like your play throughs. Subbed.
Mewtwo Gaming
I played this game but I want to play this game after I download this game so laggy because my pc is very bad so I downloaded the amiazing spiderman
Microwaved Pizza
Bomb squad
This is a mobile game compared to Spider-Man PS4 now
49 million views?\nimpressive and shocking \nD:
Hyping myself up by watching this so called spiderman game before the real game comes out
*carries a bomb that could go off any moment\nHOW COOL IS THIS
Omayra Diaz
spider man is asome hahahahahahahahahahah lol
Ozan ÇT
Even though I liked the movie, the game based off the movie was mediocre trash. Tons of glitches and a rushed product. Not to mention, no Gwen Stacy. -_-\n\nI hope Beenox makes a better Spiderman game. If the next game is crap, then I want another company to make better Spiderman games. Why can't the company who did Web of Shadows do the Spiderman games?
Oh my god I wish this was my life!!!!!
Shadow Gaming
*COOL GAMEPLAY* !!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEO!!! 1:19 *Carries a bomb that could go off any moment*\n*HOW COOL IS THIS* !\nLOL!!!😂😂😂\nAMAZING GAME!!!😃😃😉
the game is soo bad i played about 40 mins of it then i threw it in the garbage
Simon W
Cooles Video
SoNiC x BoOmiNg
they did a really good job on this game, music & all. I just wish they made it a little longer
0:58 lol fail
Sumɪt Rawal
can we do crimes and steal cars like gta?
That One Guy
7:52 \
Thauan Silva
galera vai no meu canal tauan silva
The Doctor
I can see this game getting boring very quickly.
Tuala Rhys
Looking back, the webslinging is so bad!
Does anyone else wish you could just free roam normally after completing the game? Because I find it annoying how I finally finished the game, but if you don't do enough heroic acts you become a menace in just minutes. ;c
Tyriq cannon
I have the game
Uganda Knuckles
The best spiderman game and no spiderman game can beat it is spiderman web of shadows
White Tee
I like this Game...
Zairulhusni wan zein
Who have a PS4? can you give me one PLEASE
Civillian: RUN RUN! SOMEONE PLANTED A BOMB!!\nCivillian hides beside the bomb*
The music sounds vaguely batman-ish. \u003e_\u003e;
Ziv Bot
That's for PS4???
ahmed noori
OMG !!!!!!!!!
andy loya
Since the Spider man franchise is getting rebooted again, I think it might be a good time to make a new spider man game that will be extraordinary. One that will have good graphics, good story, and great combat, and awesome swing mechanics, and also mind bending acrobatics and perks that Spidey can do.
aracelis marchan
esa es cual pc
ashley kay
this game........was such.........a disappointment.......
chief 1 redwolf
Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself Jesus !!! :\u003e
cioara99 ciira
this game is on PS4
hawkar gamer
lina liray
she my favorite character because my cousin nico he loves spider man suler love
maravela mdvn
moni aguilar
100 mil iron man's...
murat aksan
Bin ich der einzige deutsche der das guckt
ninjainthestar YT
I felt sick when I played this game
nolan ause
6:18 love spiderman but nope... no way
Why Evil Never Sleeps If he is a HERO?
ouanis halil
gooood man
I've got a feeling you're texting in there!
rusman tansah
hebat juga ini
trump lover09
2:26 \nCan some one please tell me how he did that.
uoY evoL I
Why does every civilian look like Gwen Stacy?
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