Dracula - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 57

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Fun fact: Fuchs is actually pronounced \
I know I'm major fan-girling but... James looks hawt when he's dressed as Dracula... :3
Arsenic Dream
I hope when his kid gets old enough to go on the computer, somebody will tell them to look up \
Atle Kristiansen
When playing textgames, at least the ones without any pictures what so ever, on the Commodore 64, there is usually one thing you should do once you get to a new room: EXAMINE it...
August Cruz
11:20 Hahaha, he's wearing the pumps!
Batman's Justice
The count on VIC-20 is the grandfather of all Cleverbot XD
Blood Shadow
Wait... the french equivalent of the AVGN (the Joueur Du Grenier) is named Frederic but we nickname him \
For the sesame street game, you have to give them credit for the voice!
Boxes World
James truly is The Batman
The clip where Keanu Reeves is screaming is in the movie, and it's just as ridiculous. I liked most things about that movie, Keanu's performance not being one of them. It's not even the only time someone screams in a dumb way.
Calila PloyPloy
11:19 Ozzy Osbourne.....Anyone?
Candy Von Bitter
The text adventures could be really awesome if the creator know what she/he is doing. People are still making new ones, wich is cool if you like read.
in super mario bros there is an option to only jump: it's called the power glove lol
Clinton Cosby
Oh, my god, it's Fred Fuchs!
Echoes by Pink Floyd is an awesome song
Corrina Rittenhouse
DKTHAgamer _
The legendary Fred Fuchs episode :D
Distracted Globe Productions
The weird thing about the second one is that the Count is supposed to have dominion over wolves--wolves are an even more prominent motif than bats in the actual book!\nOr the third one, where the Count's after Mina... Is that *before,* xor *after* he partially converted her? Well, either way, Jonathan's gonna be *pissed.*\nIn the fourth one, he looks like the *Downfall* version of Skeletor--I mean Goebbels...
Dominik Klemetsrud
Its actually Fred Fuchs and it sounds nothing like F*cks
Can someone please tell me who Fred F**ks is? I know he's in a AVGN game but is he anything eles?
Love this episode, but there is one thing that bothers me: Fred Fuchs. Fuchs is the German word for fox, so being German makes this joke not only fall flat but also... stupid and awkward. I know that was not the AVGN's intention, it's just one of those cases where a joke does not translate well.
Dusty Jack
11:21 the nerd is wearing the reebok pumps
Christopher Lee was the best Dracula.
I miss this dude. Nothing is better after along stressful day to just tune out and watch nostalgic avgn
Ethan Winstead
Hungarian subtitles...I like that. Dracula deserves to watch AVGN to.
The hole jumping Vampire thing in Count's Countdown is due to the Japanese. From what I've heard, the vampires over there only hop.
I always thought Dracula was pretty cool, I guess I feel this way cause of the Castlevania games and Bram Stoker's Dracula, even his son Alucard, I mean come on....his son probably has one of the coolest names I've heard. Alucard. WHEN IS THERE GONNA BE MORE EPISODES OF CASTLEVANIA ON NETFLIX!? DID THE CREATOR JUST GIVE UP?
Hina Williams
Despite it being shitty I secretly love Bram Stoker's Count Dracula for the Snes. C:
is it me or james looks more like a vampire than Edward Cullen
Ibrahim Wolasmal
BTW, there's a game on the Atari 2600 called Stargate, which is a remake of Defender 2. And guess who made THAT.\n\n\n\n\nAndrew Fuchs.
Irradiated Ghoul
Am I the only one here who tried to find Fred Fuchs on facebook?
Ivan Walker
Thanks for the spanish subtitles
I died laughing at 'Fred Fuchs'.
Lol my history teachers name is Mr. Fuchs
James Dale Bozeman
I actually took the time to read up on the gameplay for The Count. \nAs it turns out, the player character has been sent to defeat the vampire Count Dracula by the local Transylvanian villagers, and must obtain and use items from around the vampire's castle in order to defeat him. Players move from location to location, picking up any objects found and using them somewhere else to solve puzzles. \nSo, basically, it's a text-based version of \
Josh Walker
You gotta admit, those voice samples for The Count's Countdown are really good for an NES game.
Dracula isn't crazy. That's like calling a Lion that ate a whole village of people a crazy Lion or a Shark that attacked a beluga whale a crazy shark. It's what they do.
Kamel Carter
Love how the cover of the intelevision game is the same shitty Dracula picture on every halloween makeup kit Haha.
Oh my God, Fred Fuchs.... Fred Fuchs what? A vampire?
Lieutenant Yoshi
Link the Slick Hero
10:32 Actaully yea that cutscene is in the actaul movie but its at the part where it shows the three female vampires feast on the infant child's blood and his face was probably bit bloodier that what that has on that
Lord Of Decay
Stunning bat effects ;P
how much do you think Fred Fuchs was bullied as a kid
Mark Ganus
holy crap. you need to do a james and mike monday on The Count for the Vic-20. I'm curious to know what happens after you go east.
Even though it wasn't released, I think a Dracula-themed game with Reebok product placement is one of the strangest concepts I've ever heard of.
Meg Sandy
I've heard the theme song a million times and the only part that I ever remember is:\n♪He'd rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear♫
Miguel Carriedo
classic avgn ..love the classics
2:48 Sounds like the game has virginity.
Murrdogg Gaming
How in the Fred Fuchs did these games get made?!
LOL I just realized Nerd is wearing the reebok's he showed off early in the vid at 11:22
Noah Lawless
And on that day in 2009 Fred Fuchs was born
Morning sun vanquish me!
Okay! Yeah, Kolbe!
There is old AVGN and new AVGN, both have a specific charm to them...but there is no BAD AVGN.
Otaking Mikohani
2:49 Well when a man, another man, a woman, a blow-up doll, a dog, a Japanese eroge, and a plate of spaghetti love each other very much...
P. Sqqp
The morning sun has vanquished the horrible Nerd.
6:48 How is the voice so clear on the NES?
Sable Braun
So now the Nerd AND JohnRamboPresents think the Dracula death-clip is possibly from Bill & Ted.
That Count game on the VIC-20 is the precursor to Siri.
Sam Black
the origin of Fred Fuchs!
Sami Niemi
Timelimit, worst thing in videogames
Did the nerd actually buy a pair of those shoes just for the 5 second joke?
Eat pillow. Yuck! Ok so I ate the pillow? I didn't expect that. XD
That Keanu clip was in the movie. but with the bad sound its more hilarious in the game.
2:48 Best moment in gaming history. Ever.
WAIT. If sunlight kills vampires, then how come moonlight which is reflected sunlight, by the way doesn't kill them?
Stephen Doherty
Surge Álvez
My favorite AVGN episode of all-time right here.
11:18 what are you? ozzy osbourne?
When Tom Cruise, Fred Fuchs
The Cousin Collision
I died here. 10:33
I know it was only on for a second but a second of meddle is awesome.
The SNES/Genesis Bram Stoker's Dracula wasn't as bad as The Nerd made it seem. I mean it's far from great, but there are worse movie-based games out there. I really like the soundtrack on the Genesis game, because it's done by the legendary Matt Furniss, whom is one of the greatest game music composers of all time, and it sounds very eerie and very fitting for a game like this. The sword that you attack with in the game reminded me of Strider, with the big sweep from the blade and all. The game had like elements of Strider and Castlevania, which was kinda cool. Oh and from what I heard, the man you have to find before finding the exit is Abraham Van Helsing (Anthony Hopkins), and I think the weapon he thinks of is what would be the best to use for what comes after since there are more than one weapons to collect.
We all know Dracula sucks, but maybe not this much.\
Urban Exploration with Janne Flinck
wonder if James has \
Vincent Times
Ah, text parsing games...\n\
because you would be in jail
Somehow, even if I haven't watched AVGN in a long time, I always end up finding myself watching the Halloween episodes around the Fall
Eat pillow.....yuk..wo wasn't expecting that
Fred Fuchs actually also produced the Godfather movies O_o
dark tendencies
Play a game called zork it's a text based strategy game its before game graphics its kind of fun we played it in video game design class
fred fuchs
Hello James.
guitar of the dead
lol butter knife\n\ni would rather use a butterfly knife
jose uribe
Dear James Rolfe. I seen all of your episodes if you hate those nintendo games then just come to my house and bring your nintendo games just give them to my son nick ward Uribe. My address is 540 west Alvarado Pomona ca 91768. My phone number is 626-298-2953. It's up to you don't keep nintendo games just all of them to my son nick Uribe he is 13 years old. You and my son can be avgn buddies forever thanks. - jose nick Uribe
lisardo weisert
Sonic 3 for Sega had a similar cryptic thing, where you reach a wall and there's nowhere else to go but down (you can see the level beneath, but can't get to it). I found out the hard way that you have to push down and do the spin move, if memory serves me right. But I was SOOOO frustrated trying to figure it out! Some kind of a clue would have been nice! I think old school games were notorious for dead ends and cryptic shit, possibly on purpose.
hyper-active, wisecracking, hates bats...\n\n\nI think ventura and the nerd could go along quite nicely.
I don't know why I laughed so hard when he's fighting the bat and there's the quick shot of James wearing the pumps, but I did
5:03\n\nMAAAN, I won't let you poison me!\n\nSO I THREW IT ON THE GROOOOOUND!
ruth mcnally
Fred Fuchs\n\n\
shadow-wolf gaming
on that day no  fuchs was given lol.
2:48 *dies laughing*
i love that he is wearing the reebok pumps
the Bram Stoker's Dracula games= STILL better than Keanu Reeve's acting in the movie
S I C K Pink Floyd shout out!!\n\nEchoes is such an amazing track, a 24 minute epic, kinda like Shine On You Crazy Diamond or Atom Heart Mother.
i wish i discovered his work back in 2006... 
nightmare 7:43