Bruno Ending || Until we bleed

Watch in HD with headphones !! =)In two days it'll have passed two months since Merlí ended, I wanted to do something with the whole Pol and Bruno history, has been difficult to find a song that fits with their journey, and "can we surrender" was already taken (with a beautiful editing by the way =) ) .. I discovered this song in Fama a bailar, and I fell in love.. and well.. when that happends is easier to work. I wanted to ended with the answered that Bruno gave to Pol when he was worried about him and asked him "Are you alright?" and Bruno said "now, I am", because that can sum it everything, together they're better.And this is what has came out, I hope you like it =)► Couple: Bruno + Pol► TV Show: Merlí► Song: Lykke Li - Until We Bleed Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Adela Lola
You summed up Pol&Bruno love story for me! I'm so happy :) Love the clips you used,the editing,the song,everything about this video is PERFECT! Thank you so much for made my day :))
Amanda Sánchez
Me quiero matar
Andy A.
¡Genial que Pol y Bruno se casaron! 🙌😍🙈
Anemona Almeida
I miss them!
Bastian Pavan
Bruno is really fucking hot, David Solans put so much real in his acting game, glad they end together i'm gonna watch this show for sure, even if I hate ppl like Pol, I'm happy for Bruno that he can finaly be with the love of his life.
Cami D'Elia
Cherie Carlson
do you know where i can buy all season of merli ?? cu i want buy all dvd for that .
Chidiogo Uwaezuoke
please what's the name of this movie and where can I download it with eng subtitle
Chris McMahon
Damn. Only season 1 of Merlí has been released on Netflix USA. Though I have to say it sounds terrible dubbed in Castilian. Much better in it's original Catalan version.
Destiny Song
One of them looks like Jacksepticeye
Eltie B
I keep seeing jacksepticeye...\n\nand I don't need to fall in love twice.
Ewan Matthews
Bruno comes back?! Omg I stopped after season 2 because he left, I am so excited now! Thank you so much for this video and the good news!
Fatima Sanchez
No los superó😍😍😭
Francisco Santos
de tudo de quem se ama sejas carinhosos com ele pois isso não se jogas foras pois ele é verdadeiros
Hadi Sahputra
What the name of this movie the guy in blonde hair make me in love 😍
Heather Alexander
Looks kinda like Dylan o'Brien. \u003c3
Heroes of Nowhere
This is amazing
Hul Mix
حب في مهب الرياح
Kara G.
I watched season one of this show when it came out and I absolutely loved it. All these years I thought there was only one season until last week I came across this video and I said “holy shit, there are scenes in here I’ve never seen so there must be more seasons”. Anyways I finished watching the series. season three almost made me want to stop watching it but I’m glad I stuck with it.
Katharina Littleperson
Una de les millor sèries \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Lily Fields
He looks like jack septiceyeeeeee
Lily Rose
I'm so happy they end up together ❤ my fav ship ❤❤❤❤
Marlon Rodriguez
Okay so they end together. Well I'm gonna watch this now!
Miranda lu
Pol mira con tanto amor a bruno eso me tiene atrapada con esta pareja.. le creo todo al actor transmite demasiado es buenisimo el tipo
The only reason because i watch this series...
My Mind
Love your editing and the song and the ending!! 😍
Paloma Nem-Hines
You've gone & done it again.😢 Another beautiful tribute to one of TV's greatest couples by the Queen of Brunol edits. 👏 I'm now sharing this brilliance with my Tumblr followers.
Pame Flor
É raro ver um casal gay da televisão com uma trajetória tão incrível e ainda terminarem com um final feliz. Sou muito grata aos espanhóis por isso!
Pedro Henrique Silva
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Rose Hunter
The best ending to a beautiful couple 💜💜💜💜
Saifinblatif lambate
What's shows name
SrSlender Man
Bruno fue un poco capullo al largarse a Roma y al volver pensarse que tendría la vida solucionada aquí. Igual es un ship hermoso 😍❤
I honestly stopped watching after season 2 because i couldn't take not seeing Bruno there but now that I've had the courage to watch this compilation I'm gonna watch merli again lmao
Vasquez J'd
es una serie, se llama *merli* esta en Netflix, o la puedes encontrar en una pagina llamada *sr gato*
Vmin is Lifu
He looks like jacksepticeye
Z. E.
It broked my heart when Pol and Tania started dating.Can't even imagine the heart-ache for my baby Bruno💔
juan yo yo
Es el papel cinematográfico así, y hacen buena pareja, pero no debe ser fácil decirle que no a un chico tan atractivo como Bruno....😋
I love it=)
hey im sorry but where can i watch season 4 :( been searching on dailymotion but i cant find it :((
maria kara
wow. that was beautiful! is there any website i could watch the show maybe with english subs? ☺️👏🏼💘
marie hotcakes
I want a movie on how they ended up together It just went to u years I want to see how there love finally happened,,,,,please I need it😋😍
Where can I watch the series with Eng Subs?
I love your video. Is this happy ending?