You Are in A Video Game! ASMR

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This is the Eighth video in our new series "You are a [ Insert name here ] ASMR". You can go back to the beginning and watch from the start using this playlist: All donations will be used to buy props and equipment for the channel.Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a term used for an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia. ASMR signifies the subjective experience of "low-grade euphoria" characterised by "a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin". It is most commonly triggered by specific acoustic, visual and digital media stimuli, and less commonly by intentional attentional control.Please don't forget to share my videos when you can. It really helps the channel and keeps it growing. Thank you.

ASMR ASMR Binaural ASMR Tapping ASMR come... Doctor Andrew Michaels Tapping Videogame WII Controllers insert name here asmr soft spoken tiraradeguello

Lets get Tirar to 125k before tomorrow. (3 away from writing this)
ASMR with Sofia
You know you will have a good evening and night when your favorite asmr channels post at same time!! YAY 💤💤💤
You are a fossil ASMR with sand sounds.
Atreides FT
I love the \
Barack Obama
Bearded Audio ASMR
I don't know that these will ever get old. Also that thumbnail is freaky af.
All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!
Brad Somar
Do you are Poseidón the god of the seas. (Use water sounds and the song's of the blue whale 🐳, maybe some other stuff too).
Brandon Michaels
Is that an Epic Mickey paintbrush?
You are in a flex tape commercial?
Imagining a “you are my estranged mother” played by Marvin is cracking me up, just me?
Caleb Whitfield
You are in an insane asylum.
Call me Zelda ONE moar time
I have that Magic Mickey Brush lol
Brilliant video!! Maybe next what about a You are a in a horror movie
David Christensen
Do a you are inside a glass of water.
Digi Deekay
At my time of writing you have exactly 125k subscribers. Congratulations my good man and thank you. Much love 🏆🙏❤️
Dionisio Barboza
OMG, you are a Condom.
DominikΩ омега сеншу
Console: On\nHeadset: On\nController: On\nTingles: Detected\nYep, it's TirarADeguello time !
Emily Easton
You are trapped in Jumanji!
Erik Lvl The Noahsnoah Virus
You are the big bang ASMR\n\nJust something I came up with Ok
Ethan Andrews
The thumbnail looks like a thumbnail of a joeysworldtour video
Eva L
You are a dragon getting a dental cleaning!
Excelsa Autem
How about “You are not paying attention”? \n\nIt could include inaudible asmr!
Family-Friendly Felix
If I was in a video game, I would be in Dark Souls III\n\n\n\n\n\n*wait no*
ForksNot Spoonz
How about “you are not here” where you just pretend to be taking a look at your equipment and taking notes?
Fuck Japan
you are a muffin and its muffin time
Gabriel Rocha
You are a broken car and the mechanic is fixing you!
You are a goldfish, could do interesting stuff with a bowl
You are an unidentifiable object ASMR
Hello There
That thumb nail is priceless...
Hunter Boatwright
You are Big Chungus!!!
I Have Herpes
You have received the \
I Have Just
This will sound strange but could you make a video on the making of a machine that allows you to swap consciousness, this will be to explain the majority of the \
I Spy A Faggot
You are the father
I like hillbilly's
The thumbnail is the best thing ever
I think the case makes good sounds
Me: Damn it's 8am i need to work!\n\nTirar: *You are in a video game ASMR*\n\nMe: Nevermind, guess it's time for a nap now.
Jake The Snake
You are an SCP would be interesting
Johnathan Skiles
Jonny DeMont
Do \
You are the best asmr artist on YouTube
KNIghtJoke80 Tube
You are the voice in my head ASMR\nI'm actually quite curious about the possibilities...
You are stuck inside an anime
Korekiyo V3
This is SOOO original. That's why I love so much this channel
Kyle Collins
TirarADeguello\nSo many tingles
Lewis Archer
20:30 how these fortnite tryhards be lookin like
You’re in trouble with the principle ASMR?
Margo NoLastNameGiven
You are a worm.\n\n\n\n\n\nYes. A worm.
Martin Laird
Also when you were using the paintbrush thing at the beginning I genuinely flinched because I thought it was going to poke me in the eye, it just shows how high quality your videos are
Maurilio Bighetti
Please do \
Mega Lonyx
You are a pet fish ASMR
Mitchell Grande
I wish TirarA could do mine you are my friend \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAlso I think you are ..............\n..........\n..........\n..........\n..........\n...............\n........\n.......................\n.....\n...\n..\n.\nCool
MoopelsJr. 2
You are dead.
Mr. Tattoo ASMR
LOVE that thumbnail.
you are a planet/galaxy/solar system\nor a lightbulb\nyou are an scp\nor how about you are in a mirror :]
Poppisangx Cult of poppi
You are flex tape
Qulyuss Vera
You are a YouTube comment ASMR\n\nHey wait a minute
RedHead Productions
You probably can't hear him cause your headphones aren't plugged into the controller homie
Reid Simpson
Thank you for acknowledging us gamers, truly the most oppressed group
You Are Adopted ASMR. Just beat around the bush trying to explain the situation like my parents did. My real mom just up and left me. My dad contacted me but he just wanted money. I really shouldn't blame my adopted parents but they could have told me earlier you know? In hindsight I guess I should have figured since my entire family is asian and I'm black, but I can't know everything. Great video though man. Love your content. Keep up the good work.
Rhys Millington
Can you do watching a horror film
Riley Knight
Omg imagine if you did a “You are ASMR” 🤠😂
You are self aware, and have realised you are in a small box on a big screen.
Sam HAM samwich
You have ligma ASMR
you are taxes
Shankster 9001
You are a tingle droid
How about \
Siege ASMR
That’s how mafia works
Silenced Games
You are a commenter in a You Are video.
Stick McThicc
Storm TheSlayer
You are a camera maybe?
Subway From Jared
You're in a sticky situation.
That teen Gamer87
“You are a Colt 45 Malt Liquor”\nThat way I can fear for my life as Doctor Andrew Michaels drinks one right in front of me
The Badger
That thumbnail! I'm dying! 😂
The Comic Book A.S.M.R tist
Man, I love controller sounds! It always takes me back to when my brother would stay up late and game while I tried to sleep.
Tippy Tappy ASMR
My two favourite things in one video! 👂🎮🤯
Tommy Howell
You are a television would be interesting
The thumbnail is literally me in a online match of MKX
He's not gonna make it!
Your Old Pal
you are a science essay due tomorrow and i cant think
Zach Puente
What about \
ZomBroz Gaming
Please do ear scratching
android amv
You actually used my idea😱😱🙌\n\nAwesome video man!
I dont know why but your voice always reminds me Mack from the channel \
you are a dead meme asmr
jordany amaya
You are baba sen
‘You are a calculator’
How about a \
mr welder
your the biggest chungus this was great
How about \
You are a cardboard box asmr.
pg13 intheatres
You are in a movie ASMR?
ray naws
I'm liking the new opening theme I've been gone for a bit. Nice to see your still doing what you love (and doing it well might I add ). For some reason I do that seem to get tingles anymore but still really enjoy your ASMR especially the Reiki work... Was wondering if you had anything along in the works along the Reiki spectrum coming out soon? Well wishes to you and the family
sakottaja w
OMG this IS so fucking relaxing, thank you For this amazing video!!!!
Do \n\nYou are a disappointment \n\nIt will be really relatable
You are on lsd\nEdit: thanks for the heart tirar
요정 .
I’m from KOREA 🇰🇷 \nYour video is very creative and\nl really enjoyed . I love english ASMR....❤️\nEven if I am doing wrong grammars , \npls understand me 😢