Whose line is it anyway — Best Scenes From a Hat Part 5

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Whose Line is it Anyway?Best of Scenes From a HatWhose line is it anyway — Best Scenes From a Hat Part 5

Brad Sherwood Charles Esten Chip Esten Colin Mochrie Craig Ferguson Drew Carey Greg Proops Jeff Davis Jonathan Mangum Ryan Stiles Wayne Brady Whose line is it anyway Whose line is it anyway Scenes from a hat scenes from a hat Whose Line Is It Anyway? (TV Program)

11:04 tf..
20:28\nWelcome to Alaska:\nHow was Canada?
Abigail Elfix
11:03 is that Janice from FRIENDS laughing??
Alan Ramos
Janice from friends at 11:05 ??
Amber Meilander
Angelus Nielson
Wayne has an interesting idea of what \
Anime luver
The cat in the hat don't care if your whack the cat in the hat wants to blow out your back
Anna Ward
I've learned the hard way not to drink anything while watching this. Unless of course you want to shower your furniture.
Archibald Doogan
Reruns of this show should be blared on every channel, and every streaming or mobile device for an entire weekend until every snowflake disappears from Western civilization.
Based Jason
OOOOOOOOooooooohhhhhh damnitssomebigtits
Bestest Inventions
i'm googling how food becomes poo now
Boo Tedesco
Catherine Bardal
Boy, that Keanu Reeves joke's a bit dated.
Clarissa Smith
I love it when you just see Ryan's hand reach into the frame and slowly Colin is pulled away, still talking. XD
Commenter Commenty pants
The slasher villain thing is probably one of my favorite things ever on this show (though some of the best stuff was cut out of this video, like \
Ffs just stick with brad, collin, ryan and wayne. Stop mixing it up when you have the perfect combo right there.
Daras Thrae
Why is this part 5 when it's just repeats from parts 1-4?
Diego Clark
Colin always looks like a deer in headlights when he stops his sentences
This is exactly the same video as Kenneth Landry's \
Evan Kaspbrak
welcome to Rhode Island; thanks for visiting Rhode Island
Gaby O
12:10 omg I said “like I am your father” before he did!
Gamer Cadance
Im on a full city bus and i am trying not laugh aloud so i am having a hard time breathing from silently laughing too hard!😂😂😂😂
Garrako Games
i just got the purple ad with colin in it.
Colin kissing Wayne was so cute! I laughed until i cried! \u003c3
Giovanni Barreto
Heather Galaher
Hunter Gman
16:52 I wouldve said Not another virus
Isaac Kay
@21:43 The perfect thing to say would've been Al Pacino's famous line in Scarface, \
I’m not Justin Y Stop asking about that imposter
“I’M A *M I M E* “
Jackie Carranco
How did I miss this one? Thanks again Avie, I look forward to the next one.😂
Jamie Howard
I'M A MIME lmao
Jason Gooden
Half these jokes would offend people nowadays.
Jason Marin
What Drew whispers in his dates ear.\n\n\
Jess Vaughn
I like how the audience changes every five seconds. Lol
I would like frys with that
John Dunn
Little old lady tea cubes by KICKASSOAR!!
Jonathan Keith
They give so Drew so much shit but he rolls with it. Love it.
Jordan Bartholme
5:17 Can anyone help me out with a translation of these 2 Spanish punchlines? Mucho gracias!!
Josh Martley
Did anyone else get caught off guard by that random laugh at 3:33?
Joshua George-Mullins
11:04 Janice??
Joshua Gindis
Can someone explain what’s said at 43:48?
KingCookie 30733
The letter \
KingEduardo VIII
Tag yourself, I’m the giggling audience member 😂 11:05
Laura Harding
I love how Ryan and Collin can just stand there with the most blank expressions, makes me die every time
Liam Evans
Just standing there looking blank has never been so funny! xD
Liam Wilson
I only came for the letter H...
Chip looks like a guy who should be advertising dental products.
Mason jordan
Come sleep with me, sleep with me twice. I think that that would be really nice. Looky looky at the size of my shoe. You know what they say. Yes it is true
Meee Aaah!!?
@1:46 I guess my dad was an insult comic... Who knew!!
5:52\nNow you know where the \
12:35 lmfao!!!
i cant read...
Nidzos Sahvoz
Omair Sheikh
You know your joke is good when you make Ryan laugh
...... \
I love Ryan taking Colin offstage 😂😂😂😂
For the “say about your computer but not your girlfriend” I was thinking “Kick it hard enought, then it’ll work.”
Ralli- Reiska
I have been watching this for 35 minutes and I thought it was about 10. I love this show.
Robert Ostman
the IQ on these ppl most be pretty high
Rosemary Lindsey
Ryan Hartness
27:52 Ryan knows how to make me laugh. 😂
27:00\nColin's response to professions where breaking into songs is discouraged.
Samantha Bourne
27:29 is dated now because he is actually a good actor in the right roles lolol
Samantha Smith2000
where has this show been while i was growing up......its great! lol
Samuel Hur
Welcome to rhode island....thanks for visiting rhode island. \nSooooo true!!! Lmfao!
Serena Ing
I love that Ryan always looks annoyed when walking offstage
Silver Moogle
is it just me or did they paste part 4 of best scenes from a hat onto the ass end of part 5 just to make it longer for more commercials?
The old ones are the best.
What's really going through Donald Trump's mind during cabinet meatings: \
abierto, cerrado.\n#IMCARRYINGYOURCHILD!!!
Tenebre Nightwalker
Repeats of scenes in the same video don't make it funny anymore....
The Damned Damsel
i love when ryan collects collin off of the stage
The Ocelot Channel
The ScoutCrab
11:04 that laugh tho.
Tim David
2:09 yo Colin predicted Instagram
Timothy Kammerer
17:20 I would've done\n*types on the computer*\nUh ... am I doing this right?\nIs it even turned on?
Tom Cross
kathy griffin is the funniest. could've used trump's severed head here as a prop.
43:30 ABC family, yeah right!
Vel A
I wish Drew comes back!
Vercalos al'Corlin
You know what makes me laugh, I've actually had witnessed conversations starting with \n\n\
Weeple Loves Sheep
i feel like their fun at parties
Whose Line is by far the funniest show I have seen. I've found myself laughing just about every single line. No other comedy show has done that for me. It's truly great!
Zane Welsh
Those Drew roasts are legendary
alex pratt
You know it is good when drew laughs at the card
Unusual ways for your optometrist to test your vision. \n\nTurn your head and cough
I love how they always find a way to make fun of drew
Colin: \
lil titties
Always use to watch these on a Saturday night with my parents. Man I miss being a kid
marco herrera
Anyone one else notice the guy behind drew in the yellow shirt has a big mouth at 2:06
The letter “h”
21:20\nI'll just try these bikinis in here I gue- *Turns to the grudge lady*
27:28 damn dude's gotta eat those words now that john wick's made billions
yves wes
OOOOOOOOOH dinosaur meat!