EUGENE ONEGIN - Bayerische Staatsoper, 1962

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Hermann Prey, Fritz Wunderlich, Ingeborg Bremmert, Brigitte Fassbaender, Hertha Töpper, Mino Yahia - Joseph Keilberth

EUGENE ONEGIN Fritz Wunderlich Hermann Prey Joseph Keilberth

Barbara Ebeling
It was my first opera and this performance wrote history, my love for the opera was awakened for a long life, until the day I heard Dmitri Hvorostovsky in Onegin, Herrmann Prey was the only one
Carlos Arévalo
This is a original version of the score of Tschaikowsky. For the Bolshoi Theatre the composer cuted great portions of the Final Scene. In reality, THIS version is a mix of the both versions of the work. For example, in the III act the entrance of the Princess Gremin (Tatyana) is preceded for a chorus; in the second version, for a ballet scene.
Craig Mann
thank you
Gerda Wendl
Danke! Wunderbar habe es eben erst entdeckt!
Jascha Callanza
Such hidden treasures in this world and thank you Marcos Menescal for sharing this magnificent production of Eugene Onegin and thank you - You Tube for making this possible.
What an unbelievable cast, Fritz Wunderlich as Lensky and Hermann Prey as Onegin. It took a moment to get used to it being sung in German but with this level of singing, it soon didn't matter. I can't even grasp the concept of seeing two such talented singers on the same stage.
What a beautiful production - such a relief from the modern trash we're invariably being subjected to in the opera house today.
Mar Lib
Splendido,grazie. Peccato solo che non sia in russo.
Mohsen Arambon
Hermann is so cute\u003e\u003c love his voice
Thank you, thank you, thank you for uploading this delightful production. Black & White? It doesn't matter. Mono? It doesn't matter. Sung in German? It doesn't matter. It's still so much better than recent contemporary stagings. The additional bonus: a wonderful cast.
Sergei Borodin
imposing spectacle! Thanks!\n
In any language, Maestro Wunderlich is a Lensky after\nmy own heart.  Hermann Prey is a cool, self absorbed\nOneguin...and a handsome devil!   Rare and wonderful \nproduction and a priceless addition to my playlist!  Thank\nyou for posting!
Thomas Davies
Does anyone know about the ending? Is this a revised version or the original?
Valeriano Herrera
Mil gracias por ver y oir esta obra difícil de conseguir,sólo gracias a la generosidad de Marcos.
Winfried Raasch
Wunderbar. Bin heute durch ein Interview mit Brigitte Fassbaender auf diesen Schatz aufmerksam geworden. Am 24.1.2015 hat der Eugen Onegin in ihrer Regie in Kiel Premiere.
Is it the only full opera video of Wunderlich?
Wunderlich per me è  meraviglioso !\nper il resto preferisco il silenzio .
dianavictoria Aljadeff
What a document Herman Prey and Fritz Wunderlich ijn  agerman  version of Eugene Oneguin live
Where did this ending come from? I have not seen the final scene of Onegin performed with a brief monologue for Tatiana with music recalling the music of the Letter Scene. Is there an alternate version of this opera of which I am unaware?
How can hear such a masterpiece in German! Whatever the talent of the singers, the whole atmosphere of the opera is lost. Would Germans accept to hear the Ring in Italian or Russian? This anti-musical. Thank god today that damn habit of not performing operas in their original language has been stopped. The worst I heard in Paris was operas with recitatives in french and the arias in the original language!
One more example why ignorants should stick to silence (only)...
Prey is one of my favourites, but Wunderlich is my favourite. Who could resist him? Even his demeanour is just a hair's breadth from being Onegin himself... tho' his vocal register forbids this, ofc. I only mean that between them (masters both), Wunderlich is to totally treasured in a lesser role he almost manages to make a greater one than that of Onegin, which Prey performs beautifully, grant.
A LEGENDARY production! Thank you, very, very much for the upload!!!
One more example why German singers should stick to Wagner (only).
Wunderlich said he had doubts how to gesticulate in his aria. Here we see the best solution (1:27:30 ...)!
what a beautiful performance and production!
vigfus valdemar
Fassbaender could only have been 22-23 years old. She is born in 39.
Александр Переверзев
голос ГЕРМАНА ПРЕЯ просто 100 % подходит образу...хоть и поют по немецки! обожаю этого певца!
ханик рзаев
как не удивительно, но это лучший Онегин. которого я видел, чудесный волевой тембр.