Deniz Roman /// Life Without You

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DeRo - Life Withot You

Deniz Roman alles anette awz carsten cenny dero gay gays germa gools jenny lenny life marc marian nuk... of opera our rtl soap was zählt

can anybody tell me where i can watch this?
They killed the whole show by kiling Roman. These two made AWZ something special... I'd love to watch their whole story though.
Daniel Matt
in which episode did he cheat????
Amazing execution of everything. Great video. You're editing and timing was perfect! Loved it!\n\nThanks for making this
Helen Davis
i cant fine them anywhere :(
Javier E
I just love them so much!!!!!!!. My fav couple!!!!
Jo Huffman
Woah @ 0:10 did Deniz get SLAPPED?? Forgive me of I'm wrong.
I think they could have been married by now, if Roman wouldnt\nhave died! ;(\nOne of my most favourite couples in awz.
Kristiany andalas
I do hate the ENDING....most the gay I watched thru Youtube...the best Endind about gay in Youtube call Shelter... I love the ENDING.very beautiful..
Kristin Crighton
@musicandbarbies101 Yup, great scene. It's ep 761.
Marko Nesic
Do you know any sites that l can watch those 2 ????
I abandoned the story for a while and now it gets deleted off youtube? Wth?
Misery M.
Deniz is an asshole! -.-\r\nHE SHOULD DIE!
I can't stop crying while watching this!! I miss Roman so much in AWZ!!
Pers Godiva
I remember that the most heartbreaking moment to me wasn't even when Deniz found out about Roman and Mark - it was when he said \
S Porzelt
hey ich weiß echt nicht wo ich sonst fragen könnte.. ich suche ein lied und zwar des lied wo deniz und roman auf dem Eis vor tanzen für die gay games.. kann mir vill einer sagen wie des heißt ??
Not only You =(
That is so sad that the most videos of Deniz and Roman or Marc and Roman are deleted :(
Thanks for this. They were a beautiful couple. Really special.\n\nThe more gay TV couples I get into, the more ridiculous it seems that they rarely have happy endings. There are so few of them to begin with, even less so that are thoroughly fleshed out and well done. More often than not, one either dies(Roman, Fer), goes to jail(Brendan), leaves(Justin), or they leave together(Craig & JP), break up at some point(Christian & Olli), and one character returns to the show(JP), whatever. And then the \
Esta serie alemana esta padrisima .... si alguien sabe donde la puedo conseguir se los agradesería muchoooo .....
adolfo foster
extraño mucho la historia de amor de estos dos maravillosos chicos,deniz und roman for ever.
Which program do you use? :)\n\nAmazing video... ♥
azulcrema Lugo
me puedes decir como puedo ver los capitulos porfavor\n
Right now I am where Vanessa broke up with Deniz for good. I dont get how they are together. After all the lies Deniz told and how he treated Roman how could they be back together?
gus nguyen
yes,they are back together and then,I stop watch this soap because I want to keep such a good memory about them...:D
wonderful montage! Thank you really much!\r\nBut that's soooo sad!!! \r\nkisses
Deniz cheated first and cheated many times with boys and girls. Roman cheated once with his first love (a guy), but eventually got back with Deniz. However, their love story is a very touching one. I miss being able to watch their storyline.
@Gleehoney \nThanks
Beautiful video!!
I can't find it on dailymotion. I need help.
before deniz cheated on roman
Did roman cheat on deniz? I am new to the story
sure avinash
Roman's death made me cry for a day straight