Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Eugene Onegin - Onegins Act I aria

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Dmitri Hvorostovsky sings Eugene Onegin's first act aria from Tchaikovsky's opera. With Renee Fleming as Tatiana.Met, February 2007. Conductor: Valery Gergiev.

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Agathe Paquet
J'ai été triste toute la journée. Ce qui me l'a fait connaître, c'est en comte di luna dans le Trouvere. Un véritable coup de foudre qui ne s'est jamais éteint. Et quelle belle chevelure il avait. Cetait presqu'une distraction.
Anne Lilo
je suis absolument de l'avis de alexandritedeloural : il faut que Dima vienne en France très vite et souvent car on l'adore !
Charles Wahlert
saw him singing this live tonight in dallas!! it was fantastic!\n\nbravo Dmitri
Christopher Lucier
Be a saint and post as much of this as you have! thank you sooooo much. I love this opera.
Conny Piano
Dimitri Hvorostovsky, all opera lovers are mourning today. Thank you! Your beautiful and touching voice will never die.
Daniel Freeman
Great, Russian with a Latin-language subtitle...\r\n\r\nAnd the English speaker/Opera barrier comes into play again... :/\r\n\r\nAh well, it's worth it for Tchaikovsky (peforming an adaptation of the work of another master of his craft, the great Russian poet Pushkin...)
Dua Lipa
I like him in almost every repertoire, but in Russian he's just irreplaceable. \n
Eleanor Dent
You express yourself perfectly!
She is the worse.
this is a dashing Onegin with a most encanting voice, hard to imagine a better rendition (yes , maybe be a better rendition done by Hvorostovsky himself is imaginable:-))) ) i heard it fifty times, at least.
Fredo Joaquim
He is scheduled to sing Wotan at Covent Garden for their new season, with Domingo as Siegfried.
Gary Freedman
Sad to hear that he died yesterday!
George Sigalos
This is minimalism in the extreme - the set, I mean.  It needed the hand of Zeffirelli.
Grant L
I love how Onegin rejects Tatiana with the same melody with which she pines for him in the Letter Scene.
Gunes Kaya
high \
Heinrich Strohwitwer
Rest in peace Hvorostovsky
Irina Kovalenko
Very interesting to read comments.....I love Onegin....I want to change the ending
What I like about Hvorostovsky is that he may not have the biggest voice or the most expressive emotions, but his voice is consistent throughout the range and he is ALWAYS in tune. For once, thank the lord, a baritone in tune!
Jonathan Caro
Is there a transcription of the text available anywhere?
Katharine Grice
RIP DIMA....taken too early..x
Lajosné Ruzsik
Dmitri az egyik nagy kedvencem.Köszönöm.
Lawrence Warick
what a loss\nGreat baritone\nLhw
Tatiana is supposed to be a beautiful, young girl... well opera
Linda La Cagnina
I love this production. How can I get a video of the whole performance?
M. Y. Aw
Dmitri and Renee's performances in this production was terrific, but the production is simply too crude for them.
Great! :)
Mailén B.A
RIP Dmitri
Maria Cristina Faccanoni
Ieri si è spento il grandissimo baritono russo Hvorostovsky, ascoltiamolo con affetto e ammirazione in queste sue preziose performances
Maria Lentz
Dima is magnificent in the Russian repertoire. I find his voice very emotional, passionate with a definite softness that moves the soul. I love it and miss it. Let us hope that the videos stay alive for a long time.
Marina Samoylovich
his voice is Russian, as well as perfect diction that he has, be what you are.
Mariska Jelten
Mary Jenkins
May he rest in peace, remembered by those of us lucky enough to have heard him.
Nescio Nomen
Great Dima forever!
O. insomnical
I have a friend who did one of Tatiana's parts for a competition and I preferred her over Renee. I honestly didn't like Renee as Tatiana.. but that's because I'm picky. Renee is pretty, yes, but she doesn't float it for me.\n\nNooww... Dmitri Hvorostovsky is a whole 'nother story. He's damn fine in this. I love his hair. This aria just makes his voice go BAM!
Patrick Boyle
I used to work for a Russian company. I tried to interest all the young Russians who worked for me in Russian opera. No soap.  They had no idea of their cultural heritage. I've loved Eugene Onegin since I was a teen. \n\nHvorostovsky  has an advantage over other baritones. He never seems to breathe. He always sings long phrases in Russian opera and Verdi using fewer breaths than other baritones. Listen to any recording of the great Italian baritone Apollo Granforte. He takes almost twice as many breaths per phrase as Dmitri .
Paul Petri
R.I.P Dmitri.... 22/11/17
Rebekka Magomedova
He's great singer. And I really love this interpretation of Onegin. Onegin was lovely romantic person destroyed by society and himself. I think that's why Onegin laughs after his second aria (when he meets Tatiana for the second time), and his final words are also about this. Cynicism and love are incompatible.\n P.S. I'm russian, I can hardly express myself, excuse me))))
Greatest baritone ever.
Rey Anny
RIP Dimitri .
Rosa Angela
Fascinating! Unforgettable D.H.
Ross Coughanour
Ten people are capitalist pigs.
Sharon Keogh
What a loss. R.I.P
Wspaniały Oniegin i cudowny śpiewak!!!
Watson Everly
why is the man angry, mommy?
Yongen Wong
I think she knows it's him, she's just crushed that she can't be with the man she loves.
was this originaly written in czech or russian?
@witness124 \n\nWhat a shame! If you don't know for sure at least don't comment! In Czech :)))) The libretto is based on a famous Russian novel in verse \
borut zupancic
who is terfel or hvorostovsky?
Yes, I went to this opera. It was my first live one. I was happy to see Dmitri Hvorostovsky, but dang it, it's the Met! They can have more than just a white box with leaves. *Sulk*
evan abeling
I'm a tenor myself, so of course I would prefer to listen to Lensky's aria over Onegin's. But, this is amazing, as everything sung by Hvorostovsky always is! Bravo!
irene m Wrench
Adore this. Will always miss him 😢
Magnifique vidéo ! J'adore la voix de Dmitri !
I love this staging. Great artists is one thing, but the scenery and costumes is another thing. Fleming is very good, excellent Hvorostovsky. Colors in this production are wonderful. Beautiful green, red, browns and other pastels fall. In addition, these leaves. !! Something magical!
The best!
Un aria divina! Y que voz soñada la de Hvorostovsky.
His voice is just velvet. LOVE
Fleming isn;t the youngest, but I think she is really beautifull.
А че русских нет?
I'm concentrating more on Fleming than on him--she always looks so vulnerable on stage---never more so than here---you sort of want someone to protect her in any opera plot--
zahra si-youcef
Dmitri and Eugene both hand in hand. What else ?
Людмила Овчинникова
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何芸娜Una Ho
I can't belive ... He was gone...