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We tweeted and asked you guys to ask us some tea questions and then we answered them while hooked up to a lie detector... Here is the TRUTH to your questions.SUBSCRIBE - SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan

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*Coughx* Is the hoe
“Nothing is too personal, Nothing is too extreme” PFFFFFFFTTTT, one word... Emma? No? Okie then.
Aay Ess
Aww Ethan ☺️ he was nicer to Grayson in this video! And grayson was a bit harsh to him 😬
Umm ethan has officially ruined pineapple for me \n\nGrayson: where is your secret tattoo? \n\nEthan: what secret tattoo? \n\nGrayson: elaborate where is it what is it and what it felt like \n\nEthan: it was probably one of my most painful tattoos it’s a pineapple and it’s on my right ass cheek 😂😂😂😂😂😂. OMG I LOVE THEM \n\n\nSOOOOO GOOOODDDD MERCHHHH \nSO GOOD FRESH PEACE!
Aliyah Aliyah
Grayson is it really true your dating james charles?
Allie Watson
7:55\n\nE- Have you ever gone on your brothers phone and done something that you weren’t supposed to?\n\nGray- I have\n\nE- Okay you’ll have to explain that one\n\nGray- Nope if it’s true we move on\n\nE- Well who made the rules to this \n\nGray- you did\n\nE- well i’m staring to think that this is backfiring on me\n\ni’m sooooo deadddd bruh 😂😂😂
Your videos always make me cry because I know I will never meet you but they make me happy because life isn't fair and you can't have everything in life.....I love your videos xxxxxx
Analisa Oliver
20:00 Gray: Have you ever kissed your brother's girlfriend without them knowing? \nEthan: No. I'm not a sociopath, I wouldn't do that. \nMe: The Shaddddddeeee *Jake Paul*** \n😂😂😂😂
Angie Comlekcier
you guys should sooooo do this with the sister squad!!!!!
Ash and Han
“Is Grayson honestly your favorite person” \nyes\nLove you bro\n\nawwwww my heart ❤️😭
Ashley Martinez
How come there were no questions about Emma
Audrey Sarabeth
I’m sad no one asked Ethan if he liked Emma
You guys keep saying Nicki is a code for Emma. Nicki is Nicki Manaj, Ethan’s always had a celebrity crush on her before even knowing Emma. Just clearing it up.
Beyo God Child
I really wanna know who lost their V-Card first. I wanna say Grayson. But I have a feeling it was Ethan.
Bianca Calderon
14:40 Emma...........🤨🤫🤫
Bts Stan
9:04 😂😂💖\n*Ethan:* do you think you're the more attractive twin?!\n*Grayson:* yeaaah\n*Ethan:* that was quick\n*Lie detector guy:* and true 😅😂
Don't know why people are shook about Grayson and nude photos??\n\nLiterally...a few years ago, Ethan, Grayson and Alex Aiono were playing a game of \
Chloe Wong
“This question is making his body fall apart with explosions” AHAHAHA I DIED
Clara TQ
Who else was waiting for that « Are you dating Emma Chamberlain » question
This lie detector man is everywhere. Might as well consider starting a YouTube channel himself.
WHAT IF THE SISTER SQUAD DID A LIE DETECTOR Q&A\n\nEdit: Whoah.. 123 likes wasn’t expecting that 😂
Ellen T
*haha told u I'm a pur child mom* 😂
omg shade towards Logan :D, when Ethan was like \
Ellie Bolland
14:23 turtle man strikes again🐢🐢🐢
Emily Brown
*digs past emma related questions*\nethan: wHaT dO yOu sMelL oF
Emily Dawson
That was so cute when the question was is Grayson honestly your favorite person and then it came out as true and they both smiled and said I love you bro don’t you agree
FanNation Dolan
Are we gonna just forget that Grayson may not be a virgin and Ethan is dating someone? Okay then..
Grethan Dolan
“Are you an extra virgin” -ethan “and it HIT THE TOP of the screen” - ethan\n\n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hadir Kabani
Sister James is making some wedding preparations 👏🏻😂 for that sister good and fresh marriage.
Hannah L
Wait a minute if Ethan is allergic to fruits and vegetables then how does he eat pineapple pizza
Ingrid williams
nah ethan is better looking than grayson in my opinion
Isidora Filina
🐸 ☕️
No offence Ethan but Grayson might be more mature because like who the heck makes a pillow out of duct tape and grass during a survival challenge?????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
James Charles
Holy shit you should've did this with Sister James 😄❤
Jessica Eberbach
Why did nobody ask about Ethma
Jimyr Ayson
Grayson Is Officialy One Of The Girls In Pretty Little Liars😂😂
Jordyn Henley
Grayson sitting there still AF made me laugh so hard
Juanita _
I watched a fan fiction called Abuse and now I can’t think of the Dolan Twins the same😂😂😭😭
Katie Harper
Instead of the tea kettle noise you could have used...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nGrayson wheezing 😂😂😂😂 I'm f*cking dead and yes I liked my own comment and am laughing at it don't you judge me
Kaylah Matano
Ethan: *question from James Charles* \
Kaylee Marie
*A lot of the questions were about Emma, cause I participated in it, can they at least answer once*
Kendall Bomer
Soooo...basically Grayson and Ethan kissed the same girl Grayson is NOT a virgin and he took a picture naked, and still searches boobies, and Ethan dated someone recently has a microscopic peepee is a pure child has a crush on Nikki Minaj and he is allergic to fruits and vegetables...ok😂😂😂\n\nalso Ethan is NOT a SOCIOPATH
Kizi Vlogs
neither of them is funnier than each other, there funny together
Kk_Animation _RBLX
Ethan: what do u smell of?\n\nGrayson: soap ;-)\n\nSend the ambulance I’m dying!😂
Kristina Gutierrez
“this one is making his body fall apart in explosions” I HAVE NEVER HEARD SOMEONE SAY THAT ABOUT A PERSON LMFAOOOOOOOO
Leen Baderddine
2019 ? Into damete habibete ya 8alyeen
Lena Gautam
I am allergic to fruit and vegetables
Libby Weare
They should do another one
Lizzy !!!!
Wait if he is allergic to fruit why does he eat Pineapple pizza
Lujein Omar Sooqi Abu Sada
I felt bad for Ethan, I just realized he doesn't get as much attention as Grason...
Grayson: is ur pepe small ?\n\nEthan: yes, microscopic\n\nLie Detector: true \n\nMe: 😂😂😂😂
Maddie Taylor
Is Grayson your favorite person” \nEthan: Yes\nJohn: True\nBoth of them: Love u bro\nEthan: Jinx \nGrayson: 😟
Manar Ismail
DADDYYY DADDY DADDYY DADDYY MATERIALLLL 😻🤣😻🤤🤤haha I did this too annoy Ethan hope you see this ❤️btw Grayson is such a hottieee like I can’t
Meghan or Megan
Mikaela Schelling
*This is only James’ favorite video bc Grayson accepted his proposal lol*
Natalie Orbe
someone should have asked * is ethma true *
Nora Sara
9:21 James tryna shoot his shot 🏀😂
Olivia Rhodes
In my opinion Grayson is more attractive
Quality. Content
Grayson-“have you recently had a thing or been dating someone”\nEthan-*hesitates for a second* “No”\nLie detector guy- “problem with that one...took his breath away..”
Can I ask a question does ethen like emma
Why did 16:20 make me laugh so much lol
Rhonda Bolster
Ok so let me get this straight. Ethan is allergic to fruits and veggies yet he likes pineapple pizza??? I’m confused🤔🤔🤔🤔
Rudah Rudxh
Ethen: “ this is from James Charles he said “will you marry me” \nGrayson: “no”\nThe lie detector man: “he’s having trouble with that one”\n*ethen and Grayson SHOOOOOOOk*
Sabrina Gull
Ethan is the more attractive twin. You can’t change my mind.
15:54\n15:54\n15:54\n15:54\nFree replay buttons like if u want one of Grayson laughing❤️😂
Savage Family
If Ethan is allergic to fruit how can he eat pineapple pizza 😂
Sierra Cheyenne
The face Grayson made when he was asked if he’s ever taken a naked picture 😂😂😂
Skyler Gockenbach
Grayson looks so cute through out this whole video 🥰🥰
Sonya Blade
10:42 “hit the top of the screen 😂😂😂”
Sophie jaws 567
Is Jayson a thing( Grayson & James )I rlly want to know
Taco & Chalupa
anyone else notice that the twins and shane used the same person
Tea Boi
Grayson: Is your “peepee” small\nEthan: yEs, MiCrOsCoPiC...\nJohn: True\n\nLiterally frickin died. Now we got some tea bois
That Youtube Girl Named Gina
Alright people we need to do a sister wedding Grayson and Sister James are getting married!!!!
The Dolan Swagger
Kissed by both the twins oml\nWHO IS THAT LUCKY SISTER\nThe tea is overflowing 😂
Tini Gashi
the lie detector guy is honestly iconic lmao
Vicky Gardiner
ETHAN OMGGGG I AM ALLERGIC TO FRUITS AND VEGETABLES TOO ITS CALLED ORAL ALLERGY SYNDROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!No one believes me either and I’ve been to the doctor for it 😪 you probably won’t ever see this but just letting you know you're not alone 🤷🏽\u200d♀️💕
Why Don't We Luver
Ethan: He's a clean man\nGrayson: :)\nEthan: But we'll expose all his little dirty secrets\nGrayson: :(
So they ignored all the questions about Emma then i see hahahahaha jk
ZusZusPet Very
I love how when Grayson got asked if he would marry James Charles he kinda winked at the camera
alisa chisum
Anyone notice that at 16:21 John chuckled 😂😂
b e t h b r o w n
“will you marry me” \n “no” \n“hes having a problem with that one”
dog days
Ethan: are you and extra virgin\nGrayson: yeah\nLie detector guy: hit the top of the screen\nEthan:hahaha
ethma forever
The way he said Nicki I think that's a code name for Emma
lakeside loser
2069 anyone?
ethan: this one’s from james charles, “will you marry me?”\ngrayson: no\nman: he’s having a problem with that one\ngrayson: *looks into camera like he’s on the office*
the \
n a n m o l l a
James: Will you marry me?\nGrayson: No\nJohn: he's having a problem\nGrayson: *i MeAn HiS rIcH sOoOo*
nicole rhodes
I have to agree with gray he is the more attractive one who else agrees
Wtf did you skip the emma questions. They had more tea!! \nEdit: guys i was curious and said it as a joke.😂
rachelpaige :/
did anyone else notice that almost everyone for ethan asked about emma and they didn’t mention it...😂 ethan’s is also dating someone rn AND on the hypnotist video they blocked out emma’s thoughts..
sunflower eyes
“answering all of your questions” “nothing is too personal”\nexcuse me i didnt see no ethma questions
Guys i knew Emma was not gonna come up in this vid\n\nEdit: well thank you all for liking the comment got 600+ like in less than an hour. Let more coming😍😘
zendaya's sister
what’s a Tuesday selfie?
{ a l a n n a h }
Why does Grayson have such ON fleek!!!! I wish I did 😭💔🔥